Will I Be Single Forever? Five Tips To Put Yourself Out There To Find "The One"

By: Gabrielle Seunagal

Updated December 02, 2019

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There is nothing wrong with being single, however, reaching a place in life where you feel ready for a relationship is normal and understandable. One of the most significant parts of life does involve dating and relationships. The person you choose to be your partner will greatly impact your life, the decisions you make, and how you deal with certain obstacles which come your way. For better or for worse, we tend to become like the company we keep-this is why choosing a partner wisely and putting yourself out there safely and pragmatically is so important.

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If you've been single for quite some time now, it can be easy to get discouraged. You may wonder if you'll be single forever. It's also not uncommon to have concerns about how to put yourself out there and find "the one" that you're meant to be with. If this sounds like you, don't worry- you have options, and if you're not happy with your current relationship status, you can change it by taking the proper steps.

Will You Be Single Forever?

Though it may not always seem like it, your relationship status largely depends upon you. So many people fail to realize the significant impact which they have on the events which happen in their lives, this includes dating and relationships. If you've been single for some time, this may have been necessary for you to heal, grow, or otherwise learn more about yourself. Being single can come with a plethora of benefits, and there's nothing wrong with not having a significant other.

But, if you don't want to be single forever, you don't have to be. This is good news for anyone interested in finding a partner. With the right actions, you can put yourself in situations and settings which allow you to not only date but also find the right person for you.

Before diving into the tips for finding a significant other, there are some critical details about dating which you should know. First and foremost, knowing what you want is important. On the surface, this sounds fairly basic and mundane, but there are a notable number of individuals who struggle with directly pinpointing what they want in a relationship and a significant other. This can cause problems in dating and lead to relationships which ultimately turn toxic and fail.

Figuring out what you're looking for can take time and that's OK. There is no rush; you'll find that knowing what you want and ending up with the right person is much better than ending up with the wrong person merely for the sake of not being single. If you're single at this point and time, working on yourself and getting a clear idea of what you do and don't want in a romantic partner are actions which will serve you well later on down the line.

How To Put Yourself Out There And Find "The One"

Putting yourself out there and finding "the one" is often easier said than done. Movies and TV shows can make this process look much more glamorous and effortless than it is in real life. Thankfully, having an awareness of the right tips and strategies will prove to be of value as you embark on this journey in life.

Engage In Hobbies That You Love

One of the most common ways people meet compatible partners is by getting out in the world and doing what they love. For each individual, enjoyable hobbies will inevitably vary. You may enjoy arts and crafts or pottery while another person enjoys rock climbing or kickboxing classes.

When you're out and about and living your life, this increases your likelihood of running into like-minded individuals. In relationships, it's generally helpful and advisable for both parties to have similar interests. What better way to open yourself up to this by putting yourself in environments that might reflect your commonalities?

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Carry Yourself With Confidence

Confidence is sexy. How you present yourself to the world speaks volumes and tells people who you are. When you carry yourself with confidence, you're letting the world know that you're comfortable with who you are and worthy of respect. You never know who's watching and paying attention to you! Projecting confidence into the world also makes you more likely to attract a confident partner and someone who feels good about themselves. Carrying yourself with confidence should become a way of life for you and part of who you are.

Be Open To Online Dating

Some people harbor reservations about online dating, but it can actually be a measured way to meet someone. This is due to one of the major benefits of technology- you can put yourself out there while still taking some measures to protect yourself. Keeping personal information (such as your phone number, home address, etc) to yourself in during the initial phases is generally advisable. With the proper judgment and an informed, open mind, online dating can greatly increase your likelihood of finding love.

Be Yourself

Being yourself is largely regarded as a cliche in the world of love, but it's very important. If you're serious about finding "the one," this means ending up with someone who truly loves and cherishes you for who you are. This can't happen if you're pretending to be someone you're not or otherwise hiding parts of yourself. Many people struggle with simply being themselves, but this can be critical when it comes to finding love. Over time, you'll find that being yourself gets easier and easier. Eventually, you won't even have to think about it.

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Go On Blind Dates

Virtually everyone has heard one horror story or another which involved a blind date. With that being said, maintaining an openness to blind dates can truly prove to be advantageous in your quest to find "the one." Your family and friends know you better than anyone, and you never know who they might be able to set you up with. And it can be good practice to get outside of your comfort zone and meet people you may otherwise have overlooked.

Don't Get Discouraged

When you're putting yourself out there, you want to remember the importance of finding love that lasts. This is certainly possible for you, but it may not happen in the timeframe which you expect. Try not to get discouraged or otherwise lose faith. Timing plays such a critical role in a relationship and can contribute to whether or not two people make it as partners or wind up splitting.

Part of putting yourself out there and finding love involves trusting the timing of the universe. This means trying out the steps listed above while also having faith that you will find the person you're meant to be with when the timing is right. One sure reality is that how you put yourself out there and present yourself to the world will determine who you cross paths with and have access to.

Sometimes you find a partner when you're not expecting it. This is another line which is often viewed as a cliche, but events can unfold in mysterious ways. Many people in this world found their romantic partners when they were going about their business and living their lives. This is something else to keep in mind. People tend to attract and find what they truly want in life. If you're looking to change your single status, then it's important to know that putting yourself out there while also trusting the universe are going to aid you on this journey.

Seeking Outside Counsel

If you're dealing with relationship struggles or issues in your personal life, signing up for online therapy with Regain can help. Having access to a mental health specialist ensures that you can confide in a professional who has your best interests at heart. Online therapy also allows you to get feedback which is uniquely applicable to your situation- unlike more traditional forms of therapy, you don't have to make it to an office every week.

Online therapy ultimately ensures that you're able to have access to mental health care and support, regardless of who you are or where you live. Challenges and struggles will not automatically vanish when you start taking online therapy; however, you will be in the position to effectively handle these roadblocks, while powering forward and living your best life.

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