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When it comes to the modern world of dating, everybody seems to be confused about what role they should be playing, what is expected of them, how a relationship is supposed to develop from an initial encounter to something deeper, and even whether the whole exercise is at all worth it. In short, almost every single person out there is lost and adrift when it comes to romance.

What Is A Unicorn in Dating? Finding Someone To Join An Existing Relationship

Have you heard of people searching for a unicorn to join their existing relationship? If you aren’t familiar with the term, then you might be left scratching your head. It’s...

Should You Get Involved With A Serial Dater?

Finding someone that you like has the potential to excite you, but sometimes it is best to take a step back to consider things before getting involved with somebody. Such is...

Does It Matter Who Pays On A Date?

Getting ready for a date is exciting, and you are probably hoping that this one is going to turn out perfectly. If you’re a man and you’re getting back into the dating scene...

How Long Should I Wait? When To Text After First Date

Having a good first date is going to put you on cloud nine. If you hit it off with this person, then you’re likely hopeful about the future of the relationship. If a bit of...

What Are The Most Important Stages Of Dating?

With today’s digital advances, your next date could be just a click away. The surplus of dating sites and digital apps make it easier to find a perspective mate. Browse a few...

Unspoken Rules And Established Expectations: How Does Dating Work?

How does dating work? How do people meet people to date in adulthood? If media has a say, people meet other people almost exclusively by hanging out in bars, going to parties,...

Is Making Out On A First Date A Good Idea?

First dates are exciting. You get to meet a new person and hopefully have a bit of fun. You may feel nervous, with a few butterflies in your stomach, but it’s an excited...

Top 6 Third Date Ideas She'll Love

So, the first date went well, and she said yes to a second. That alone is a major win in the modern dating world. The technology available to us today has given us limitless...

Single Tips: Where To Take A Girl On A Date

Most people would agree that dating can be fun but planning a date can be overwhelming. Planning a date can be a hard task for the first or the fiftieth date. A person usually...

Four Signs He Is Interested In You After First Date

First dates can be a bit nerve-wracking. Whether you are meeting people on a dating app, in person, or through a friend, the first date is where the rubber meets the road...

Five Topics For Your Second Date Conversation

Your first date went well and had a great time getting to know the other person. It was fun. Maybe there was even a kiss goodnight. You both had a great time and have decided...

First Date Gifts: 5 Ideas (And Tips) That Can Help Start The Date Off Right

First dates can be extremely intimidating, especially if you don’t have any previously established relationship with your date. The less you know about the person, the more...

Discussing your expectations, experiences and fears with a stranger may seem awkward, but a counselor specializing in relationship issues will often be of more help than an untrained friend when it comes to determining what you are doing right, and perhaps where you can improve your dating game. This is because counselors are experienced in things like separating facts from the way their patients feel about them, and understanding the obvious causes for the way we behave as well as the deeper motivations we're not always even aware of. They can often help you in finding out what kind of partner will make you happiest, what level of commitment you're ready for and, finally, what kinds of behavior are most likely to make you successful on the dating scene. The following articles all relate to dating and romance in various ways. While they're not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, you may well discover some unique insights in each.
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