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There are a huge number of misconceptions and opinions based on half-truths floating around on the internet, and many of these are about what the aims and methods of therapy really consist of. While some of these are fairly harmless, many of them end up preventing people who need help with their relationships from looking in the right place.

Where Can I Find A Couples Therapist Near Me?

Couples Therapists: Where Are They? Finding a couples therapist isn’t necessarily a piece of cake. It can be challenging to locate a therapist in your area, and you may be...

An Online Therapist Can Help You Communicate With Your Partner

How An Online Therapist Helps Couples Communicate In life, there are always miscommunications between human beings. When you’re in a couple, those misunderstandings can develop...

Free Online Therapy Could Save Your Relationship

Relationships can be challenging. You might feel bogged down by the problems that you’re experiencing in your relationship, and it’s okay to admit that you don’t know what to do...

The Aspects Of Imago Relationship Therapy

One form of therapy that couples seek out is Imago relationship therapy. This is a form of therapy that involves the relationship, rather than just the person. If you’ve...

Plant Therapy: What Is It And What Are The Benefits

For thousands of years, plants have been used around the world in numerous ways for their healing properties. Studies into the physical benefits of plants have shown that herbal...

What Is Exposure Therapy & The Benefits

Therapy positively impacts the lives of many people. Whether it be psychotherapy, online therapy, relationship counseling, or one of the many other varieties, therapy can help...

What Is Talk Therapy & The Benefits

Talk therapy is one of the most widely used types of therapy, and for a good reason. Having a trusted person to talk to is very important for one’s mental health and overall...

What Is Biofeedback Therapy And Will It Work For Me?

Biofeedback is used to treat many ailments, both psychological and physical. In Santa Monica in 1969 Biofeedback was introduced at a conference held by the biofeedback research...

What Are The Benefits Of Marriage Therapy?

One of the most important decisions you can make as a couple is whether or not to seek marriage therapy. While many people might say they chose to go to counseling together to...

What Is Rational Emotive Therapy, And How Can It Help Me?

No matter who you are, no matter what kind of help you’re seeking, there’s some therapy that can benefit you with your unique problems. The problem for many people is that their...

What Is Art Therapy And How Can It Help?

Everyone goes through hard times in their life and relationships and can choose to handle it in whatever way resonates with them. One of the most common, and arguably most...

What Can Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Do For You?

DBT is a form of mental health treatment that is used for people who have personality disorders or suffer from behaviors that they don’t want to have, such as suicidal thoughts...

In the United States and most other countries, it is illegal to call yourself a licensed counselor or therapist without scaling some fairly demanding hurdles first. In general, a therapist requires a minimum of a master's degree and several years of supervised clinical practice, while many hold doctorates and have published their own academic research. In addition, receiving and keeping their license requires them to adhere to a code of ethics comparable to that governing lawyers and medical doctors, concerned with things such as promoting each patient's best interests and especially safeguarding their privacy and confidentiality. In addition, being smart is not the only quality a therapist needs to have. They are often confronted with patients who have traumatic or disturbing stories to tell, and have to possess the emotional resilience needed to stay objective while still maintaining enough of a personal connection to place the patient at their ease. The following articles provide a glimpse into the world of professional therapists: what they do, how they do it and what kinds of challenges they face most often.
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