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A great many people automatically react to the idea of counseling by saying they don't need it, it's a waste of time and money, and that no stranger could possibly understand their problems better than they do. One can only imagine that they have had little practical experience of the benefits professional counseling can bring them.

Counseling Vs. Therapy: What Are The Differences, And Which Option Is Best For You?

Seeking help is a brave step for individuals. How does one know whether he or she requires counseling or therapy? Despite the two terms being frequently confused as the same...

How To Find The Right Mental Health Counselor Near Me

If you’re struggling with a mental health challenge, talking to a counselor can be a great way to make progress and improve your situation. However, it can be complicated to...

7 Options For Low Cost Counseling

If you’re like most people, when you think of counseling, you don’t think of low-cost. People often associate counseling with being an expensive service. This belief gets in...

What Do Counselors Do? Determining If A Counselor Can Help You (And Your Relationship)

Seeking help in the form of counseling is a great step toward improving your situation. For many, however, walking into the unknown, such as a counseling session, can be...

What Is A Counselor, And How Can They Help Me With My Relationship?

There is a great chance you have heard of a counselor in the context of mental health treatment. Even though you hear about counselors all the time through conversations,...

Can Porn Addiction Counseling Help My Relationship?

Porn addiction has only recently gotten much acknowledgment from the medical community. Whether behavioral addictions are on the same level as other addictions, such as drug...

What Are The Most Effective Types Of Counseling For Depression?

Depression is an extremely common mental health condition that affects people of all ages, genders, socioeconomic groups, and walks of life. It’s estimated that 16% of people in...

Everyone Deserves Help: How To Find Free Counseling Services

The term “counselor” often conjures images of a t-shirt, jeans, and a whistle, as you hearken back to childhood camps, where counselors were teenagers volunteering to little...

How To Find Effective, Affordable Counseling For You And Your Partner

Even the happiest of couples can face issues that seem impossible to resolve or move on from. Relationship counseling is a great resource for couples who are going through...

When Should You Seek Marriage Counseling And Does It Actually Work?

The simple truth is: every marriage goes through rough patches. Sometimes you can work through them on your own, but there are other times when surviving those rough patches...

5 Types Of Counselors That Can Help You And How To Determine Which One Is Right For You

Whether you’re struggling with chronic stress, mental illness, emotional problems, or you just need someone to talk to, a counselor can help. A counselor will assist you in...

When Should You Find A Counselor, And How Can You Find The Right One For You?

While therapy once carried with it a significant stigma, more and more people are turning to psychology and psychiatry to understand themselves better, any mental health...

A licensed professional counselor, especially one with a minimum of a Master's degree and three years of experience, is more than just someone who just tosses out opinions on how others are living their lives. They will take extraordinary care to never rush to judgment before understanding all aspects of a situation, and always remain objective. While every individual and the position they find themselves in is unique, there are some common threads in all human experience that counselors have learned to identify and untangle. Simply restating what their patients already know in a way that facilitates interpretation is already a giant step forward, and one which few people are able to take on their own. Everyone, at times, is confronted with problems they are not fully equipped to handle or even understand by themselves. When this happens, getting an outside perspective from someone who has devoted their professional life to understanding the ways in which people think and feel can be invaluable. The following articles each explore a different facet of how counseling works, how it has helped
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