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In some cases, a divorce can actually be more traumatic, to both parties, than the sudden death of a spouse. Even when it has become clear that a permanent separation is the best possible option for both parties, the sudden loss of a confidant, friend and lover can be almost too much to bear. When a divorce is contentious and confrontational, the situation is even more challenging. If children are involved, things rapidly get exponentially worse.

How Long Does It Take To Get Over A Divorce? 9 Things That Emotional Recovery Depends On

Every person that goes through a divorce wonders how long it will take to get over a divorce. Often when a relationship ends, you feel as though you have lost something...

Getting Through Divorce: Hurting, Healing, And Moving On

Regardless of how good or bad your marriage was or how long it lasted, getting through a divorce can be one of the most trying transitions to make in one’s life. Healing and...

Is Divorced Dating Different From Dating When You Haven’t Already Been Married? Things To Consider

Recovering from getting a divorce is difficult for some people. When a marriage doesn’t work out, it can leave you feeling insecure about starting another relationship with...

How Long Does It Take For A Man to Get Over Divorce? 10 Factors That Affect Healing

Getting over a divorce can be difficult for anyone, but research studies have shown that men have a harder time getting over a divorce than women in many cases. Divorce can...

Five Lesser Known Reasons Why People Divorce

In 1857, the Matrimonial Causes Act made it possible for anyone to get divorced. Before that, it was typically only men who could get a divorce, and it had to be approved by an...

7 Things Divorced Women Can Do To Move Past Their Marriage In A Healthy Way

Being recently divorced can be difficult to come to terms with. You might even still feel like you’re married in some ways, and this can make it difficult to move on with...

How To Get Through A Divorce Stronger And Healthier

Getting through a divorce can be extremely difficult for some people. When the separation first happens, you may feel as though nothing can get better, and you are falling apart...

8 Things To Consider When Dating A Divorced Man

A lot of the time, the dating pool tends to be full of perpetually single individuals that may just spend their time dating around for fun or on the hunt for something they...

Why A Clean Break Is The Best Idea When Your Ex Regrets Divorce

Finding yourself trying to navigate the complexities of divorce can be overwhelming and feel seemingly impossible at times. Time Magazine tells its readers in an article that...

How To Make Moving On From Divorce Easier Or You & Your Family

Moving on from divorce is rarely an easy thing to go through. When you add children and other family members to the mix, it can become even more taxing. Many things must be...

How Knowing What Causes Divorce Will Save Your Relationship

Preparedness is the best way to safeguard your relationship from divorce. We all do what we can to keep our partners feeling happy and secure most of the time, but is it enough?...

Getting Through The Stages Of Divorce And How To Cope In Each

Life in and after divorce can feel like a rollercoaster. There are several emotional processes that one must go through before they reach the finish line. In each of these...

Divorces are each different, but they all have many facets in common. Quite apart from the emotional heartbreak, a recently separated person has to deal with the practical challenges of a complete change in lifestyle and the loss of security this brings with it. Anyone who has recently gone through a divorce, or is currently faced with one, can benefit from speaking to a qualified relationship counselor. They can help a person see past and present events in their proper light, which by itself is often enough to combat the psychological difficulties divorce often leaves in its wake: irrational feelings of guilt and shame, a loss of confidence, depression and a lack of hope for the future. The following articles all deal with different aspects of divorce and separation, including practical advice on ways to understand and mitigate the harmful effects these can have on children of all ages.
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