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Seen in one way, raising a child is a wonderful opportunity to guide another human being's development into a happy, stable and successful person. From another perspective, it's a full-time job that lasts for eighteen years or more, with no days off, no salary and no employee handbook. When you think about it, both of these points of view are equally valid.

Dealing With Codependent Parents: How To Help Them And How To Heal

When we think of codependency in relationships, we often associate the term with an abusive romantic relationship. In reality, one of the most common forms of codependency...

The Top Parenting Fails And How To Avoid Them

Parenting is something you’d imagine humans would be more evolved to do. We’ve spent billions of years raising our children, and yet we make mistakes all the time. Perhaps...

Examples Of Bad Parenting & What To Do About It

It’s a question that runs through every parent’s head, probably at least once a day: Am I a bad parent? The sad truth is that while some parents may need to improve their...

How To Develop A Parenting Plan, And Is It Needed?

Co-parenting with someone you’re no longer in a relationship with can be unsettling, chaotic, confusing, and disruptive to your family. If you go into the situation unprepared,...

What Is Positive Parenting And How Does It Work?

Positive parenting is a parenting style characterized by empathy and having a strong parent-child connection. Growing up, you probably experienced at least one parenting style...

Parenting Tips To Keep You Successful And Sane

There is a lot of parenting advice floating around the internet, but let’s face it, we need all the help we can get when raising children. While some experts point to the latest...

Parenting Quotes That Will Make Parenting Easier

There’s a good quote for anything. Quotes can be inspiring, make you think, or be, well, quotable. Seeing how raising a kid is something we’ve done since we were ape-men, it...

The Many Faces Of Step-Parenting

Stepparenting is a unique parenting challenge. It can be difficult navigating your new family life as a stepparent. And you may be thrown into a parenting role of children of...

Why Is Attachment Parenting Good (Or Bad)?

What type of parenting style do you use with your children? Do you like to spend as much time with them as possible when they’re born or do you give them a little more...

Is Mindful Parenting The Key To A Better Family Life?

We see all kinds of tips and methods for being better parents and creating a more stable and happy family life. We all want our kids to be happy, healthy, and successful. And...

The Risks Of Having An Uninvolved Parenting Style

Do you know what type of parenting style you have, or what type your parents had? Knowing what parenting style(s) a child was raised with can tell you a lot about their behavior...

Is Parallel Parenting The Best Choice For My Family?

Divorce is life-changing; it can be emotionally and physically draining. The routine is changed, everyday life is different, and some couples cope better than others. It can...

Being a parent has always been an amateur's occupation. However many books you read and whatever theories you may subscribe to, at the end of the day every interaction with your children will pretty much be a matter of improvisation. It can be enormously difficult, for instance, to strike the right balance between a child's independence and their safety, or even between healthy encouragement and nagging. While no therapist can take the responsibility for raising your children from you, the experience and knowledge they've gained by working with a large number of different families enables them to advise you on which approaches tend to work in certain circumstances, and to identify emerging problems that a parent, being too closely involved in the situation, might not be able to see. In cases where communication between a child and their parents is difficult, seeing a counselor simultaneously can often help all parties to open up and share their feelings in a more meaningful way. Although a large proportion of what has been written about parenting deserves to be taken with a pinch of salt, the following articles offer some trustworthy advice on this complicated part of life.
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