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In some cases, a divorce can actually be more traumatic, to both parties, than the sudden death of a spouse. Even when it has become clear that a permanent separation is the best possible option for both parties, the sudden loss of a confidant, friend and lover can be almost too much to bear. When a divorce is contentious and confrontational, the situation is even more challenging. If children are involved, things rapidly get exponentially worse.

Understanding The Effects Of Divorce On Children

When a mother and father divorce, the effect of divorce on child behavior can take many forms. The negative effect of divorce on children can extend past the initial emotional...

What To Expect During The Divorce Process

Divorce can be a harrowing ordeal for all involved. But most of the time, no matter how heartbreaking or agonizing a divorce can be, if the parties are even considering divorce...

What Are The Top Reasons For Divorce?

Divorce continues to increase as the years go by, even though fewer people are getting married. Scientists have studied the top reasons for divorce. Most of the evidence is...

Should I Get A Divorce Before Our Relationship Gets Worse?

If you’re asking, ‘Should I get a divorce?’ You’ve probably been unhappy for a long time. Your relationship may have turned sour, but how do you know if it’s so bad that it’s...

Divorce Quotes That Will Help Anyone Through Their Divorce

Divorce can be a difficult time for both individuals in a failing marriage. These are the times when people need the most comfort and support and words can be a great source of...

What Kind Of Divorce Options Do I Have? (No-Fault, Fault Divorce, Etc.)

You’d think that divorce would be fairly straightforward, right? All there is to divorce is legal separation, and there is only one way to go about it. While this is logical...

Life After Divorce: How to Take Care of Yourself And Your Family

Divorce can be a difficult and drawn out process. Even if you are the one who requested the divorce or if it was a mutual decision, it can be a sad and painful end to a...

The Easiest Way To Learn How To File For Divorce

Divorce is never easy. You promised your significant other that you’d be married until death, but for whatever reason, you just can’t stay married to them anymore. Maybe you two...

How Can I Get An Online Divorce ?

While divorces happen frequently and are expected to be emotionally taxing for both of the individuals in the marriage, the reality is that some divorces are costly and...

Is It Possible To Get Free Divorce Papers?

Divorce is costly. It costs money to hire an attorney, a person who will give you a better chance at reaching a compromise satisfying to you. It costs your family. Your...

What's The Best Way To Get Divorce Papers?

Excluding the attorneys, no one likes the divorce process. It’s messy, costly, and causes stress towards all parties. However, it’s sometimes necessary. Sometimes, the marriage...

Understanding How Divorce Mediation Works

Mediation is an intervention used to help settle disputes of all kinds. It can be especially useful in family law situations involving divorce and child custody. During this...

Divorces are each different, but they all have many facets in common. Quite apart from the emotional heartbreak, a recently separated person has to deal with the practical challenges of a complete change in lifestyle and the loss of security this brings with it.

Anyone who has recently gone through a divorce, or is currently faced with one, can benefit from speaking to a qualified relationship counselor. They can help a person see past and present events in their proper light, which by itself is often enough to combat the psychological difficulties divorce often leaves in its wake: irrational feelings of guilt and shame, a loss of confidence, depression and a lack of hope for the future.

The following articles all deal with different aspects of divorce and separation, including practical advice on ways to understand and mitigate the harmful effects these can have on children of all ages.
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