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A great many people automatically react to the idea of counseling by saying they don't need it, it's a waste of time and money, and that no stranger could possibly understand their problems better than they do. One can only imagine that they have had little practical experience of the benefits professional counseling can bring them.

Should I Use Free Grief Counseling Near Me? Is It Effective?

Unfortunately, life is full of ups and downs. Some days you’ll experience a lot of joy and happiness, and then there are other times when you will have deep sadness. Some of the...

Can Relationship Counselors Help You And Your Partner?

If your relationship is struggling, it might be a good idea to see a counselor. The uncertainty of whether you need counseling is a common feeling. By understanding what...

I'm Looking for Child Counselors Near Me and My Family -- Where Should I Start?

Finding a counselor when you think you need therapy is difficult enough. But when you need to find someone for your child to talk to about a mental health challenge or something...

6 Things To Look For In Counseling Centers Near Me

There are many reasons why people decide to look for counselors. It could be that they’re dealing with grief after losing a loved one. Or, it could be that they have a mental...

What Does "LPC" Stand For In Counseling, And What Do They Do?

A Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) is a mental health professional with some restrictions and limitations about the types of therapy they are qualified and licensed to...

Finding A Mental Health Counselor To Meet Your Needs

Therapy is no longer the shameful word it once was. While seeing a therapist used to be mocked, derided, or set aside as a crutch only for the rich and privileged, therapists...

What A 24 Hour Free Counseling Hotline Can And Can’t Do For You

When you feel as though you can’t take your emotions and mental state anymore, it can sometimes become necessary to talk to someone right away to get help. When this happens,...

I Need Teen Counseling Near Me—Where Should I Turn?

As a parent, it can be extremely difficult to watch your children struggle as they grow up. Teenagers have a very rough gig. They have the stress of school, social situations,...

How PTSD Counseling Can Benefit You And Your Relationship

Having PTSD can be detrimental to both your health and the mental health of the people around you. Often people with PTSD are so caught up in their mind that they do not realize...

Commonalities And Differences Between A Therapist And Counselor

If you are going through a difficult time, either because of a situation or because of mental illness, you may be considering some therapy or counseling to help you. While many...

6 Common Counseling Approaches In Couples Therapy And How They Can Help Your Relationship

Couples therapy is a great way to make sure that your relationship can stand the test of time. Every couple has problems at some point, and sometimes it takes an outside...

Counseling Vs. Therapy: What Are The Differences, And Which Option Is Best For You?

Seeking help is a brave step for individuals. How does one know whether he or she requires counseling or therapy? Despite the two terms being frequently confused as the same...

A licensed professional counselor, especially one with a minimum of a Master's degree and three years of experience, is more than just someone who just tosses out opinions on how others are living their lives. They will take extraordinary care to never rush to judgment before understanding all aspects of a situation, and always remain objective. While every individual and the position they find themselves in is unique, there are some common threads in all human experience that counselors have learned to identify and untangle. Simply restating what their patients already know in a way that facilitates interpretation is already a giant step forward, and one which few people are able to take on their own. Everyone, at times, is confronted with problems they are not fully equipped to handle or even understand by themselves. When this happens, getting an outside perspective from someone who has devoted their professional life to understanding the ways in which people think and feel can be invaluable. The following articles each explore a different facet of how counseling works, how it has helped
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