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There are a huge number of misconceptions and opinions based on half-truths floating around on the internet, and many of these are about what the aims and methods of therapy really consist of. While some of these are fairly harmless, many of them end up preventing people who need help with their relationships from looking in the right place.

Yoga Therapy: The Answer To Anger In Your Relationship?

Whether you have high blood pressure, elevated amount of stress, or experiencing a down in mood, there’s a solution to help with all of these symptoms: yoga therapy. What Are...

Psychotherapy: Definition And Applications For Yourself And Your Relationship

Psychotherapy is a broad group of techniques that can be used to help people who are struggling with a variety of issues. If you have ever heard of this term and never knew...

5 Types Of Therapy That Can Help Heal Your Relationship

There is rarely a perfect relationship that has no problems and challenges whatsoever, and it’s completely normal for couples as well as friends and family members to experience...

Do I Need Therapy & Will It Help Me?

Therapy can be a very valuable resource for people trying to overcome obstacles in their lives. However, many people are curious about whether or not it is right for them or if...

What Is Dream Therapy, And What Are Its Benefits?

Dream therapy is the process of understanding what dreams say about our waking lives. The process is relatively simple. You record your dreams each morning when you wake up and...

What Is Anger Therapy? When To See A Counselor To Get A Handle On Your Emotions

If you are constantly struggling with anger issues, it might be time to get some professional help. Getting a handle on your emotions can greatly improve your life and your...

Relationship Counselor Vs. Therapist: What's The Difference And Which One Is Right For Us?

It’s time. You’re seeking help with those persistent problems in your life, but you aren’t the only part of the equation. You and your partner understand that you can’t change...

Is Your Relationship Under Stress? Therapy Can Help

We all experience stress in our relationships from time to time. It is part of being human. When regular day-to-day life stresses us out, it can transfer into our relationships...

Is The Cost Of Therapy Worth It? A Look At Couples Counseling

Many couples who are considering handling their issues through couples counseling worry about the cost. When many insurance plans don’t cover the cost for mental services, this...

How To Get The Most Out Of Therapy For Your Relationship: The Do’s And Don’ts Of Couple’s Counseling

Your relationship is on the rocks or hitting a few bumps in the road as you and your partner or spouse navigate life together. Maybe you’re at the point where you think...

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Online Therapy?

Most of us at one time or another find ourselves in a situation where we’re considering therapy. However, certain barriers can make seeking a therapist difficult. Unfortunately,...

When Someone You Love Dies: When Is It Time to Consider Grief Therapy?

Losing someone you love is never an easy experience. The pain, suffering, regrets, and what-ifs are constantly with you. This is especially true for those who have had a close...

In the United States and most other countries, it is illegal to call yourself a licensed counselor or therapist without scaling some fairly demanding hurdles first. In general, a therapist requires a minimum of a master's degree and several years of supervised clinical practice, while many hold doctorates and have published their own academic research. In addition, receiving and keeping their license requires them to adhere to a code of ethics comparable to that governing lawyers and medical doctors, concerned with things such as promoting each patient's best interests and especially safeguarding their privacy and confidentiality. In addition, being smart is not the only quality a therapist needs to have. They are often confronted with patients who have traumatic or disturbing stories to tell, and have to possess the emotional resilience needed to stay objective while still maintaining enough of a personal connection to place the patient at their ease. The following articles provide a glimpse into the world of professional therapists: what they do, how they do it and what kinds of challenges they face most often.
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