Free Marriage Counseling: You Get What You Pay For

Updated September 04, 2018


When marital troubles hit the fan, it is usually about money. When that is the case, the last thing couples need or want to do is spend more of it. Many couples spend a great deal of time trying to work things out on their own, seeking the counsel of friends, family, and even clergy before realizing there is most likely not a quick fix to their problems. Getting the free advice and counsel of friends, family, and even your clergy is like having a good friend come to work on your leaky roof. He can patch it up, but when the next hard rain comes, the water will pour and everything in its path will be soaked.

The Cost Of A Healthy Marriage

Most insurance plans pay for mental health counseling, but marital and relationship counseling is not something that is considered a mental health problem. Sometimes people try to get around the problem by seeking the help of a qualified therapist for their individual problems, like drinking, or anger. Then the focus becomes narrowed in on the symptoms rather than the real problem. There is a diagnostic code for these and other mental health problems, so that is what the mental health professional has an ethical and professional obligation to treat.

The fallout from this is that often when a couple's marriage is in trouble they need and want to know why, and this can lead to blaming. When counseling sessions focus on substance abuse or anger management rather than the issues leading to the substance abuse or anger, then the finger pointing and blaming has been scripted for the couple by their very own therapist.


In addition, due to federal laws and HIPPA the therapist can only legally treat one client at a time if the issue is substance abuse. Without the other spouse's written consent, nothing in the sessions can be shared with the other spouse. If the focus is on anger, then the reason anger is directed at the other party, or even issues dating back to childhood, may be brought up. Consequently, the real problem is that the couple is simply having an issue with communicating, which has led to not adequately communicating about one of the primary reasons for marital discord: Money.

Flying Solo May Lead To Being Solo, And Broke

Going alone in trying to fix the marriage can lead a couple to the final resort of ending the marriage. Even if they are able to get an inexpensive divorce through an attorney or through mediation, if there is property, money, and especially children involved the divorce can still lead to increased debt, or even financial ruin. Most couples who divorce do not really want to end their marriage. They simply want to stop the fighting. Even if they choose to separate on a trial basis, this is still costly because they are maintaining two residences. If there are children, most spend more money than they ordinarily would on eating out and entertainment.


Real Solutions You Cannot Afford to Pass Up

While the best things in life are said to be free, marital counseling is not one of them. However, it can be affordable, convenient, and entirely confidential. Many individuals and couples are finding they can afford help with their life issues through online therapy and counseling. Online therapy platforms have become very popular over the past few years, and most individuals and couples find the affordability and the convenience to be very compelling. In addition to these two critical factors, the ability to communicate with a therapist or counselor via email and have emails answered within a short turn-around is very beneficial.

While there are a growing number of online therapists and counseling platforms available, a site that focuses on couples' therapy is the best choice. With, couples can be "seen" individually or as a couple, or a combination of both. Contact today and find out how you can afford to get the help you need for your marriage today.

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