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At a certain point in a romantic relationship, the bond between two people changes in a profound and meaningful way. Whereas they were formerly more like good friends who liked to cuddle together, they become lovers. This change is reflected not only in how they perceive and treat each other physically, but is perhaps more significantly shown in a much greater level of emotional closeness.

Common Intimacy Issues And How To Deal With Them

Intimate relationships involve physical and emotional interaction; for some, intimate interaction comes easy, for others, it can trigger thoughts and behaviors that make...

Intimacy Quotes For Romance And Inspiration

Intimacy is the capacity to be rather weird with someone – and finding that that’s ok with them. This quote by Alain de Botton is spot-on. To be intimate with someone, we need...

What Is Intimacy? Intimacy Definition

If I asked you to define intimacy, what would you say? What is intimacy? There is a misconception in society that intimacy is the same as sexual intercourse between a couple...

Intimacy Vs. Isolation: What They Mean For A Person

If you’ve never heard of Erik Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development, it is quite intriguing. In this article, we’ll focus on the sixth stage, intimacy vs. isolation, but...

What Causes Fear Of Intimacy & How To Overcome It

The fear of intimacy is an inherently complex subject matter. Clinically, it has been listed as an anxiety disorder and social phobia in which the afflicted individual struggles...

All About Emotional, Sexual, Physical, And Platonic Intimacy

When you hear the word ‘intimacy,’ what do you imagine? Odds are, you imagine sex. This is because the word is commonly used in the context of sex. You get intimate with your...

Here's Why You Need Sexy Relationship Goals

It’s a common stereotype that older married couples or those who have been in dedicated relationships for a long period of time come across the issue of not having enough sex...

Unfortunately, neither emotional nor sexual intimacy comes entirely naturally to all people. The increased degree of vulnerability, openness and mutual trust can easily be seen as intimidating or overwhelming, which can make people behave in ways other than how they really want to. Intimacy counseling, whether for a couple or individual, usually revolves around addressing the roots of these fears and managing a couple's anxieties and expectations as they grow closer together. In many cases, this seems to happen smoothly and naturally, but when one or both partners are prone to see increasing intimacy as a threat to their own individuality, a counselor can often help to place possibly unfamiliar feelings in their proper perspective. Seeking out this kind of help is not an admission of weakness nor a way of disparaging the love you feel for another person, but rather a process that eases the way towards a happier, healthier relationship. These articles all touch on intimacy in its various guises: emotional, sexual and even spiritual.
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