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The cold hard fact is that about half of marriages fail, whether by ending in divorce or through making one or both spouses unhappy. What is less commonly thought about is that this is rarely inevitable: few people marry when they are really incompatible on some fundamental level. Instead, marriages break down slowly, as issues that are, taken by themselves, not all that significant are allowed to grow into something that can eventually destroy a couple's ability to find joy in each other.

The Ultimate Marriage Checklist: 12 Things You Need To Consider Before Getting Married

Whether you’re engaged, in a serious relationship or casually dating, there are some things to consider before you say, “I do.” Getting married is a choice that isn’t right for...

12 Things To Remember In Your Second Marriage

People who go through one divorce often find themselves wishing for a new love to take the place of the old. There are a lot of things that you can do to ensure that your next...

6 Types Of Marriage In The Modern Day

Marriage in the 21st century is no longer just a marriage. It is not simply the legal joining of two households, and it is not any one thing. In fact, there are a variety of...

What Is The Average Age Of Marriage By State In The U.S.?

Sometimes it can feel like you’re running out of time to get married. This is especially true if all of your friends are getting engaged or married and you are not close to such...

Will I Ever Get Married? Why You Haven’t Found The One

Will you ever get married? If you really want to, you probably will. That doesn’t mean that it’s time to stop reading so that you can go find a wedding planner. Deepthought,...

Will A "Should I Get Married" Quiz Truly Help Me Determine If I'm Ready?

So, you’re in a relationship that might be ready for marriage. How could you know for sure? After all, marriage is a huge commitment. It is completely life-changing, especially...

What Marriage Issues Are "Normal"? What To Expect For Newlyweds

“And they lived happily ever after.” That’s the way every fairytale ends. And it’s probably what you expected to happen after you said, “I do” and rode off into the sunset. But...

What Effective Communication In Marriage Looks Like, And Why It's Important

Communication is vital for a strong marriage. Without proper communication, intimacy and worth start to drop, leaving the two people in the relationship flailing and feeling...

Loving Your Best Friend: Marriage Tips To Keep The Friendship Alive

We all know that love and friendship are two very important parts of a marriage, but that doesn’t always mean that we remember to focus on them. As the days go on and we are in...

Is Marriage Overrated?

You may have heard statistics that share that the divorce rate has been on the decline, and you probably thought that was a good thing, right? Well, some statistics can be...

Having Marriage Struggles? 7 Pieces Of Marriage Advice That Work

There are a few things as frustrating as a struggling marriage. You might want it to work out so much, but just aren’t sure what to do. It might be that you have different...

10 Marriage Tips For Newlyweds

Congratulations newlyweds! The start of your marriage is an exciting time that can also bring with it newfound, and possibly unexpected, challenges. If you find yourself...

Painting over the little cracks and fissures that appear in every marriage from time to time may be convenient in the short term, but even apparently minor things will rarely disappear on their own. Every relationship encounters its share of bumpy patches; this is simply unavoidable when two people with different desires and viewpoints share a life together. Addressing these as soon as they make themselves known, possibly with the help of a counselor, will prevent minor irritations from turning into real problems later. The articles in this section are all about marriage. Getting an outside perspective from a trained therapist has helped an enormous number of couples not only to repair a marriage that's already under strain, but also improve further on a relationship that's going strong. Some themes you will find mentioned again and again are mutual respect, constant and open communication, and allowing each spouse to walk their own path while still traveling the road of life together.
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