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You can choose your friends, as the saying goes. While it is indeed possible for people who essentially start out as strangers to get along and love each other, these kinds of bonds do not form automatically nor overnight.

What Is A Family Of Origin? Definition, Perspectives, And Importance On Your Relationships

Much is said about how childhood trauma, childhood hurts, and childhood triumphs are all pointed to as markers and indicators of your health, relationships, and self-esteem in...

Recognizing the Signs of Enmeshed Family Relationships and How to Manage

Enmeshment is a dysfunctional relationship style that’s characterized by too-close relationships. This style is usually found between family members. Although closeness...

Family Therapy: Theories, Modalities, And Efficacy

Family therapy is a form of therapy in which an entire family is engaged in therapy, to reach a group resolution, rather than an individual seeking out personalized therapy...

Why Is My Teenage Daughter So Mean To Me, And What Can I Do?

Have you found yourself thinking, “How did we get from sugar and spice and everything nice,” to “Who are you and what have you done with my sweet daughter?” From head to toe,...

I Feel Like I Hate My Mom! What Do I Do?

“I feel like I hate my mom!” At first reading, those are pretty strong words. Depending on what’s behind those words, it could be a pretty strong assertion. If you’ve said...

I Don't Like My Family: How To Identify And Distance Yourself From Toxic Relatives

In the best scenarios, people maintain positive, healthy relationships with their families. After all, the family is widely regarded as people who you are supposed to be able...

12 Common Problems With Blended Families And How To Deal With Them

If you already have a blended family or you’re thinking about blending your family with your partners, it’s a good idea to consider just what problems you could find yourself...

Are You Experiencing Blending Family Issues? 30 Tips To Manage

If you’re experiencing blending family issues, you’re certainly not alone. According to Smart Stepfamilies, about a third of all weddings today join together as stepfamilies...

Online Counseling Helps You Accept Your Family

What Is Online Counseling? Online counseling is a forum where you can receive therapy or counseling from a licensed therapist or mental health professional. You will learn ways...

Free Online Counseling For Families That Can’t Afford It

It can be challenging to find a counselor who takes your insurance if you have state insurance, for example. Or, maybe you don’t have insurance at all. We have news for you...

What Is A Broken Family Relationship & How To Fix It

The idea of a family is one that always sticks together regardless of the situation, but that is hardly true in practice. Families are going to have disagreements, fights,...

Family Systems Theory Definition & What Is It?

Family relationships are very complex, and no two families are exactly alike. Despite these differences, some theories suggest that all families fall into the same model of the...

Every family contains a complex spiderweb of relationships, loyalties and conflicts. Disappointments, dishonesty and differences are all remembered for a long time, while gratitude and affection seem to have much shorter half lives. To add to the list of possible problems, intra-familial communication frequently requires people with diverse personalities and different amounts of life experience to talk to one another in a way that benefits everyone. Even with these obstacles in the way, though, family life can still be a happy and fulfilling affair. However much emotional baggage there may be, people with strong family ties are usually much more firmly grounded and able to weather life's storms. All families have their ups and downs, and usually the good days outweigh the bad. At times, though, even the closest family can benefit from some outside help in smoothing out the rougher patches. Qualified counselors specializing in family therapy can help family members better see one another's viewpoints, meaning that everyone can support each other that much more effectively. The following articles all approach family relationships from different angles, but each one slightly illuminates this complex subject that affects us all.
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