10 Reasons You May Want to Talk To A Counselor

Updated May 12, 2021

Medically Reviewed By: Wendy Galyen, LCSW, BC-TMH

Many people talk about how great their counselor or therapist is, and maybe you are wondering if you should speak with a counselor. The answer to that is really a personal choice, but the answer is probably yes if you ask yourself that question. Not because everyone else is doing it, of course. Chances are, if you are thinking of seeing a counselor, there must be something going on in your life that you feel could be better if you had extra support.

Relationships, Family Troubles, And Mental Health Concerns

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Whether it is a problem with your relationship with a partner or family member or concerned about a mental condition, there is a counselor out there for everyone. For example, if you and your spouse have trouble being in the same room without arguing or if the trust is gone due to a violation of the relationship, a couple of counselors or marriage counselors is a good idea. If your teen is getting out of control or your preteen has severe anxiety issues, a family therapist or counselor online can help. ReGain.us offers online therapy sessions, unlimited messaging, counseling sessions, family therapists, and other affordable therapy.

Reasons You May Want To Talk To A Counselor

There are many different types of therapy and counseling options; depending on your concerns, you may have questions about which one is right for you. There are many choices, from couple therapy and marriage counseling to family therapy and individual therapy to group therapy. Because there being so many choices, it is sometimes difficult to determine which type you need. That is why ReGain.us can be helpful for all types of therapy. All you have to do is go online and answer a few questions, and they will find a good therapist that is the best option for you. And family counseling with online therapy can be a lifesaver when it comes to some issues. They even offer unlimited messaging therapy. Here are some reasons why you may want to talk to a counselor.

  1. The Brady Bunch Family

Having a blended family does not automatically mean you need therapy and counseling. But mixing two families can have its challenges. For adults, it may seem perfect. You may think your children will get along great because they are so alike or the same age. Just because you think they will automatically love each other does not mean that it will happen. And what if your child does not like your new love? These family issues can be troublesome, and even if it seems like a minor upset between the kids, it can quickly turn into a major fight that includes the whole family. Online therapy with a family counselor or one of the professional family therapists at ReGain.uscan helps with this.

  1. If Your Teen Is In Trouble
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Has your teenager been getting in trouble in school or at home? Maybe they were caught doing something illegal, and you are now both facing legal troubles. The teenage years are the hardest. On everyone. Not just the teen. It may seem like they are always angry, or they refuse to talk to you at all. While family therapy is a given, it may be that your teen has an underlying condition such as depression, anxiety, or a personality disorder that a different kind can treat of a counselor. Either way, online therapy with ReGain.us can help with therapy and counseling. Teens can really benefit from unlimited messaging therapy. No matter what type of therapy services you choose, it can really help the whole family.

  1. The Drama Queen

Many adolescent girls seem like they are always dealing with dramatic life-changing issues. Your preteen may run to her room and slam the door after school, saying she will never go back again. You probably think that something major happened but come to find out that the boy she likes has a crush on someone else. This may not seem major to you, but it feels like the end of the world when dealing with all those hormones. And 15 minutes later, she will be happy as a clam, like it did not even happen. These mood swings are quite normal at this age. But, if you are worried or creating conflict in your daily life, talk to a child counselor about family therapy for help. ReGain.us has licensed therapists, too, who offer text counseling or unlimited messaging therapy.

  1. You Fight Over Everything

Sure, all couples fight sometimes. But if you and your significant other cannot even look at each other without fighting, it is a sign of a problem. It is typically an underlying issue that one of you is avoiding. For example, it may be that you are mad at him for something he did weeks ago, but rather than talk about it, you get mad at him about everything else. Marriage and family therapy or online couple counseling can help you two work things out together so you can be in the same room again without a fight. Couples therapy, marriage counseling, or group therapy may be right for you. ReGain.us has licensed therapists who can help with counseling services and other types of therapy for you.

  1. Just Not Feeling It Anymore
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Has the spark gone out of your marriage? You may be surprised to know that a study published in Social Psychology and Personality Science found that couples should have sex at least once per week for intimacy's sake. However, it is common for those who have been together for a long time to go weeks or even months without being intimate. It could be that you are too busy or something going on in your lives that is causing issues. But it could also be that you are just in a rut, and you need to see someone to help you get back on track. A couple of counselors, marriage counselors, or sex therapists, or counselors with ReGain.us online therapy can help.

  1. Emotional Baggage

Is your ex always in the middle of your conversations, or does she show up at your house all the time? Do you still have feelings for the man who dumped you months ago? Maybe you are just so hung up on what went wrong in the last relationship that you cannot put as much effort into the present one. Any emotional baggage like this can put a strain on a relationship. Whether you got together on the rebound or you saw your previous love at the store and started thinking about him again, your emotional baggage can sink your new relationship quickly. Talk to a couple of counselors about online therapy to find out how to put them behind you once and for all.

  1. Too Many Secrets

Some secrets are okay to keep to yourself. In fact, it is healthy for you to keep things to yourself once in a while. As long as it cannot hurt your relationship, not telling your partner, every little thing is just fine. But if you are hiding the checkbook so he does not see how much money you spend all the time or are texting other people you know you shouldn’t, these are red flags that you two need to talk to someone. Or maybe you need to speak with a counselor on your own. Either way, stop hiding things from your significant other before it tears you apart. Couples therapy with a licensed therapist can help.

  1. When Your Partner Cheats

Infidelity is one of the most common reasons that relationships fall apart. First of all, if one of you cheats, there was either something wrong in the first place, or either you or your partner has a problem with being faithful. It could be that you two fought, and he went out on the town, had too many drinks, and ended up doing something very bad. Or one of you may be in a serious relationship with someone that you have been seeing. Either way, this is a major faux pas, and you will need some online therapy to keep this relationship together. In fact, even if you two decide to split, you will likely need couples therapy or counseling with an online therapist to deal with what happened.

  1. You Don’t Love Him Anymore

What if you don’t feel those feelings anymore? You may not even know how or when it happened. Most often, it was not just one thing that happened one day that made you say, “Wow, I don’t love him anymore.” It usually sneaks up on you. Maybe you just noticed that you don’t want to be touched by them or go out of your way not to be intimate. Or you realized that you don’t even get jealous anymore if you think of him with someone else. Is your partner an afterthought? Do you find yourself “forgetting” about them when you make plans? Any of these can be signs that your relationship is in trouble, and you need to talk to a counselor.

  1. Abuse In The Family
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This is a serious issue and should never be ignored. Many people think that their partner did not mean to hurt them or that it was their fault. Your spouse may say it will never happen again. They may cry and beg you to forgive them and promise to be better. Whether it is physical abuse, mental abuse, or any other type of abuse, they are all extremely serious, and you need to get away from them as soon as possible. Whether you have to call the police to arrest them or you have to leave, getting away from them is the only thing that makes sense. It never only happens once. Do not let anyone abuse you or anyone you know without doing something about it. Ever. And you will need therapy. Talk to a licensed therapist about therapy or counseling for abuse victims.

Talk To A Counselor For Help

So, what can talking to a counselor or licensed therapist do to help you? How do I know what therapy involves? Why not just end the relationship and move on? Or tell my kid to behave and get over it? Because every relationship can be saved if you want it to be. Therapy involves talking things over and learning how to deal with whatever issues you may have. Even family therapy or group therapy sessions can help. With the exception of abuse because that relationship needs to end immediately. The only way you should ever get back together with an abusive partner is if they have gone through counseling with you and if you feel safe with them again. And never tell your child to get over it. These issues can be a cry for help that can be handled with online therapy or counseling online, and you should not ignore them. You may also be interested in traditional therapy. Talk to a counselor at ReGain.us for help. Finding therapy can be as easy as answering a few questions—no appointment needed to talk to one of their experienced therapists. And you do not have to go to your therapist’s office. You can be talking to a therapist at home in no time at all.

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