10 Fun Sex Ideas That Can Bring Passion Back To The Bedroom

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Have you felt like things just haven’t been the same in the bedroom lately? Many people struggle to maintain a healthy sex life due to being too busy with other life responsibilities. Sometimes, the passion and fire that a couple felt in the beginning of their relationship grows dimmer with time. Taking notice of this problem can be important so that you can work with your partner to address it and make any necessary changes. Sex can enrich your life, and a satisfying sex life can enhance your relationship. Bringing passion back to the bedroom doesn’t have to be complicated; each partner simply needs to be willing to try something new and work together to create change. 

Looking to spice up your sex life?

10 fun sex ideas

When it comes to bringing passion back into the bedroom, there are a wide variety of options. Depending on what you’re comfortable with, some of the ideas being presented here might not be practical for you or your partner. Assess your interests, your partner’s preferences, and the uniqueness of your relationship to decide which ideas you’d like to try in the bedroom. Consider the following 10 fun sex ideas to help get you out of the sexual rut that you have been stuck in. You may find that exploring your sexual relationship with your partner leads you closer than ever before. 

1. Increase your focus on foreplay

Some couples are guilty of not focusing enough on foreplay. You might not have a lot of time to have sex, which could cause you to rush things and lead to a less than satisfying sexual experience. Foreplay can be a must, particularly for partners who need more time to get aroused. It can involve teasing, kissing, touching, and more. Taking the time to get to know your partner, including what turns them on most, can help ensure that each of you have a fun time. Don’t underestimate the importance of setting the mood beforehand, either. Foreplay can be a combination of atmosphere, language, and the right moves. 

2. Lingerie or other outfits

Dressing up in lingerie or other types of outfits can do wonders for your sex life. Lingerie is something that can make you feel sexy while simultaneously driving your partner wild. Feeling sexy can increase your confidence level and make you more attractive to your partner. After all, confidence has been shown time and time again to be a desirable trait. Lingerie that has different layers or that’s difficult to remove in some way can also make sex more exciting. Each time your partner tries to get down to the real business, they may run into yet another layer to navigate or undo. This can extend the foreplay period and make your partner’s sex drive last even longer. 

Anyone can dress up for their partner. It just depends on your preferences as a couple. You don’t have to dress up all the time but doing so once in a while could make sex more enjoyable for you and your partner. Consider buying some sexy clothes for each other to spice things up if you don’t have any.

3. Sexual role-playing

Another fun way to spice things up and restore the passion in the bedroom can be to role play. Do you have specific scenarios that have always turned you on? Some people like the idea of playing out a fantasy in their minds. You could turn your sexy idea into a sexual role-playing scenario with your partner. This can allow sex to be more entertaining than usual while also making it more engaging. It could be anything from pretending to be a deliveryman to role-playing as a sexy nurse. Role-playing might not be something you’ve ever considered, but it could be the perfect scenario to bring passion back to your bedroom.

4. Watching sex videos or reading sex stories

Many couples get themselves in the mood for sex by watching sex videos together before starting to fool around. Seeing other people having sex online could get each of turned on and ready to go. There are many erotic videos out there that cater to all tastes, so it likely won’t be hard to find inspiration. The downside of this could be a potential porn addiction, so it can be important to consume erotic videos in moderation and seek help if porn becomes a problem in your sex life rather than a solution. It can also be crucial not to compare your partner to those seen online, as these videos do not portray reality. 

If you prefer things to be more cerebral, then you might be more interested in reading sex stories as a couple. Erotic literature is popular, and there are stories in many different genres. Sex stories are often referred to as erotica and can be very tantalizing. If you need help getting into the mood for sex, these types of stories could help. Whether this feels appropriate to you might depend on your worldview, but there are lots of couples who enjoy doing this together to enhance their sex life. 

5. Dirty talk

Another way to bring a bit of passion back into your sexual relationship could be by adding some dirty talk into your routine. Many people get very turned on by hearing their partner talk dirty. This could involve saying a simple phrase, or it could be something that involves speaking in a very sultry or sexual fashion. Not everyone feels comfortable or confident enough to do this, but it can be a huge turn-on for some people and might be worth a shot. 

If you’re looking for dirty talk ideas, consider coming up with fun sexual questions to ask your partner. You can also compliment them on the physical attributes of theirs that you love. Dirty talk can take a while to learn how to master, and there’s no one right way to do it. Don’t be afraid to take things slow, ensuring that you and your partner are comfortable along the way. 

6. Learning new sexual skills together

Many people strive to be the best lover that they can be, but what makes a good lover can vary. Do you want to improve your skills in bed? You may be able to enhance your abilities by learning new sexual skills with your partner. You could even learn them on your own and then take them into the bedroom next time you and your partner get intimate. Perhaps you never learned how to perform oral sex on your partner properly. Learning this skill could open many new avenues, and it might ignite the passion that you have been looking for. Committing to learning new sexual skills together can be a fun way to reconnect sexually. 

You may also want to learn how to bring more pleasure to your partner while engaged in different positions. There are a lot of sexual techniques and ideas that you can investigate. If you’d like to make your relationship more exciting, then learning new ways to please your lover could be a helpful step to take. Just remember that you can always say no if it isn’t something that you’re comfortable doing.

7. Dominant/submissive play

If you want to take things to a different level, then you might get turned on by exploring some dominant and submissive roles during sex. Some people like to tie up their lovers and please them while they’re in this position. It can be a turn on to have full control, and it can also be a turn on to relinquish your control. This type of sexual taste is common in modern times, and it is one of the reasons why novels such as 50 Shades of Grey have become so popular. If this appeals to you, then exploring the world of dominant and submissive roles could spice up your love life.

8. Changing how you have sex

Sex can become too much of a routine for some people. This can be especially true if you aren’t switching up what you do in the bedroom or are having sex at the same time in the same place every time. When a couple is in a long-term relationship, it can be even easier to get bored with sex. Seeking new ways to connect and have fun in the bedroom can increase satisfaction for both partners. This doesn’t mean you need a complete lifestyle change, but rather a few modifications here and there to switch things up. 

When sex starts to feel predictable, try to mix things up. You might have sex in different positions or in different parts of the house instead of solely on the bed. Perhaps you start making love in the mornings or during the middle of the day instead of only at night. Or maybe you begin being rougher during sex instead of soft and gentle like each of you is used to. Small changes can keep things fun and exciting. You might be able to bring passion back to the bedroom by simply approaching sex differently.

9. Using sex toys or other aids

If sex is starting to seem too boring to you, then you might want to switch things up even further. Some couples find that adding sex toys into the mix can be effective for spicing up the bedroom. Toys can provide partners with different types of stimulation, and it can excite people in ways that they might not expect at first. If you want to explore using sex toys with your partner, there are many options. Sex toys are made to appeal to all genders, and there are many different things you can choose to buy. Going to a sex store with your partner could be exciting as you pick out new toys together and anticipate using them on one another. You could also peruse an online sex toy shop to see what is available while discussing which items interest you with your partner.

Some products act as sex aids that can help you to enjoy sex more than usual. They might help you to delay pleasure, or they could help you to finish the deed faster. If you’re open to the idea, it could certainly make things more interesting in the bedroom.

Looking to spice up your sex life?

10. New sexual partners

This final fun sex idea might not be something that every couple will want to consider. If you are committed to having a monogamous relationship and find the idea of adding another partner to your situation to be morally wrong, this idea probably isn’t right for you. However, for those who are open to it, it can be important to note that many couples have brought passion back to their relationship by entertaining the idea of an open relationship or marriage. This allows people to seek out sexual partnerships with others without having to worry about damaging their current committed relationship.

Not everyone is cut out to be in an open relationship. Some people are too jealous by nature and others are so morally opposed to the idea that they wouldn’t consider it. You might even have strict religious objections to the idea of taking on new partners aside from your current partner or spouse. If this describes your situation, then you know that this isn’t a fit for you. It could be an option for others, though.

Some people even like entertaining the idea of finding someone interested in joining them in sex as a couple. This could be referred to as swinging, but it can be more than that. Some people practice polyamory, and they have multiple romantic partners. This could completely change the dynamic in the bedroom, but it may or may not be for you.

Before considering something like an open relationship, it can be imperative to ensure that your relationship is strong enough to endure it. If you don’t have a strong connection, then a new relationship dynamic could tear your relationship apart. Every couple has different preferences, and it can be important for everyone to remain comfortable when trying something new.  

Online counseling with Regain

There can be many explanations for a change in a couple’s sex life. Whether you’re having problems connecting sexually, experiencing low libido, or having other sex-related concerns, a professional could help. The online counselors at Regain are trained in a variety of areas concerning intimacy and participating in counseling individually or with your partner could help turn your situation around. It’s understandable that it may be difficult to attend counseling with your partner when you both have busy schedules. With online therapy, you can schedule sessions according to your availability, whether that’s on the weekends, after work, or early in the morning. Working with a therapist, you and your partner can learn how to move forward together toward greater satisfaction. 

The efficacy of online counseling 

Online counseling can be constructive for couples facing sex-related concerns within their relationship. One study assessed the efficacy of a web-based couples therapy intervention for improving relationship satisfaction and decreasing relationship distress. Researchers found that the couples who participated in the study were more equipped to not only identify the problems in their relationship, but also to take steps to actively overcome them. Couples felt more confident working with their partner to move past issues together. They reported feeling increased satisfaction with one another and less relational distress because they were able to make “concrete changes” in the relationship as a team.


When passion fades in a relationship, it can be easy to think the connection between you and your partner is gone. On the contrary, though, you can work together to bring fun back into the bedroom. Instead of getting discouraged, try to view this as an opportunity to reconnect with your partner in a new way. Bringing fun back into your sex life requires effort from both partners, so if you’re having trouble getting on the same page in your relationship, it could be helpful to include a professional in the process. Regain provides couples counseling for all kinds of issues, including those relating to intimacy. Connecting with an online sex therapist or other licensed relationship therapist could be the answer to restoring the satisfaction and fun in your relationship. 

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