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There are a huge number of misconceptions and opinions based on half-truths floating around on the internet, and many of these are about what the aims and methods of therapy really consist of. While some of these are fairly harmless, many of them end up preventing people who need help with their relationships from looking in the right place.

Therapy for Schizophrenia: What Options Are Available?

Schizophrenia is a complex and chronic mental condition that is estimated to affect around 1 percent of the United States population. [1] Unfortunately, it is incurable, but...

What Qualities Should I Look For In A Teen Therapist Near Me?

Individuals seeking therapy for teens should be meticulous in their search efforts. There are numerous options available for teen and adolescent therapists, but they are not a...

Having Intimacy Issues? A Sex Therapist Can Help

Intimacy issues are one of the toughest things to deal with in a relationship. They come on normally after long periods of neglect and are difficult to overcome. The problem...

Why So Many People Are Choosing Online Therapy: An Introspective thera-Link Review

Many people are choosing to manage their mental health care online, as this is now a viable and affordable option. People have seen the benefits of getting therapy online and...

How Disconnected Couples Reconnect -- Using Online Therapy (A ReGain Counseling Review)

Introduction If you’ve been reading online marriage counseling review’s then you probably already know that today’s connected couples have access to more technology than ever...

E-Therapy Online (Is It Really Worth The Hype?) -- Online Therapy Reviews For E-Counseling Websites

Introduction Looking for reliable e-counseling reviews to teach you more about the world of online therapy? You’re in luck! We’ve put together our e-counseling reviews...

What Should I Expect From Neurofeedback Therapy Near Me?

Are you looking at getting therapy and you’re not quite sure what to expect? If that’s the case, then you are not alone. A lot of people feel like therapy is a good idea, but...

What Is Play Therapy And What Does A Play Therapist Do?

Play therapy is an evidence-based treatment that has proven to be equally effective for boys and girls. Most commonly, play therapy is used for children ages 3-12, but...

How Can A Therapy Hotline Help With My Relationship Issues?

Phone therapy, unlike traditional therapy, removes the in-person element of the treatment or counseling process. It has progressed as the ideal option or choice of today’s...

How Do Existential Therapy Techniques Work?

Every therapeutic technique has its particular set of tools that guide the treatment process. These techniques can accomplish many different things, including draw out...

What Is Reality Therapy? Techniques and Applications

Do you feel lonely or unaccomplished, but don’t know how to deal with it? Do you stress about keeping a roof over your head, or feel like it’s hard for you to relax and enjoy...

What Is Gottman Therapy And How Does It Help Couples?

Every couple has problems. Young or old, long-term or short-term, issues and conflict are going to arise. This does not mean that you can’t work through the problems. Strife...


What is a therapist?

A licensed therapist is a mental health professional that can work with individuals, couples, families, or groups in a therapeutic setting. Therapists have extensive schooling and training under their belt that allows them to do the deep, meaningful work that is therapy. There are many different kinds of therapists, and there are many different kinds of therapy. For example, there are marriage and family therapists, pediatric therapists, and people who specialize in specific conditions such as substance use disorder or eating disorders. Regardless of the issues they treat, therapists are skilled professionals who care about their clients. 

What does a marriage and family therapist do? 

A licensed marriage and family therapist or LMFT is a mental health provider that provides family therapy. Family counseling or therapy occurs when family members see a licensed marriage and family therapist or counselor collectively to work through family conflict or other concerns within the family unit. Family relationships can be complicated, but seeing a therapist can help. All families are different, so chances are, a family therapist has seen it all. Family counseling is nothing to be ashamed of, and it doesn't mean that your family is broken or inadequate. Seeking family counseling simply means that you're dedicated to improving your familial bonds and that you care about having the best relationship possible with your loved ones.

What are some of the different kinds of therapy?

There are many different kinds of therapy. Some of the therapy types you may have heard of are CBT, DBT, EMDR, art therapy, music therapy, ACT, and more. A therapist may specialize in one or more kinds of therapy. The kind of therapy that you pursue and find helpful will be based heavily on the concerns that you are seeking help for as well as other factors. If you do not like your first therapist or the first form of therapy that you receive, don't give up. You can always try another therapy modality or see another mental health professional. 

When should you see a therapist? 

You can see a therapist for a variety of concerns. Maybe, you are diagnosed with a mental health condition, and you are hoping to develop new coping skills to use to manage the condition. Perhaps, you have family or relationship concerns. It could even be that you are experiencing a high level of stress due to work or school and need someone to talk to about the weight that's on your shoulders. Seeing a therapist or counselor is an excellent way to gain insight because they serve as an objective third-party that will support you in coming to conclusions about any life concerns you're facing.

What does it take to become a therapist?

If you want to become a therapist, there is a lot of schooling in your future. Licensure will vary from state to state, as will the number of hours of supervised practice needed to become a therapist. If you want to become a therapist, you will almost certainly have to get a master's degree at minimum. When you are looking for a new therapist and are preparing to see them for the first time, it is likely a good idea to check and see what their credentials are. This can help you gain an understanding of the level of education they've received and the knowledge that they have. 

Do therapists ever see a therapist? 

Yes! A therapist, just like anyone else, needs help from time to time. Being a therapist is an incredibly rewarding job, but it also comes with a lot of stressors. Many therapists have to deal with insurance companies on a regular basis and may face high fees for private practice offices. They may also simply have something going on in their life that they want to talk to a professional about. The best thing about going to therapy is that you get to talk to someone who will keep your information confidential. A therapist understands HIPAA compliance and will adhere to it. 

Get help 

If you're interested in seeing a therapist, you can find someone in your local area, or you can work with an online counselor. The online counselors at Regain are here to work with you and help you flourish in your life and relationships. Online counseling is often more affordable than traditional in-person counseling, which is why many people decide to try working with a therapist remotely. Additionally, online therapy allows you to talk to a licensed provider from the privacy of your own home. Don't be afraid to reach out and talk to someone at Regain today. 

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