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The cold hard fact is that about half of marriages fail, whether by ending in divorce or through making one or both spouses unhappy. What is less commonly thought about is that this is rarely inevitable: few people marry when they are really incompatible on some fundamental level. Instead, marriages break down slowly, as issues that are, taken by themselves, not all that significant are allowed to grow into something that can eventually destroy a couple's ability to find joy in each other.

Does A “Dream Marriage” Really Exist?

Hollywood would like us to believe in a picture-perfect romance. In the hottest films, the guy always gets the girl, they wed in a beautiful ceremony, and the audience is left...

The Best Marriage Advice For Those Looking To Keep Love Strong

Most people want a fairy tale marriage. They want to find the love of their lives, get married, and then live happily ever after until the end of time. However, that’s not...

How “Marriage Romance” Looks Different From “Dating Romance”

When we think of the word “romance,” it is hard for our minds not to jump straight into the traditional ideas we see on TV or to those we read about in books. Most people’s idea...

6 Tips To Handle Marriage Problems

Whether you are experiencing the first year of marriage problems, or marriage problems after retirement, it is difficult fighting through the tough times in a relationship...

Signs It Is Time For Marriage Counseling

When the words “marriage counseling” are spoken, many different feelings and fears may come up. Most people associate the idea of marriage counseling with divorce, seeing it as...

How To Build A Happy Marriage

When you date and plan to marry, relationships are often filled with lots of excitement as both partners put forth lots of effort to appeal to the other person. Sometimes, after...

How To Overcome The Hurdles Of An Arranged Marriage

Arranged marriages are still made throughout the world, throughout many different cultures. While no one should be forced to marry someone they don’t want to, in a good...

Marriage Quotes For All Occasions

So, you’re taking the big step. Or you already have, and you’re commemorating your wedding day. Either way – congratulations! If you’re about to get married, may this be one...

Interracial Marriages - How To Navigate The Challenges

Relationships, in general, are not easy. One look at the state of the world would prove this statement true. Most have only one or two good, close friends, and even happy...

How Do Common Law Marriages Work?

A common law marriage is similar to a regular marriage in that a couple lives together for a certain length of time and acts like they are married in front of family, friends,...

Here’s Why A Sexless Marriage Will Not Work Out

We’ve all seen it in the media or heard it from our friends. Sometimes we even experience it ourselves. Someone starts wanting to have sex less than they used to, someone else...

Use Couples Message Boards To Improve Your Marriage

If you and your partner are having some problems or even if you’re starting to have more heated discussions, you may want to look at ways to improve your relationship before...

Painting over the little cracks and fissures that appear in every marriage from time to time may be convenient in the short term, but even apparently minor things will rarely disappear on their own. Every relationship encounters its share of bumpy patches; this is simply unavoidable when two people with different desires and viewpoints share a life together. Addressing these as soon as they make themselves known, possibly with the help of a counselor, will prevent minor irritations from turning into real problems later. The articles in this section are all about marriage. Getting an outside perspective from a trained therapist has helped an enormous number of couples not only to repair a marriage that's already under strain, but also improve further on a relationship that's going strong. Some themes you will find mentioned again and again are mutual respect, constant and open communication, and allowing each spouse to walk their own path while still traveling the road of life together.
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