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Please be advised, the below article might mention trauma-related topics that include suicide, substance use, or abuse which could be triggering to the reader.
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"Counseling shouldn’t be available to only those that can afford it or have health insurance. Counseling should be available to all that could benefit from it. If your family is looking for counseling services, there are options available to you. Family counseling is an important tool to help keep relationships growing smoothly through learning communication, giving and receiving love, and learning healthy boundaries. If you think your family could benefit from counseling, but you don’t have insurance or large savings, please don’t give up hope; there are free services available." - Dr. Wendy Boring-Bray, DBH, LPCC.

Have you been considering family therapy but wondering whether there are affordable options available? If so, you’re not alone.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 20% of adults received some type of mental health treatment in 2020, and most people considering therapy have questions about cost. However, there are some affordable and even free options to obtain assistance with family conflict, mental health conditions, or any other challenges your family is experiencing.

Free and low-cost therapy options

Below we’ll explore affordable options for families and individuals seeking therapy and support.

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Affordable family counseling is within reach

Therapy Aid Coalition

The Therapy Aid Coalition provides free and low-cost therapy to healthcare workers, first responders, and individuals affected by Hurricane Ian. However, the organization has also served individuals who have been affected by other natural disasters, including wildfires in California and Colorado.

If there is currently a crisis in your region, you might visit the Therapy Aid Coalition website to see if its therapists are currently assisting individuals affected. The organization has a network of licensed therapists prepared to help individuals in crisis situations. 

Crisis Text Line

In moments of crisis, you can always reach out to the Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 741741 (for US and Canada). While the Crisis Text Line doesn’t provide therapists, it does offer trained volunteer counselors who can provide support during a crisis. The Crisis Text Line can help people who are experiencing challenges related to anxiety, depression, eating disorders, loneliness, emotional abuse, and suicidal thoughts.*

With Crisis Text Line, you can connect with a volunteer crisis counselor via text message, online chat, or WhatsApp. The service also has separate lines for individuals in Ireland (50808) and the United Kingdom (85258).


Online-Therapy.com offers cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) for $50 to $110 per week. Each week, you receive 45-minute sessions during which you can communicate with your therapist via video, audio, or live chat. In between sessions, you can always send your therapist any thoughts or questions, and you’ll be able to get worksheets, a journal, an activity plan, and guided yoga videos to complement your therapy process. Online-Therapy.com provides therapy to both individuals and couples. 


If you’re looking for affordable online therapy, Regain offers couples therapy as well as therapy for individuals experiencing relationship challenges. With Regain, you can sign up for a subscription for $65 to $90 per week, and you can cancel at any time. 

With Regain, you can connect with a licensed therapist via audio or video chat at a time that works for you. You can also contact your therapist in between sessions via in-app messaging, and they’ll get back to you as soon as they can.

Benefits of therapy

Family, whether biological, adopted, or chosen, can play a vital part in your development as a human being. Your early interactions with your family can lay the groundwork for your understanding of social norms, your beliefs about yourself, and the way you interact with the world around you. However, for some people, family relationships can be traumatic.

That doesn’t always refer to physical abuse. Trauma can take many different forms, including neglect, emotional abuse, and a lack of resources.

When children go through life with an undiagnosed mental health condition, it doesn’t always mean that their parents are abusive or unloving. Many parents may be unfamiliar with the array of mental health resources that are available. If those parents are overwhelmed or are experiencing financial difficulty, they may find it even more difficult to help their child connect with a therapist. However, there are therapy options available to address children’s concerns within the family.

Why family counseling is important

Children aren’t the only ones who can benefit from counseling. Although specialized therapy can be uniquely helpful for children who experience a specific mental health condition, everybody can benefit from counseling, no matter what they’re experiencing or how old they are. 

Counseling can help with a variety of topics, including your family dynamic, personalized coping strategies for your family, tips for helping with your family’s emotional control, and advice on how to support each other as you navigate life together. Likewise, if anyone in your family is experiencing symptoms of an undiagnosed mental health condition, a counselor can help all of you by providing insight and support for the family.

If a family doesn't have the financial resources to afford family counseling, their family dynamic could miss out on potential growth. If your family is experiencing emotional challenges or conflict, free mental health services may be what your family needs. 

group therapy

In families, there are often disagreements, and that's common. Family counseling often provides a mediator to mitigate arguments so that you don't have to do it on your own. When you can't resolve disputes between the family, an impartial person, such as a counselor, can help you work out your disagreements.

One of the goals of online family counseling is for the mental health professional to be unbiased and to hear all sides. Online family counseling provides an opportunity for each individual in the family to have their voice heard.

Talking about trauma

There may be trauma that someone in your family feels hesitant to discuss. Traumatic memories can be challenging to explore, but during family therapy, you may feel you’re in a safe space to talk openly. Talking about traumatic events during free online therapy may help you and your family address any concerns and move forward together.

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Affordable family counseling is within reach

If you’re interested in family therapy but are nervous about going to a therapist’s office, you might try online therapy, which research has shown to be just as effective as in-person therapy. With Regain, you and your family can engage in online therapy without leaving home, which may be more comfortable if this is your first time speaking with a therapist. This can also be an effective option if anyone in your family lives or works in a different area. You can all connect remotely from wherever you have an internet connection. 

With Regain, you will be guided through a quick sign-up process and matched with a licensed therapist based on your answers in the initial questionnaire. You might decide to start the sessions as soon as possible after you sign up to take full advantage of therapy. 

Below are two Regain counselor reviews from people who have sought out family therapy:

Counselor reviews

"Jessica has really helped us to work through some very difficult times after living through two category 5 hurricanes last year with two small children in our household. She has done an excellent job of helping us to identify our own attachment fears and giving us guidance on how to navigate some incredibly trying situations."

"Danny has been a source of calmness in my chaotic life. For the past two years, I have dealt with one life-changing complication after another. Every session with Danny is my emotional/mental regroup hour. He has such an understanding and peaceful demeanor that it makes me think logically about my emotional struggles. Overall, Danny has been very helpful to me during this stressful time in mine and my family's lives."


No matter what challenges your family is experiencing, you don’t have to face them alone. With Regain, you can be matched with a therapist with experience helping families navigate challenges similar to yours. Take the first step toward a happier, healthier family relationship and reach out to Regain.

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