The Perks Of Being Single: 10 Reasons Why It’s Okay To Be Single And Happy

By Lydian Shipp

Updated December 05, 2019

Reviewer Wendy Galyen, LCSW, BC-TMH

In modern culture, being single is both criticized and heralded. Single men and women across the world face stigmatism if they aren't interested in finding a partner, or even if they are interested in finding a partner but seem to be having bad luck. At the same time, single people have banded together in recent years to celebrate singledom as a perfectly acceptable (and even preferred) civil status.


With so many contrasting opinions, some singles find it difficult to reach a level of acceptance with singledom. But no matter if a person is looking or just not interested in being in a partnership, there are a ton of perks of being single! Here are ten reasons why it's okay to be single and happy:

  1. Plenty Of "Me" Time

When a person is single, they're free to take care of their needs as they please. Need a chance to put on a face mask for 45 minutes? No problem. Want to spend the whole morning (or evening) working out? Go for it. Love taking super long showers? There isn't anyone to fight with over hot water supply, so that's just fine! With all this time to oneself, a single person has as much time as they need to take care of themselves and their own needs.

  1. Total Freedom To Travel

Single people have absolutely no relationship-oriented obstacles when it comes to travelling. Of course, there might be other obstacles that interfere with much-needed vacation time, but the absence of a significant other means that it's much easier to pick up and go with no strings attached. What's better than spending quality time with oneself while travelling to beautiful, amazing places? Plus, without a plus-one, travel is more affordable and thus more accessible.

Travel is an awesome way to explore oneself and one's desires. Most people today have someplace they're interested in traveling to, and single people have all the freedom to "go for it" and take the trip of a lifetime on a soul-searching journey.

  1. Professional And Educational Development

With no significant other, single people can focus in on their careers and educational goals. Single people can relish the idea of spending as much time as desired or needed to overcome obstacles and strive for success in their education and work. It's easier for a person to work harder on a job or homework when they're solo; there's an abundance of time and energy left over to concentrate and work hard.


  1. The Thrill Of Going Out

Going out on the town as a single person is a liberating and invigorating experience. Why not enjoy it? There is plenty of fish in the sea, and going out opens up a slew of opportunities to meet someone amazing. Meeting people (both men and women, possible life partners or just friends) is one of the best and most fun things about being single. The ability to meet new people makes single fun and interesting. A person never knows who they might find or what cool new opportunity might come up and tap them on the shoulder!

  1. Low Pressure

Being in a romantic relationship requires a great deal of commitment, and with that commitment can come high pressures from all sources. There may be pressure to get married, have kids, buy a house, or start making a lot of money to support the family. But single people don't have all that pressure. Singles are free (for the most part) to do what they like. Of course, singledom comes with its pressures and concerns, but not having a relationship dramatically lowers the severe life consequences of not responding well under this pressure.

Lower commitment and pressure make it possible for singles to try a lot of new things and meet a lot of new people. This everyday adventure is invigorating and engaging; there's never a dull moment if the person has the right mindset!

  1. The Freedom To Make Decisions

One of the perks of being single means having the freedom to make decisions as one pleases. Whether a person is deciding what to eat for dinner or what to do over the weekend, the decision is theirs if they're single. There's no need to coordinate with another person or to make sure that a partner is also pleased with the final decision. And, like Number 5, if a single person is coordinating with a friend and the friend decides to go a different way, there's no pressure to "make it work." Both people in this situation have the complete freedom to decide what they want, and freedom is a truly happy thing!

  1. There's Plenty Of Time To Explore Interests And Hobbies

Single people have the time and energy to dive into both new and old interests and hobbies. Without the burden of managing a romantic relationship, that leaves a lot of time to fill with super interesting things! Taking up a new hobby is an excellent way to embrace the single life. With so many cool hobbies out there, the options are endless. And, single people don't have to worry about what anyone else thinks about their hobbies or interests. This is a highly personal and super fun way to be single and happy.


Newly single people might consider pursuing long-forgotten hobbies or emerging interests to reconnect with themselves. Long-term singles have the opportunity to explore many interests ongoing, or even nurture and master one specific hobby.

  1. Time To Get Fit

Single people have an advantage in the fitness department. Being single has some surprising health benefits, including a more toned physique and better fitness. When a person is single, they're more likely to spend more time exercising and taking care of their health than married people or people who are in a relationship are likely to do. This is a major benefit of being single since the motivation to exercise can lead to an increase in endorphins and dopamine, both "happy hormones." This is a major one of the perks of being single!

  1. Single People Are More Flexible

Single people generally can 'roll with the punches' more easily. Not being tied down to a partner makes it simpler to adapt to life changes with grace and agility. Singles can do what they need to do to change and "flex" around new life circumstances, which is an advantage that married people and couples don't have. As a single person, it's much less stressful to take change in stride. It's always important to be surrounded by a net of supportive people though to help the person make the change successfully!

  1. Wider Social Group

Being single encourages people to seek affection from a wider pool of individuals. Single people tend to have more friends and, because they don't have a current life partner, they're encouraged to lean on their numerous friends for support in needy times. This creates a sense of community with the surrounding world and helps people feel more connected to their fellow man, yet another one of the perks of being single! Connectedness is an amazing feeling, and single people get to enjoy a unique and beautiful breed of it among their close friends and extended social group.

There have been some interesting scientific discoveries regarding the differences in social behavior in singles and in people who are coupled up. The results may surprise you.

Having Trouble Working With The Perks Of Being Single?

Some people struggle with singledom. There are many reasons why a person might have trouble accepting their single status, including a desire for a loving, committed relationship or frustration with societal pressure to settle down. Some amount of frustration or discontent is normal, and most single people experience moments where they feel "down," even despite all the perks of being single.

Single people who are having trouble coping with singledom can consider seeking the assistance of a licensed therapist who can help them understand their place in the world. Learning to love oneself and one's life is a crucial part of enjoying singledom and getting the advice of someone experienced and knowledgeable can be the first step toward enjoying a happy and healthy single life.



There is an incredible number of perks of being single, and this is only the start! The single life can be fun, interesting, and full of happiness and vibrance. Whether a person is newly (or "eternally") single, singledom is a liberating life experience that has benefits for all. And being single is no cause for shame! The time when a person is single is the most important time when they get to know themselves, and they reconnect with their life purpose and interests.

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