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At a certain point in a romantic relationship, the bond between two people changes in a profound and meaningful way. Whereas they were formerly more like good friends who liked to cuddle together, they become lovers. This change is reflected not only in how they perceive and treat each other physically, but is perhaps more significantly shown in a much greater level of emotional closeness.

10 Fun Ideas To Spice Up The Bedroom

It can be worrying when your sex life doesn’t seem to be as good as it used to be. People do get distracted as they get older and they have more responsibilities. You might...

10 Fun Sex Ideas That Can Bring Passion Back To The Bedroom

Have you felt like things just haven’t been the same in the bedroom lately? Many people struggle to maintain a healthy sex life due to being too busy with other life responsibilities...

Fun Sexual Questions To Ask When You’re Getting To Know A New Lover

When you start dating someone new, it can be very exciting to get to know everything about them. You want to be able to connect with your new lover on all levels. You should...

Intimate Sexuality: Why Having A Close Sexual Bond Matters In Your Relationship

When you want your relationship with your significant other to be as strong as possible, it’s very important to try to connect on several different levels. If your relationship...

Reading Erotic Literature Online Might Help Get Couples In The Mood

Not every couple has an easy time getting in the mood for romance. If you feel like the romantic spark isn’t quite as powerful as it used to be, then you might be concerned...

What Is The Biggest Turn On For Girls In A Relationship?

If you’re dating a beautiful and confident woman, then you probably want to be able to do all that you can to please her. You know how important it is to develop your bond over...

Intimacy Exercises For Couples: 7 Ways To Build Feelings Of Connection, Trust And Love

More than anything, we desire relationships where we feel safe, loved and cared for. We desire to have someone who we can share our souls with, even the messy parts. That’s why...

10 Intimate Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend To Bring You Closer Together

When you are in a relationship for a while, you might begin to notice that the constant questions you asked each other at the beginning of the relationship are dwindling. You’ve...

Six Ways Intimate Conversation Strengthens Your Marriage

Intimate conversation is the cornerstone of any healthy marriage. Often, the only thing that sets marriage apart from a close friendship is intimacy. The details of intimacy...

No Intimacy In Marriage? 6 Possible Solutions For Your Relationship

A lack of intimacy in your marriage can potentially cause it to fall apart over time. After all, intimacy in marriage is one of the main aspects that separate this relationship...

The Most Important Intimate Questions To Ask Your Partner

Relationships have several phases. One of the most anticipated and equally intimidating phases is intimacy. There is such a great deal of pressure placed on intimacy, and the...

20 Habits Of Intimate Couples

If you have been suffering a lack of intimacy in your relationship, you are not alone. Many people find that after the honeymoon period is over, they begin to lose intimacy in...

Unfortunately, neither emotional nor sexual intimacy comes entirely naturally to all people. The increased degree of vulnerability, openness and mutual trust can easily be seen as intimidating or overwhelming, which can make people behave in ways other than how they really want to. Intimacy counseling, whether for a couple or individual, usually revolves around addressing the roots of these fears and managing a couple's anxieties and expectations as they grow closer together. In many cases, this seems to happen smoothly and naturally, but when one or both partners are prone to see increasing intimacy as a threat to their own individuality, a counselor can often help to place possibly unfamiliar feelings in their proper perspective. Seeking out this kind of help is not an admission of weakness nor a way of disparaging the love you feel for another person, but rather a process that eases the way towards a happier, healthier relationship. These articles all touch on intimacy in its various guises: emotional, sexual and even spiritual.
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