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Attraction happens when two people are drawn to one another because they each see a quality they like in the other person. There are many types of attraction including physical, mental and sexual. Physical attraction occurs when people are drawn to each other based on the way that they look, their outward appearance. Sexual attraction is the desire to be intimate with another person. The different forms of attraction display in unique ways and show a variety of human behaviors.

Here you will find articles about the various kinds of attraction and how they draw people to one another. Attraction isn’t simplistic, and it doesn’t rely on one factor, but depends on how two people connect with each other. Some people don’t know what to do when they find someone attractive. Read more about how attraction works and what to do when you are attracted to a potential partner.

What To Do When Your Partner Has No Interest In Sex At All

It’s no secret that sex is an important part of most relationships. Traditionally, couples use sex as a way to express their love for one another. It’s also something that...

What Is Romantic Attraction? Understanding The Urge To Seek Out A Mate

At some point after puberty, most individuals become interested in seeking out a partner. It might happen earlier for some and later for others, but it is unusual to find...

What Are The Different Types Of Attraction And What Do They Mean?

It’s easy to think of attraction in one sense and to only think about being physically attracted to someone, but the truth is that there are many different types of attraction...

What Are The Different Types Of Body Language Attraction?

Body language is important in the world of communication. It isn’t just a supplement to verbal communication, but often dominant. Some people are naturals when it comes to...

The Attraction Synonyms And What They Are

Attraction is hard to explain at times. You find someone who just clicks with you, and you end up wanting to be in a relationship with them, or you’re able to have that...

The Pheromones Attraction: How Chemicals Create Desire

You have probably heard about pheromones. Chemicals that you let out, which indicate that you’re in love or are in the mood. However, you probably have no idea what they are or...

How The Science Of Attraction Affects Me

Have you ever met someone and instantly felt attracted to them? Or talked to someone online that you were super excited about and as soon as you met them you just knew that you...

What Are Signs Of Attraction And How Can I Understand Them?

Many of us want to be noticed by those around us, but we're just not sure how to go about it. Maybe we're being noticed already, but we just aren't picking up the signs. What if...

How Does Genetic Sexual Attraction Play A Part In Life?

Being attracted to, and entering a relationship with, your relative is a major taboo in society, and one that is quite rare. When we think of incest, we imagine royalty trying...

For some people attraction causes them to feel uncomfortable. They may not know how to approach a potential love interest. Other people find themselves engaging in sexual behavior with multiple partners because of how strongly attraction affects them. If you notice that you're having difficulty in your love life because of attraction issues, you can work with an online therapist to learn more about your love life and sexuality if necessary. Search our network of licensed online counselors who are skilled at helping people learn to manage their romantic feelings.
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