Tips For Finding Love When You’re A 30-And-Single Man

By Robert Porter|Updated June 16, 2022

Being single and in your thirties can feel overwhelming sometimes. You might have assumed that you would be married by now and that life would be a lot different. Feeling lonely isn’t fun, but things don’t have to stay the way that they are right now. It’s possible to find love when you’re a 30-and-single man. You may want to consider changing your approach so that you can meet someone nice and start enjoying everything that love has to offer.

Take a look at the tips below to reignite your love life. These advice pieces should help you get yourself out there and start finding other singles to date. It might feel a bit intimidating at first, but the first step will always be the most difficult one. Once you have started moving forward again, it’ll only be a matter of time before finding the committed relationship you’re looking for.

Online Dating Works Well

Meeting Someone Can Overwhelming At Times

One of the easiest ways to meet new potential love interests is to sign up at an online dating website. Many people use online dating sites and apps to connect with other singles in modern times. It makes it easy to find other people who are looking for love in your area. There are even different filters that you can apply to make finding an ideal match simpler.

Some people use online dating to find long-term committed relationships. Others use dating sites and apps to find people for hookups. Whether you’re looking for a romantic fling or if you want to be in a committed relationship, online dating could prove to be a valuable resource. It can be tough for men to find partners on some sites, but you can be successful if you put effort into creating your profile and remain vigilant.

Just remember to be polite and to present a truthful version of yourself in your online dating profile. It might be tempting to use a picture from your college years on your profile, but you want to be as authentic as possible. Don’t be afraid to show who you are, and you will eventually meet a nice person interested in getting to know you. It can take time to find a good match, but many people have found true love using online dating sites.

Look For Singles At The Gym

If online dating isn’t your style, then you could try looking for romance in person. One good idea is to consider looking for other singles at the gym. You shouldn’t go out to the gym specifically to hit on someone as that would be kind of creepy, and it likely wouldn’t turn out well. Just know that there will likely be other singles at the gym who are working on their fitness goals. It could be a good natural way for you to meet people who are interested in dating.

Just try to be friendly and let relationships develop naturally. You might wind up sparking a conversation with someone one day, which could lead to something more. If you meet someone who seems to be clicking with you, you can ask them out sometime. It’s a natural way to meet someone that should feel good. Plus, you’ll be working on getting into shape, which will make you more confident when it eventually comes time to ask someone out.

Even if you don’t have a gym membership, this advice applies to many different real-world locations. You could potentially meet people to date at the grocery store or somewhere else that you frequent. Just keep your eyes open for natural connections. When you’re having a good conversation with someone, it isn’t going to feel unusual to ask them if they want to hang out sometime. This is the first step toward finding love, and you have to be bold enough to take it.

Join Clubs Or Religious Groups

Joining clubs or religious groups might be a helpful way to meet someone when you’re a 30-and-single man. You might spend a lot of time at work at this point in your life. Even so, you are going to have some days off. If you’re a religious person, then you might spend one day each week at a place of worship. There is a good chance that there will be single people at church (or other types of religious buildings) that you can speak with. You shouldn’t go to church with the pure intention of meeting someone to date, but it could be a good way to connect with someone.

Meeting someone at your church is nice because you will already know that they have similar values. If you aren’t religious, then joining some clubs might be helpful. Look for different social opportunities in your area and see which ones might interest you. You could find something that will be fun, and it might also lead you to meet a nice person.

Consider Mutual Acquaintances

There is a very good chance that your friends know single people. Dating someone who knows a mutual acquaintance might be a good idea. Your friends could introduce you to someone nice, and you can see if there is a connection there. Sometimes friends will even take steps to try to set two people up. Even if this has never happened in your group of friends, it isn’t weird to ask if anyone knows other singles who are looking.

You might be surprised to find that your friends will know someone who they think is a good match for you. The fact that you have mutual acquaintances gives you a connection to build off of. You might even be somewhat familiar with this person, even if you have never gotten to know them. If you’re feeling lonely and are having trouble meeting people to date, then this is a good place to turn. At the very least, it’s worth a shot to see if someone knows anybody else who is looking for love.

Make Sure Your Standards Are Realistic

Are you setting expectations that are too high? You might not realize it, but your standards for a potential love interest could be unrealistic. It isn’t strange to be single when you’re in your thirties, but some people wind up being lonely because they aren’t open to giving many people a shot. You could feel like you’re waiting for the perfect person to walk into your life, but you need to know that there is no such thing as the perfect person. Everyone has flaws, and you have to be willing to embrace them.

Some men are shallow, and they won’t consider dating someone who doesn’t have certain physical characteristics. Others might avoid dating someone due to a lack of key personality traits. It’s good to try to find someone you are attracted to and compatible with you. However, it’s important to avoid keeping unrealistically high standards. You could be missing out on a beautiful and loving person due to your hang-ups. If you don’t change how you’re approaching things, you might wind up being a 40-and-single man before you know it.

Open your heart and be willing to give people a shot. Sometimes you’ll discover that the love of your life has been underneath your nose all along. There are many beautiful, strong, and confident people out there who are single and looking. You need to be ready to let love into your life when the opportunity presents itself.

Work on Personal Goals

Working on personal goals is a smart idea when you are having a hard time finding love. You might be too focused on love, and it could be best to take a step back for a bit. Perhaps working on your fitness will increase your confidence and make it easier to find the relationship that you’re seeking. It might also be beneficial to work on career goals and ensure that you are as financially stable as possible. Being in a good position in your life makes it easier to find a relationship.

Don’t be afraid to be single for a little while if you need to work on things. If you have emotional baggage from past relationships, it might even be good to see a therapist work through those issues. Just work on improving yourself and staying healthy. Finding love is important, but it isn’t the only puzzle piece you need to complete a happy life. You can find love, but it’s crucial to ensure that you’re ready to receive that love when the time comes.

Discuss Things With A Professional

Meeting Someone Can Overwhelming At Times

If you’re still feeling uneasy about finding love, then you might need to discuss things with a professional. You can sign up for online therapy at ReGain today. These experts help couples and individuals to overcome their challenges. If you’re having trouble finding a relationship, you might need to boost your self-esteem and understand yourself better, so you present well to potential partners. You’ll be able to get where you want to be by speaking to a friendly professional. Don’t hesitate to sign up if you want to make finding lasting love an easier process.

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