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Seen in one way, raising a child is a wonderful opportunity to guide another human being's development into a happy, stable and successful person. From another perspective, it's a full-time job that lasts for eighteen years or more, with no days off, no salary and no employee handbook. When you think about it, both of these points of view are equally valid.

14 Tips For Dating A Dad With Kids

He’s charming, attractive, and a true gentleman. He’s got his act together. He even calls his mom and dad ever so often to make sure they’re ok. He’s a sweet guy who seems...

The Dangerous Effects Of Parents Enabling Grown Children

Adult children and their parents can face tenuous relationship hurdles. Sometimes, parents and their adult children do not see eye to eye on how to live life, or how to parent...

How Losing A Parent Affects Relationships, And What To Do

Grief after the death of a parent is painful and sometimes relenting. Most people will lose a parent figure in their lifetime. That said, it doesn’t affect everyone the same...

Is He A Bad Stepfather? Signs And Red Flags To Watch Out For

You still clearly remember a happy home and family life that you thought would last forever. Then things changed between you and your ex, seemingly overnight—you started arguing...

My Grown Son Hates Me. What Do I Do?

You wake up one morning and ask, “What happened?” I seemed like just yesterday that your precious son was cuddling in your arms smiling up at you and giving off those precious...

7 Tips For Dealing With Teenagers

The teenager years are not usually what parents are looking forward to. Most people associate teenagers with crazy hormones and bad attitudes. But there are a lot of great...

11 Signs You Have An Emotionally Abusive Mother

The parent-child relationship is supposed to be one of the most loving. It makes you expect that your mother always has your best interest at heart. And you expect that she...

Five Ways To Manage Co-parenting With A Toxic Ex

Splitting up from an ex is challenging enough; however, this challenge is often exacerbated when children are involved. When two parties split up with one another, they...

How To Balance Parenting & Marriage

People probably warned you about how hard marriage can be. And, when your first little one came along, there’s a good chance people warned you about that too. But, what a lot...

How To Have A Healthy Father-Daughter Relationship As An Adult

There are a lot of articles out there about how fathers can create a better relationship with their daughters. But what about the other way around? For daughters, it can be...

When To Meet The Parents: Taking Your Relationship To The Next Level

No matter what age you and your partner may be, meeting their parents for the first time is a huge step in your relationship. You might look at it as awkward and stressful...

The Best Parenting Style For You And Your Kids

Parenting is not an easy task. There will be times where you feel like you’ve got parenting down and other occasions where you question whether or not you’re doing the right...

Being a parent has always been an amateur's occupation. However many books you read and whatever theories you may subscribe to, at the end of the day every interaction with your children will pretty much be a matter of improvisation. It can be enormously difficult, for instance, to strike the right balance between a child's independence and their safety, or even between healthy encouragement and nagging. While no therapist can take the responsibility for raising your children from you, the experience and knowledge they've gained by working with a large number of different families enables them to advise you on which approaches tend to work in certain circumstances, and to identify emerging problems that a parent, being too closely involved in the situation, might not be able to see. In cases where communication between a child and their parents is difficult, seeing a counselor simultaneously can often help all parties to open up and share their feelings in a more meaningful way. Although a large proportion of what has been written about parenting deserves to be taken with a pinch of salt, the following articles offer some trustworthy advice on this complicated part of life.
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