Is It Love? Why Would A Younger Man Be Attracted To An Older Woman?

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“Attraction cannot really be defined or explained. Therefore, it comes in all forms so when it happens, try to work towards acceptance of how you feel.” - Ryan Smith, LPC, NCC

Confident and successful women of various ages exist all over the world. They are capable of engaging or befriending men that are equal or older anytime they wish. Rarely understood but often seen, younger men are attracted to this diverse group’s older women. It’s also interesting to note that many older women are returning the interest that men show them.

The attraction that younger men have to women over 40 is one that many people ponder. However, there are a few reasons that men offer to explain their attraction to older women. Most people give no thought to the age gap when the man is older than the woman. However, couples seem to get strange looks when the woman is the senior in the relationship.  These age gap relationships leads to a common question, "Why would a younger man be attracted to an older woman?" Whether you're a young man dating an older woman, or a mature woman dating a younger guy, this article is for you. 

Are Younger Men Finding Love with Older Women?

There is no single answer to why attractive older women and younger men are swiping right on each other more often these days. Between those two possible reasons are several other explanations. Digging deeper into the relationship could reveal that a combination of reasons brings many older women and younger men together. Let’s continue to explore the reasons that some men report their attraction to older women.

Some men might reveal that they are attracted to the lack of baggage or excessive demands that accompany younger men dating older women in casual conversation. The majority of older women are more established than their younger male counterparts in the relationship. Men find that this category of women isn’t expecting to or interested in building a family with them. They’re more focused on growing their careers, bank accounts, and exploring the world. These factors are attractive to younger men, which could cause them to love the way the relationship makes them feel.

Why do older women like younger men? Older women are appearing to find that younger men are bringing them emotional satisfaction and fulfillment. Younger men find older women more physically attractive, and their maturity is an appealing feature to men.

Wondering How A Younger Man Can Be Attracted To An Older Woman?

If you're curious to know why men are attracted to women, especially younger men to older women, here are a few reasons.

1. They’re attracted to their experience

It’s an obvious reality: the quality of experience is immeasurable. The older you become, the wiser you grow. It’s a great contribution to the painful challenges that many encounters in life. Women are subjected to some of the most intriguing experiences in life. Younger men are eager to learn as much as possible and better teach them than older women.

Some young men seek the wisdom and knowledge that they’ve not been exposed to in their lives. An older woman symbolizes the rock he needs to gain that wisdom or help them through tough life challenges. Women may be attracted to the high energy or zest that younger men have, but he’s attracted to your strength and ability to get things done in life.

2.  It Speaks to Their Ego

When a younger man can attract or appeal to an older woman, it speaks to his ego. It makes him feel a sense of accomplishment because an older woman finds him interesting. An older woman who is educated, sophisticated, and successful in life is a catch for any man, but especially her junior.

A man feels celebrated when asked by his friends how he managed to attract such a woman. This is the ego conversation that every man desires to have. In their ’20s are often driven to seek women who are older and sometimes are successful in doing so. Many say that it’s difficult to date older women once they start dating older women aged or younger.

3. It Gives Them More Time to Grow

No woman wants to be involved with an immature man, but older women understand the growing pains that men encounter. They are more understanding of certain issues than younger women. Men sometimes need this in their live. They need a woman who won’t challenge their decision to stay out late and travel out of town with the guys for one weekend or every weekend out of the month.

Some men complain that women their own age expect them to transform overnight. They look for them to stop hanging out with friends, stop having card or game night, or stop doing the things they enjoy the most. They appreciate the space that older women allow them to have. It demonstrates a sense of trust that younger men want but don’t receive when involved with women in their age group.

4. The Value the Transparency

Younger men are attracted to the transparency that older women display. If they have questions, they get answers by simply asking. With younger women, it’s not always that easy. It eliminates the confusion that exists in younger relationships. Older women are open to laying everything on the table. They talk about their hopes, dreams, and accomplishments. Most importantly, they are clear about their expectations. Older women don’t expect much from the younger men they are involved with because they understand that they may still be working to improve certain areas of their lives.

5. They Appreciate the Emotional Stability

After a young man goes through several drama-filled relationships, they appreciate the emotional stability that an older woman offers. Although not all younger women are associated with drama, some men can’t find the right one to have a solid relationship with. Primarily, older and more mature women are not willing to entertain any drama. The relationship can be fulfilling and free of confusion, which younger men find comforting and attractive.

6. They Demonstrate Extreme Confidence

Older women walk in confidence, and it shows. The way she talks, listens, and walks screams confidence in every area of her life. She’s not trying to convince anyone that she’s enough because she believes in herself and her abilities. Men of any age are attracted to this characteristic. They want a woman who doesn’t seek the approval of others. It’s this level of confidence that allows younger men to acquire older women. The woman isn’t put off by what others may think of the age difference because, again, she’s not seeking the approval of anyone.

7. They Love Their Energy

Contrary to popular belief, most women find a burst of energy when they’re older than they couldn’t tap into when they were younger. Younger men are driven towards older women who know how to have fun. It’s a great way for them to have a relationship filled with fun and excitement. They enjoy the time they spend traveling, exploring, and just enjoying each other.

8. Older Women Are in Control

In older women – younger man relationships, the woman takes control. She’s the one that makes sure everything is taken care of, as it should be. She plans the dates, nights in, trips, and other activities. She’s also open to spoiling the guy from time to time. Everyone, regardless of age, is open to being spoiled a little.

In most relationships where men date women in their age group, the woman looks for the man to do most planning. They prefer that the man take the lead, and some men prefer that the woman have this role. This leads them to pursue older women who are more comfortable with the control aspect of the relationship.

9. This is it!

Men admire a woman that pursues them, and this is something that will be typically be done by an older woman. Older women see what they want, and they go after it. This confidence, which is often the result of more life experience, usually initializes most relationships where the man is younger than the woman. Men get excited when they’re being approached and not doing the approaching. It engages them physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Our Relationships with Significant Age Gaps Built to Last?

Almost all relationships begin with the idea and hope that they’ll last forever. That’s not always the case.

Some individuals find that relationships with significant age gaps can be more fulfilling for a while. Still, eventually, age catches up with the younger person, and they feel less than fulfilled. Reports show that most marriages with significant age gaps end in divorce.

In relationships, sometimes love happens. But how do couples with age gaps make it work? It depends on whom you ask, and sometimes, the answer isn’t what most would expect. Especially if the woman is older than her mate, other than building a relationship supported by relationship therapy, some couples refuse to let go of a relationship they enjoy, regardless of how hard the challenges may be or how large the age gap is. In addition to being determined, couples also:

  1. Make the Most of Their Time Together: Older women often value their time and understand its importance. It’s a strong foundation that can be utilized to build a relationship. This is also applied to their dating or married life. Older women who date younger men aren’t interested in wasting time with or on things that don’t matter. They prefer to find happiness and make the most of it with their mate.
  2. Shut the Noise Out: Older women have developed a technique to tune out the noise. Most have found an effective way to meditate and release frustrations in life without inflicting chaos on their relationship. Younger men appreciate this and do their best to reflect the efforts of their mates. This allows them to spend more time enjoying a peaceful relationship with little to no outside interference. Outside interference can lead to the demise of the relationship.
  3. Love is real: No matter what others think, it’s possible that an older woman and younger man could be in love. Love can and sometimes does conquer all. It gives the couple the ammunition they need to weather any storm that occurs while in a relationship. Many people doubt that the relationship is genuine or based on love when there is a significant age gap. However, most couples in this type of relationship are consumed with each other and the simplicity of the relationship, making it easy to tune out what others think.
Wondering How A Younger Man Can Be Attracted To An Older Woman?

The most common relationship is one where the man is older than the woman. Although this is most acceptable in society, there is an upsurge of the opposite, older women and younger men. Most couples with this age gap cite companionship and fun as major contributors to the success of their relationship. There is always something new to be experienced when the partner is eager to learn, and younger men look forward to learning what their older mate can teach them.

Society places a stigma on the relationship where the man is younger, but should this be the norm? What’s not acceptable about a younger man learning life’s experience from an older woman? The world is filled with change, especially in the dynamic of relationships and love. The most important factor is that any relationship you’re involved in makes you happy. Happiness is usually the result of a healthy relationship that makes all parties feel loved and valued.

A healthy relationship is not defined by age, but maturity from each side is important. So, to answer why a younger man would be attracted to an older woman, you must first identify the attraction, which varies in all relationships. And yes, sometimes the answer is – love.

No matter who you are or what your relationship may look like, it’s important to be aware of the available resources. The professionals here at ReGain can provide guidance, advice, and support to support both you and your partner in whatever ways you might need.

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