Free Marriage Counseling Vs. Affordable Counseling: Best Counseling In 2022

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Are You Looking For Free Marriage Counseling?

Have you been scouring the internet for quality "free therapy services and marriage counseling near me" with no luck? If so, you’ll be relieved to know that you’re not the only one looking for the best marriage support available. There's even online support for those who are asking, "Can I get an online divorce?"

 While free online therapy, individual counseling, and family counseling options are available online, free online counseling options don’t provide the level of clinical support required to heal the couples, family, and individual relationship challenges that cause marriages to fall apart. Every good marriage has its fair of challenges, and only a few can overcome this stage to win the war against lost marriage.

In this article, we compare free marriage counseling and therapy options vs. clinical therapy options. We also provide you with a behind-the-scenes look at the goals of a marriage, and family therapist. Finally, we equip you with the tools and advice to find alternative (and affordable) marriage counselors — that get results. You can explore for alternatives to marriage therapy, but you run the risk of not achieving the desired outcomes. Let’s start by looking at the differences in free marriage counseling versus licensed marriage and family therapy services.

Free Counseling  vs. Clinical Therapy

Affordable Couples Counseling is Within Reach

What Is Free Counseling? Is It Any Different Than Clinical Therapy?

If you’ve ever gotten free relationship or marriage advice from someone who isn’t a licensed therapy professional, then you already have an idea of how free counseling and marriage and family therapy services work. You also know that finding a good marriage counselor is not as easy as it seems but the good news is, a wide variety of board certified marriage builders are . Free marriage counselors or free counseling services offer introductory advice and normally point to resources and referrals for resolving immediate challenges. These are great for couples and individuals looking forward to marriage someday.

However, people who need long-term marriage and family support for serious relationship issues and chronic mental health concerns require the clinical support of a licensed marriage and family therapist (or other similar therapy professional). Free couples counseling  simply does not cover it all even when you attend regular meetings, paid or even affordable marriage counseling would cover more scope that could potentially save your relationship.

While people who are suffering from chronic mental health issues can benefit from the emotional support offered by free counseling and therapy services, free emotional support services aren’t a long-term substitute for clinical therapy provided by licensed marriage and family therapists. Here’s why.

The people who provide free therapy options are often unlicensed professionals who provide free therapy and emotional support options as a community service. Therefore, in such relationship counseling, important matters may be dealt with randomly. Another benefit of free family counseling, marriage counseling, and family counseling options is to connect you with volunteer support providers (or people who have taken a crash course in therapy) that are available to provide marriage help in a pinch.

While free advice in marriage and family services and referrals are beneficial (especially in times of crisis and for unexpected issues that arise) — in order for chronic mental health sufferers to receive proper diagnosis and treatment for managing chronic mental health disorders — that may be contributing to the demise of the marriages and relationships, the guidance and psychotherapy support of a licensed marriage counselors like a marriage and family therapist is recommended.

The Goals Of Clinical Therapy

A licensed marriage and family therapist is one of the marriage counselors (marriage builders) that also specializes in the diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of chronic mental health issues.  Licensed marriage counselors study for years to receive a degree in marriage and family studies and are then required to complete on-the-job-training with hands-on clinical practice Once marriage counselors complete their clinical training, these newly qualified marriage and family therapists become officially eligible to receive their license to practice as a licensed marriage and family therapists of residence. (For example, Denver marriage counselors are licensed by the State of Colorado).

Each state has its own individual requirements for prospective marriage counselors to meet before they are officially awarded a license to practice therapy.

The role of a marriage counselor is to provide treatment options and relief for people suffering from mental health issues, emotional issues, and substance abuse issues that are creating further issues in their marriage and family relationships. Marriage counselors provide testing, tips for finding a common ground, assessments and psychotherapy services geared toward helping people find the meaning of marriage and family challenges to take back control of their lives. The American Association for Marriage Counseling receives thousands of requests for licensed marriage and family therapists counselors referrals each year.

Licensed marriage counselors don’t just deal with relationship and marital problems or cover marriage counselling. The best marriage counselors offer their clients a holistic therapy (including art therapy) for solutions for healing the individuals in the family as well as each individual partner in married couples. Marriage counselors understand that married couples bring their own individual issues to the table including mental health concerns that may damage the marital bond. These marriage builders also refrain from judging. The following are three examples of chronic mental health issues that marriage counselors commonly treat.

Anxiety: According to the Anxiety And Depression Association of America, people who suffer from an anxiety disorder or generalized anxiety disorder, often seek professional treatment including free online therapy or paid service options. for managing debilitating symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety sufferers are often overwhelmed with a sense of impending doom or fear that can strike at any time and last or varying periods of time.

Psychotherapy treatment has shown to be beneficial for treating symptoms of anxiety. In severe cases, anxiety medication is prescribed by a psychiatrist or medical doctor in addition to therapy. Statistics show there are approximately 40 million Americans affected by anxiety each year.

Depression: When people feel overwhelmed by a sense of sadness and loss for an extended period of time, depression is often the culprit. People who are depressed often feel lethargic, disinterested, and no longer enjoy the things that once brought them joy. It’s not uncommon for depression and anxiety symptoms to occur at the same time.

The combination of anxiety and depressive disorders can quickly become debilitating for people who are learning how to cope with their individual conditions. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, depression and major depressive disorder (MDD) account for up to 16 million cases of chronic mental health issues reported annually in the US. Depression affects children and adults alike, although research shows that depression and related symptoms appear to be more prevalent in women.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD):  When someone experiences or witnesses a traumatic event, it’s not uncommon for post-traumatic stress disorder to develop as a result. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that paralyzes PTSD sufferers with fear — even in ordinary circumstances. People with PTSD may relive a traumatic event in their mind over-and-over again.

Post-traumatic stress disorder can cause issues with daily functioning and sleep disruption, as PTSD sufferers are re-traumatized each time they relive the experience. In the past, PTSD was thought to be limited to first-responders like police, fire, and the military. Recent research has shown that more people are suffering from PTSD due to the effects of traumatic events.

Examples of traumatic life events that can trigger episodes of PTSD include living in poverty-stricken or war-torn countries, being a victim or witness to domestic violence, and experiencing child abuse or neglect. It’s important to note that any or all of these things can lead to someone experiencing a bout of PTSD.

A medical doctor may prescribe medication as one option for people to manage symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression. In most cases, your medical provider will also recommend clinical psychotherapy in conjunction with medication as a holistic solution to treat these disorders.

Marriage counselors specialize in providing diagnosis, psychotherapy treatment, and also partner with other medical providers to provide a continuum of care for people suffering from mild-to-moderate cases of chronic mental health disorders. They also ascertain that marital therapy with an expert is a starting point when faced with options. More serious and severe mental health issues and mental disorders are referred to psychiatrists for intensive care.

People who are suffering from severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia, dementia, and similar disorders often require a higher level of care that can include in-patient hospitalization.

Benefits Of Online Therapy For Mild-To-Moderate Mental Health Issues

Affordable Couples Counseling is Within Reach

Now that you understand the differences in free therapy vs. clinical therapy, let’s look at the benefits of marriage counseling via online and any other forms of online therapy. With millions of Americans suffering from mental illness annually, the demand for qualified mental health professionals is rapidly increasing. People who live in rural areas, those who are homebound, or caring for small children often have limited options to receive qualified therapy in their home area.

The answer to this dilemma is online therapy. Online therapy options provide people with to high-quality mental health care services that they would receive in a therapy office, hospital, or clinic. It also helps your partner learn new things about you. Online therapy is a medium of getting closer to marriage builders without seeing them face to face. Getting online therapy and life coaching from a highly trained and licensed therapist is now as easy as logging in to apps like ReGain using your smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

The registration process for seeing marriage counselors on the ReGain platform is straight-forward and easy after answering a brief questionnaire, you are matched to licensed marriage counselors who are licensed to practice in your area. The ReGain therapy matching service automatically matches you with the best. With these counseling online platform, you can discuss important relationship issues. Therefore, before you call it quits or give in to the pressure, consider relationship counseling or a session with the marriage builders on this platform.

Online therapy sessions with ReGain marriage counselors can last for as few as 15 minutes to 60 minutes depending on your chosen method of receiving therapy. Using platforms like ReGain, online therapy clients have 24-hour to their therapists via email, chat, phone, video chat, and SMS messaging. Online therapy clients appreciate the convenience that online therapy services provide in helping them to resolve issues with chronic mental health concerns and adding value to their lives. Again, the success rate of the platform since inception is quite commendable thus providing couples and families with a basis of trust.

When you chat with a licensed ReGain therapist online, you gain immediate to professional and expert advice for dealing with real-life situations. You rest assured that your therapy session is . Again, you can easily apply tips from marriage builders to your marriage without fear. Below are some experiences of couples who tried therapy for marriage counseling online with ReGain.

Therapist Reviews

“Melanie saved my marriage. She is great at listening and giving practical solutions to the problems we are having. Before i started this I felt really uncomfortable but Melanie put us at ease and now I’m looking forward to the future.”

“Sandtrice helped my wife and I through an extremely dark time. She gives solid advice and I would recommend her to anyone. She truly cares and there are no words to describe how valuable she’s been.”

Why ReGain Doesn’t Offer Free Marriage Counseling Or Therapy Online

The marriage counselors at ReGain are trained and licensed mental health professionals that offer clinical advice and therapeutic support for married people in crisis, those who struggle with chronic mental health issues, and people who are seeking life advice. These highly trained clinical experts and marriage builders operate independently in a professional capacity to provide online marriage counseling and a much-needed support to mental health sufferers in need.

In many cases, the marriage counselors or therapy counselors you see for marriage and family counseling operate offline practices and offer therapy services online in an effort to meet the ever-growing demand for affordable psychotherapy services. So, to marriage builders are not limited to online interaction only. As more and more Americans begin to suffer from chronic mental illnesses and mental health disorders, online marriage counselors offer the same level of clinical therapy services as their in-office counterparts. In many cases, online marriage counselors, marriage and family therapists, and other licensed mental health professionals operate independent offline therapy practices as well.

Today’s marriage counselors are offering their services online in an effort to expand their practices and to meet the growing needs of their clients. So, if you seek marriage counseling, counseling online is a big option. Mental health clients, people looking for licensed marriage counselors in rural areas, those with no to transportation, and those under stay-at-home, quarantine, or lockdown orders now have the same to highly qualified marriage counselors from the comfort of their home, offices, and other locations.

Sessions with licensed marriage counselors on the ReGain online therapy platform is the equivalent of visiting your therapist’s office, hospital, or clinic from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. If you’ve ever used your phone, tablet, or smartphone to video chat or text a friend, then you’ll have an easy time navigating the online therapy platforms like ReGain.

If you’re ready to take the next step and give affordable marriage counselors a try, the licensed marriage counselors at ReGain are available online 24-hours a day.

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