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A great many people automatically react to the idea of counseling by saying they don't need it, it's a waste of time and money, and that no stranger could possibly understand their problems better than they do. One can only imagine that they have had little practical experience of the benefits professional counseling can bring them.

Online Counselling or Online Counseling - What’s The Difference?

Counselling or Counseling? Are They Different? Counselling and Counseling are different words that have the same meaning. Counseling with two L’s is the UK version of the word...

All You Need To Know About Rehabilitation Counseling

While most people associate the term “rehabilitation” with recovering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, the definition of rehabilitation is “to be restored to one’s...

Top 10 Reasons Why You May Need Family Counseling

The family is the most important connection that humans have with one another. Societies formed around family units and without our connection to each other and our biological...

Premarital Counseling: How It Can Help Your Relationship

Today, many engaged couples spend lots of time and money planning for a wedding. However, they sometimes neglect to plan for marriage. While most marriages have a foundation of...

Couples Counseling: When To Seek Help

Does your relationship seem less satisfying than it once was? Maybe you are communicating less, arguing more, spending less time together, or even avoiding one another?...

How Marriage Counseling Can Revitalize Your Relationship

It’s no secret; marriage is hard. It may seem counterintuitive that one of the best events in your life (your wedding) could cause you so much pain later. Even the best...

The Top Ten Benefits Of Group Counseling

Group counseling is typically when a small group of no more than 10 participants and 1-2 group leaders, usual therapists, engage in a psychosocial form of counseling. Small...

Do Premarital Courses Improve Your Marriage?

Are you getting married soon? If you are, then you’re probably already thinking about how you can improve your marriage and keep that spark alive, right? You’ve heard all the...

What Can A Relationships Worksheet Do To Improve My Relationship?

Maybe you’re in a relationship that feels great. You and your partner are both happy, things seem to be progressing well, and you just can’t imagine anything coming between you...

Getting Affordable Marriage Counseling: What It Could Mean For You

If you're currently in a relationship and having difficulties, it’s important to address the issue head-on. You and your partner obviously have a history, and you have a connection...

Finding Premarital Counseling Near Me

Anyone that is getting married should be looking at any way they can improve their relationship and set themselves up for success in their marriage. You want to make sure you...

Going Through These Premarital Questionnaires Could Stop Problems Before They Start

Are you looking to get married? If you are then you're not alone (but you knew that). If you're having some pre-wedding jitters or wondering about potential problems in your future...

A licensed professional counselor, especially one with a minimum of a Master's degree and three years of experience, is more than just someone who just tosses out opinions on how others are living their lives. They will take extraordinary care to never rush to judgment before understanding all aspects of a situation, and always remain objective. While every individual and the position they find themselves in is unique, there are some common threads in all human experience that counselors have learned to identify and untangle. Simply restating what their patients already know in a way that facilitates interpretation is already a giant step forward, and one which few people are able to take on their own. Everyone, at times, is confronted with problems they are not fully equipped to handle or even understand by themselves. When this happens, getting an outside perspective from someone who has devoted their professional life to understanding the ways in which people think and feel can be invaluable. The following articles each explore a different facet of how counseling works, how it has helped
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