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What Is The Number One Cause Of Divorce In The United States: Legal Dissolution Statistics In The U.S.

When he put that wedding ring on your finger on that special day, you thought for sure you’d be together forever. Life was perfect and surreal; you and your spouse never fought...

Why Taking A "Should I Get A Divorce" Quiz Should be Done With A Grain Of Salt

The decision to get a divorce is a big one and can be a major source of pain, contention, and uncertainty in a marriage. Some people believe that a marriage should always be...

Do You Have to Get A Name Change After Divorce?

Even in the best of circumstances, divorce is painful and difficult. When you divorce someone, even if your marriage lasted less than a year, you are letting go of what was...

The Most Common Reasons Why People Get Divorced In The U.S.

Have you ever wondered why people get divorced? Are you worried that your marriage may be headed in that direction? When people think of common reasons for divorce, they...

The Number One Reason For Divorce And How To Prevent It

When you think of common reasons for divorce in America, what comes to mind? Infidelity? Money problems? Family conflicts? A loss of attraction from one or both partners?...

What Life After Divorce For Men Over 40 Is Like

Life after divorce for men often falls into one of a few camps: there are those who feel liberated, those who feel abandoned, those who feel hope, and those who feel a vague...

What Are the Leading Causes Of Divorce In The United States?

Sometimes love doesn’t last forever. People often get divorced for a number of different reasons. A couple might fall out of love or they might wind up having irreconcilable...

Important Divorce Advice For Men: 6 Things To Keep In Mind

Getting divorced is likely going to be one of the most difficult experiences of your life. This is something that is going to change the status quo for you in a major way. If...

Important Divorce Advice For Women: 7 Things To Keep In Mind

If you’re currently going through a divorce, then you know just how difficult it can be. You might feel as if you’re going through a rollercoaster of different emotions right...

Dating After Divorce: When And How To Find New Love

Getting through a divorce is not necessarily going to be easy. When you’re trying to move on after your previous marriage didn’t work out, you might not even know how to...

7 Tips On How To Start Over After A Divorce

Finding a way to move on after a divorce is no easy task for most people. After all, you have probably spent years with that person, and the memories can make it an arduous...

Sex After Divorce: How Long Should You Wait?

Life after divorce can feel like uncharted territory to many people. When you are going through such a radical life change, the logistics of moving on can be a nightmare. You...
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