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Relationship counselors are exposed to a wide variety of interpersonal dilemmas, even if only at second hand. While doing such a job requires a particular kind of emotional resilience, it is also one of the best ways of learning about human nature and relationships of all kinds.

Different Types Of Conflict Resolution In Relationships

All relationships have conflict. To pretend that everything is perfect in our families, friendships, and romantic relationships are glossing over a big part of our lives...

How To Tell If You’re Dating A Commitment Phobe

You may have friends in relationships or observe relationships on television and can easily identify a commitment-phobe. All the classic signs are there, but it can be...

"I'm So Bored With Life" -- Five Tips For Finding Fulfillment

Boredom in life is inherently antithetical to finding fulfillment. Generally, when someone is experiencing boredom, this is a clear indicator that something of value is...

Why Chivalry Is Dead And What It Means For Romance

Somewhere, as you’re reading this, a man in a striped trilby is complaining that chivalry is dead. You’ve probably heard the complaint before. But why is chivalry dead? What...

Being A Good Listener: Why It Matters In Your Relationship

There’s a lot that goes into having a healthy relationship. One of those things is being a good listener. Communication is a very important part of having a healthy relationship...

Long Term Effects Of Emotional Abuse And How To Cope

Emotional abuse is an insidious form of psychological manipulation designed to get under your skin and undermine your confidence. The worst part, however, is that it comes...

12 Tips For Younger Men Dating Older Women

Dating an older woman can be outright sexy. They know what they want, their done playing games, and they can teach a younger man a thing or two. Studies show that some younger...

How To Recognize If Someone You're Dating Is Emotionally Unavailable—And What To Do About It

Dating someone emotionally unavailable can be a difficult, frustrating, and ultimately painful experience. It may feel like you’re always trying to reach a goal that keeps...

How To Become Emotionally Available After Heartbreak

Do you find it hard to get close to anyone new since your last heartbreak? Are you so fearful of being hurt again, that you find yourself running away from people that want...

How To Get Control When You Feel Emotionally Unstable

Do you feel like you’re riding on a rollercoaster of emotions? One minute you are flying high and life is going great. Then, the next everything seems to have fallen apart...

21 Fun Ideas For Bachelor Parties That Won't Undermine Your Vows

Weddings come with a lot of exciting events. One of those being the bachelor party. It dates back to the 5th Century B.C. when the Spartans celebrated the groom’s last night...

How To Identify A Broken Relationship -- And Five Ways To Fix It

When going through long seasons of conflict with your romantic partner, it can be incredibly difficult. Having frequent conflict occur for a very long period can make people...

Not every relationship falls into neat categories as defined by words like “platonic” and “romantic”. Boundaries such as these are often crossed; for instance, a mentor and apprentice at work may have a relationship that's partly paternal, partly professional and partly just friendly. One of the insights therapists gain through experience is that no two situations are exactly alike, and it makes no sense trying to apply what was valid in one to another. The complexities of individual personalities and how they relate to each other makes this impossible. It's never a good idea to say that this person is of such a type, their partner fits that kind of profile, and therefore they will automatically be happy if they behave in some particular way. The following articles don't lend themselves to easy classification, but instead address a wide variety of issues that are faced by many people. While all of them won't be applicable to every person's situation, many people will find some relevance in one or more of them.
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