10 Fun Sex Ideas That Can Bring Passion Back To The Bedroom

Updated March 05, 2020

Reviewer Karen Devlin, LPC

Have you felt like things just haven't been the same in the bedroom lately? Many people struggle to maintain a healthy sex life due to being too busy with other life responsibilities. Regardless, it's good that you're taking notice of this problem now. Sex can enrich your life, and you should aspire to have a satisfying sex life for the sake of your relationship. You might need to find some fun sex ideas that can bring passion back to the bedroom. This will help to get you out of the sexual rut that you have been stuck in.

There are many different ideas that you can consider. Depending on what you're comfortable with, some of the ideas being presented here might not be practical to you. Just read on and consider whether these ten fun sex tips will be appropriate for your relationship. You might find that broadening your sexual horizons and keeping an open mind will lead to a more fulfilling life. It's up to you to decide which route to take, so examine your options and then plan out how you'd like to move forward with your partner.

1. Increasing Your Focus on Foreplay

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Some couples are guilty of not focusing enough on foreplay. You might not have a lot of time to have sex, so maybe you have been rushing things a bit. This could lead to a less than satisfying sexual experience. If you are having sex to have an orgasm and then go to sleep, then it just seems way too clinical. There is no passion when people are having sex like that, and that is why foreplay is a must.

Increasing your focus on foreplay is going to allow you to turn each other on properly. You can take the time to truly get your partner going before you decide to have intercourse. Foreplay can involve teasing, kissing, and many other fun sexual things to do. Don't underestimate the importance of setting the mood before you do the deed. If you get better at foreplay, then you're likely going to have a better sex life overall.

2. Wearing Lingerie or Other Outfits

Lingerie is something that can make you feel sexy. It's also going to drive your partner wild. Dressing up in special lingerie or other types of outfits can make sex better than usual. There is a reason why lingerie is seen as such an appealing item. It entices the mind and gets people ready to have better than usual sex. If your sex drive has been stuck in neutral for too long, then lingerie or other types out outfits could get you back into the right gear.

Men can dress up for their partners as well. It just depends on what you want as a couple. Special outfits might make sex better for you, and you could consider using this as an aphrodisiac sometimes. You don't have to dress up all the time but doing so once every month might be prudent. Consider buying some sexy clothes for each other to spice things up if you don't have any.

3. Sexual Role-Playing

Do you have specific scenarios that have always turned you on? Some people like the idea of playing out a fantasy in their minds. You could turn your sexy idea into a sexual role-playing scenario with your partner. This helps you to make sex different than usual while also making it more engaging. It could be anything from pretending to be a deliveryman to role-playing as a sexy nurse. It might sound silly at first, but it could be the perfect scenario to bring passion back to your bedroom.

4.Watching Sex Videos or Reading Sex Stories

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You have already read about how important foreplay can be for your sexual pleasure. It's also important to consider other ways that you can rev your sexual engine before getting down to business. Many couples get themselves in the mood by watching sex videos together before starting to fool around. Seeing other people have sex could be enough to get you turned on and ready to go. There are many erotic videos out there that cater to all tastes, so it won't be hard to find inspiration.

If you prefer things to be more cerebral, then you might be more interested in reading sex stories as a couple. Erotic literature is popular, and there are stories in many different genres. These sex stories are often referred to as erotica, and it can be very tantalizing. You'll find that many women see erotic literature as a sexual trigger, so it could be a good way to get in the mood as a couple. Whether this feels appropriate to you might depend on your world view, but there are lots of couples who enjoy doing this together.

5. Dirty Talk

Another way to bring a bit of passion back to your sexual relationship is to add some dirty talk to your foreplay. Many people get very turned on by hearing their partner talk dirty. This could involve saying a simple phrase, or it could be something that involves speaking in a very sultry or sexual fashion. Not everyone feels comfortable or confident enough to do this. Just know that it can be a huge turn-on for some people and that it might be worth a shot. If you're looking for dirty talk ideas, then you could consider what some fun sexual questions to ask your partner would be.

6. Learning New Sexual Skills Together

Do you want to be able to get better at sex? Most people strive to be the best lover that they can be. You might want to enhance your abilities by learning new sexual skills together with your partner. Perhaps you have never learned how to perform oral sex on your partner properly. Learning this skill could open many new avenues, and it might ignite the passion that you have been looking for. Committing to learning new sexual skills together can be a fun way to reconnect sexually.

This could also involve learning how to perform sexually in different positions properly. There are a lot of sexual techniques and ideas that you can investigate. If you'd like to make your relationship more exciting, then learning new ways to please your lover is sensible. Just remember that you can always say no if it isn't something that you're comfortable doing.

7. Light Dominant/Submissive Play

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If you want to take things to a different level, then you might get turned on by exploring some light dominant and submissive roles during sex. Some people like to tie up their lovers and please them while they're in this position. It can be a turn on to have full control, and it can also be a turn on to relinquish your control. This type of sexual fetish is very common in modern times, and it is one of the reasons why novels such as 50 Shades of Grey have become so popular. If this appeals to you, then exploring this fetish could spice up your love life.

8. Changing How You Have Sex

Sex can become too much of a routine for some people. When sex starts to feel like it is just the same old thing, it's going to be a good idea to change what you're doing. You might be having sex in very boring or predictable ways. If you have sex gently and from the missionary position every single time, then it's understandable why you would be losing interest. There is nothing wrong with liking gentle sex acts, but it might be good to mix it up.

Perhaps you and your partner would be interested in being a bit rougher during sex. It doesn't have to be this way every time but making changes like this keeps things exciting. Also, it's easy to change sex positions if you have been having sex in one way for too long. There are many sex positions that you can try out, so the options will help things to feel different. You might be able to bring passion back to the bedroom by simply approaching sex differently.

9. Using Sex Toys or Other Aids

If sex is starting to seem too boring to you, then you might want to mix things up further. Some couples find that adding sex toys into the mix changes things up nicely. This can provide you with different types of stimulation, and it can excite people in ways that they might not expect at first. If you want to explore using sex toys with your partner, then there are many options. Sex toys are made to appeal to all genders, and there are so many different things that you could buy.

Some products act as sex aids that can help you to enjoy sex more than usual. They might help you to delay pleasure, or they could help you to finish the deed faster. Using sex toys or other types of accessories isn't unusual in any way. If you're open to the idea, then it will certainly make things more interesting in the bedroom. You could peruse an online sex toy shop to see what is available while discussing which items interest you with your partner.

10. New Sexual Partners

This final fun sex idea might not be something that most couples will want to consider. If you are committed to have a monogamous relationship and find the idea of adding another partner to your situation to be morally wrong, then you should ignore this idea. Simply know that there are couples out there who have brought passion back to their relationship by entertaining the idea of an open relationship or marriage. This allows people to seek out sexual partnerships with others without having to worry about damaging their current committed relationship.

Of course, not everyone is going to be cut out to be in an open relationship. Some people are too jealous by nature and others will be so morally opposed to the idea that they wouldn't consider it. You might even have strict religious objections to the idea of taking on new partners aside from your partner or spouse. If this describes your situation, then you know that this isn't a fit for you. Respect the fact that it could be an option for others, though.

Some people even like entertaining the idea of finding someone interested in joining them in sex as a couple. Some might refer to this as swinging, but it can be different than that. Some people practice polyamory, and they have multiple romantic partners. Some people in these relationships will be romantically engaged with two people who were already in a committed relationship. This could completely change the dynamic in the bedroom, but it may or may not be for you.

Before even considering a radical idea like this, it is imperative to ensure that your relationship is strong enough to endure it. If you don't have a strong connection, then a new relationship dynamic could tear your relationship apart. It just depends on your situation and how you view the world. There are many different sex ideas listed above to consider. Many of them have more mass appeal than trying out an open relationship, so you might wish to explore those further before diving into this.

Online Couples Counselors Will Always Be Able to Help Too

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Online couples' counselors will be able to help you out, too. If you are having problems connecting sexually, it could also be due to other related issues that you are experiencing. These couples' counselors can work with you to help you get through many different issues. Whether you are having communication problems or if you have an emotional divide that you need to overcome, it's going to be possible to move forward together. You can find happiness as a couple, and you can regain your sense of passion. It just might take some effort, and you will be able to be guided through the process by licensed therapists.

You don't have to face your relationship problems alone when online couples' counselors are on your side. They have worked with many couples in your position and have helped them to discover their sense of passion once more. If you want to work on things to improve your relationship, then these experts will be ready to help you as soon as you reach out. They can help you with therapy sessions at any time that is convenient for you. Your sex life and your overall relationship will be able to get better, and you'll be happy that you found a simple way to work on your issues.

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