Seven Ways That Telephone Counseling Can Help You

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There may be times in your life that you could benefit from a counseling session. Maybe you just lost your job, are feeling stressed out about finances, or your marriage is on the rocks. Perhaps you are feeling very lonely or defeated and think your life will never get more comfortable. Maybe you have a family member who is addicted to drugs, and you want to help them get into a recovery program. Whether you require crisis counseling or need a few counseling sessions to help you overcome a challenge in your life, there is always help available. While many people opt for in-person counseling sessions, telephone counseling is becoming a popular choice for many reasons; it is convenient, takes away the personal stigma of seeking help, and can be done safely. Telephone counseling can also be coupled with other types of mental health care, such as online counseling, in-person counseling, and group counseling. Here are 7 ways that telephone counseling can help you.

Telephone counseling to save your marriage

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Marriage Counseling is a popular reason to seek out a telephone counseling session. Sometimes a couple is at an impasse in their marriage, and they can use the help of an expert to facilitate helpful and constructive conversations with your partner.

Whatever you are dealing with that is challenging in your marriage, an initial counseling session, along with subsequent sessions, can be extremely beneficial to help you and your partner communicate better and overcome any hurdles that you may be facing.

Counseling clients will first choose which form of counseling makes the most sense for their schedules, be it telephone counseling, online counseling, or in-person counseling. After selecting a method, choosing a provider is next. Many counselors offer free telephone consultations to get the process started. From there, you and your partner, along with your counselor, will decide how often you think you need to meet. You will also discuss if you believe the method will be successful. Remember, there are multiple ways to “attend” counseling. Taking steps to seek out counseling sessions is a move in the right direction.

Need someone to talk to

If you or someone you know needs crisis counseling services, telephone counseling is the quickest and best route to get rapid assistance. Every day some people seek out telephone counseling because they do not know where to turn. That is what these counseling services are there for; they will help you through the immediate issues and then set you up with a form of counseling that you will feel comfortable attending for the short or long term.

The Journal of Counseling Psychology shows telephone counseling can be highly effective. It immediately opens communication lines between a service provider and the person in need of urgent telephone support. When utilized, telephone counseling, you can get the help you need quickly.

In a study conducted in 2017 by the Center for Disease Control, 7.4% of high school students were in need of crisis counseling in the 12 months prior. If you feel you need to speak to someone immediately, you can call 911 or the national crisis hotline at 800-273-8255. If you are feeling down and want to schedule telephone counseling to appoint a clinician, the folks at Regain can help you through the difficult times in your life.

There are always people ready and willing to help you through whatever challenges you face and will put you in touch with additional counseling services for further treatment and care. By simply making a telephone crisis call or a telephone counseling call, you can work through why you are having difficulties and explore ways to manage those feelings more positively. One telephone session can often make a substantial difference to those who are having trouble. Even if things seem hopeless, you will be assured that you can get through it and given the steps you need to make it to a brighter day with crisis intervention counseling.

Coping with anxiety

Those who deal with severe anxiety often do not even want to leave the house. If this sounds familiar, know that you are not alone and that there are people who can help manage your anxiety.

Telephone counseling is highly effective for those dealing with anxiety. Typically, you will start with a free telephone counseling session, and then you will work closely with a one-on-one therapist. Together you will explore what causes your anxiety and ways to manage it.

If you find that it is too soon to use the telephone, email counseling is also an option. Email counseling, while not traditional, is one way for those who can not bring themselves to utilize telephone counseling right away. However, you will still be able to get the needed support.

While it takes longer, because you may not get an immediate response back, it is an option if you cannot bring yourself to talking to a counselor in person or talking to someone on the phone.

The goal will be to work your way up to either telephone, online or in-person counseling. However, it will be at your pace. It is never beneficial to force advice on you in a way that makes you uncomfortable; that would be counterproductive.

Therapy Is available

If you are a frequent traveler for work or a hobby, telephone counseling is a great way to work through things that may trouble you, no matter where you are in the world. The benefit of distance therapy is that you can do it from any state or country in the world and not have to work around your busy traveling schedule. If being on the phone is not comfortable for you, online counseling is also a fantastic alternative.

Those who utilize online counseling enjoy the fact that they can talk face to face with a clinician but do not have to be in the same location each time you have an appointment. You can log onto your computer during your counseling session and have to fantastic counseling services.

If you do not have a regular counseling appointment but find yourself in need of someone to talk to immediately, telephone consultations are always available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You never need to feel alone because there is always someone to talk to when needed.

The Journal of Counseling states that the effectiveness of telephone counseling “appears to be an effective psychological practice.” They also state that “in contrast to face-to-face counseling, telephone counseling is convenient and less expensive.”

Essentially counseling telephone counseling specifically is a proven method of mental health care.

Telephone counseling can be cheaper

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If you seek out mental health care but do not have a lot of money or great insurance, telephone counseling is an excellent option for you. Telephone consultations and telephone counseling sessions are cheaper since there is no overhead for the clinician; they can work anywhere in the world or from their home office.

For you, this means cheaper counseling services. Telephone counseling is just as helpful as in-person counseling, but the cost is as much as $410 less per week. On average, telephone counseling costs $40-70, where in-person counseling costs $200-$500 per session. Without insurance, counseling can be out of reach for many, but mental health care is now to all with telephone counseling. Some services even provide free telephone counseling. You do not have to be wealthy to attend counseling; it is affordable for everyone to utilize telephone counseling services.

Free telephone counseling for domestic violence relationships

If you are in a dangerous relationship, it may be challenging to get out of the house for counseling services. It can also be dangerous for these women and men if their abusive partner knew that they were seeking counseling when it got charged to the insurance. In these instances, free telephone counseling services are crucial for both support and safety. All you need is to a telephone.

Free telephone counseling is not the only way an abused partner can acquire mental health services; online counseling is another option. If you are worried about your partner tracking your phone or internet usage, these two options can help get you the support you need.

Free telephone counseling services are a viable option for those who do not know how to clear their internet history. When seeking counseling services, the critical thing to remember is that you are taking a great first step to getting out of a dangerous and abusive relationship.

Using telephone support for substance misuse intervention

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For those addicted to drugs, a substance abuse intervention is often the best way to get them into the appropriate treatment. Many times, getting someone to your house for intervention is challenging, as you may not know who even to call. However, telephone support services are a great way to help those who will be doing the intervention and guide the intervention along from start to finish.

Telephone counseling services are a great way to talk to someone when you feel sad, anxious, scared, or need guidance. Whether you are looking for help for yourself, with your partner, or for someone who has a substance abuse problem, a telephone session for counseling is always available. Just like online counseling or in-person counseling, telephone counseling puts you in touch with a specialist who can help you through your situation. You never should feel alone or that you have no one to reach out to when in need.

Utilizing telephone counseling does not mean you will be in the hands of a robot; the phone will always be answered by a real person who understands what you are going through and will help you immediately if you call a support line staffed by professional counselors. While one session is typically not enough, making that first call can be life-changing. It can be incredibly empowering to take the steps needed to seek out mental health care, and the experts on the other end of the phone will be there to reassure you that you are on a great path.

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