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If you believe what you see on TV, everybody should be with another person all of the time, and being single is somehow a sign of inadequacy or a broken personality. In the real world, however, being on your own is neither a curse nor the result of a person being unable to maintain a healthy relationship. Many people choose to be temporarily single for a variety of valid reasons and live their lives more freely and happily as a result.

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What Should I Do If My Ex Wants Me Back?

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Where To Meet Single Women When You’re New To The Area

Being single can be frustrating when you want to have someone to come home to. You might be new to the area, and this makes it tougher to know where to go to meet like-minded...

Tips For Finding Love When You’re A 30-And-Single Man

Being single and in your thirties can be somewhat depressing sometimes. You might have assumed that you would be married by now and that life would be a lot different for...

The Top 12 Places To Find Singles Ready To Mingle

Whether it be a recent break up you went through or a relationship that fell apart a few years ago, you’re out in the single scene again, and you’re ready to mingle with...

How To Handle Being Newly Single After A Breakup

Breakups are rarely easy. In many cases, when you have been in a relationship with someone, particularly for extended periods, there are lots of memories and emotions involved...

Four Things To Consider When Dating A Single Dad

Dating itself is complicated and tricky enough. There are so many factors that go into whether or not two individuals will be compatible enough to date and maintain a healthy,...

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Where Are The Best Places To Meet Single Women Over 40?

So, you want to meet single women over 40, and you’re wondering where the best places are to do so. Well, rest assured you’re not alone; and this is one reason why—according...

10 Reasons Why Some People Do Not Date Single Moms

Speaking with single men around various parts of the world, they all seem to have their perspectives on dating single moms. Some of them unapologetically refuse to consider...


What does singleness mean? 

Singleness refers to being single. Being single means that you’re not in a romantic relationship with another individual. If you are single, you might be actively looking for a partner, be on the casual dating scene, or you may have no desire to date at this time. No matter what the case is, being single isn’t a bad thing. It’s neutral. Sometimes, after a bad relationship or a major life event, it feels good to be single for a while.

Are there benefits to being single?

Yes! There are absolutely benefits to being single, and some people prefer it. Singleness or being single is not a bad thing. Some people choose to remain single for the rest of their lives and don’t feel the need to pursue relationships. Single people reap the benefits of getting to focus on themselves. When you are single, you get the chance to get to know yourself better. You can think about what you want in future relationships, and you can work on your own pursuits without romance getting in the way. It’s important not to judge those in your life for being single or wanting to remain single. Know that everyone wants something different when it comes to relationships and make sure that you show respect for people‘s preferences. 

What if I’m single and don’t want to be?

While some people prefer being single, it is hard if you’re single and don’t want to be. Know that, again, there’s nothing wrong with being single and that the right person will come along eventually. Think about the kinds of qualities you’d want a future partner to have, and try to have fun while you’re on the dating scene. Make sure that you don’t lower your expectations for a potential partner just because you don’t want to be single. Look at your needs and wants as they pertain to relationships, family, and lifestyle. What kind of person is going to be suitable for the future you wish to have? Will they want kids? Do they want to travel, or do they prefer to settle down? Will they be career-oriented and hardworking? These are all great questions to ask yourself to see what kind of partner will be right for you. 

Being single when your friends aren’t

If you are the only single person in your friend group, you may feel like somewhat of an outsider. Of course, for some, singleness isn’t an issue even if they are single, but all of their friends are in long-term relationships or are married. Some people like marching to the beat of their own drum and aren’t bothered, or perhaps, romantic partnerships just don’t come up that much when they talk to their friends. Other times, people are in friendship circles where everyone is going on double dates, or where all of your friends are talking about their relationships constantly, and you’re the only one without a relationship. Maybe, you just broke up with a significant other, and that’s why you’re single. If that’s the case, it can be hard to be the only single person in your friend group. Make sure to spend quality time with your friends when you can, and support them in their relationships. 

I was single for a long time, but now I’m in a relationship. What should I know? 

If you have been single for a long time, it’s likely that you got into a routine while being single. You’re used to focusing mostly on yourself, your family, and your friendships, but now, there’s another person. Get to know your partner and their personal needs as well as you can. One way to do this is to study love languages and ask your partner what their love language is. The five love languages are gift-giving, where a person enjoys it when their partner decides to give a gift to show love, physical touch, quality time, words of affirmation, and acts of service, where a person feels loved when someone completes a tangible act to show their affection such as doing a household chore. People can have a combination of various love languages. When you’re in a relationship with someone else, the most important thing to do is communicate with each other extensively.

Talking about relationship issues in therapy

If you’re interested in talking about being single, relationships, family life, or any concerns related to mental health in therapy, the counselors at Regain can help. Online counseling or therapy is a great way to get the support that you need from the privacy of your own home. It is affordable and convenient, which is a common reason that people pick it over traditional therapy. If you have concerns regarding online therapy or are having trouble navigating the Regain website, the customer service at Regain is here for you. Anyone can benefit from therapy, so don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to someone.

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