Free Online Counseling For Families That Can’t Afford It

Updated July 12, 2019

It can be challenging to find a counselor who takes your insurance if you have state insurance, for example. Or, maybe you don't have insurance at all. We have news for you. Online counseling is available for free. Did you know that? If not, now you do! Free online counseling is an option for those who don't have any insurance at all or for those who have difficulties finding providers in their area.

There are many types of online counseling available, such as individual counseling, couples counseling, and family counseling. Family counseling is something that many families need, but sometimes don't know how to access. When we think of therapy, we often imagine individual counseling, but family counseling is just as important as individual therapy. It can spell a world of difference for families that are struggling. We want to make sure that families get the help that they deserve.


Why Family Counseling Is Important

When you're a child, you may not understand all of the little things that are happening in your family. However, your family is an essential part of your development as a human being and the way that you learn to interact with the world around you. Our families are the first to teach us how to communicate with other human beings.

Healthy communication skills and relationships are essential throughout a person's entire life, and for many of us, family members are some of the people that we will have the closest ties with. Counseling can support families in a variety of ways, but one of the ways it can help is teaching children how to express emotions healthily. That's one of the things that we, as parents, want for our kids.

Online counseling can help because it gives children an opportunity to express their feelings in a comfortable environment. That's why the availability of free online counseling is essential; it needs to be available to as many people as possible, notwithstanding their income level or socioeconomic status.

Lack of Resources; Lack of Results

If a family doesn't have the financial resources to afford, family counseling their family dynamic could suffer. If there is discord in the family and they can't seem to work out the issues on their own, this is setting the unit up for distress. That's why free online counseling for families is so important.

If your family has challenging emotional times and they can't seem to navigate those difficulties a free service is just what the family needs to be able to work through these problems. The mental health professional undergoes training as an LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist). Their role is to hear each person's emotional struggles and help that individual by amplifying their voice to the community of the family.

For a family to function well, they need to respect every one of the other member's views. No one voice is more valuable than another. An excellent family counselor will reiterate that as part of the counseling process. Everybody matters in this family, and if someone is feeling marginalized, that is not acceptable. The first goal will be to help that person speak up. Maybe the family has been holding in something that they were too afraid to express.

But now that they're in a safe online family counseling session, they can speak their mind. They feel supported by the family unit and the counselor. And all of this was made possible by the fact that the service is free.


Hearing Each Other Out

In families, there are often disagreements, and that's natural. The goal of family counseling is to have a mediator mitigate those arguments so that you don't have to do it on your own. When you can't come to a resolution between the members of the family and impartial person such as a counselor is someone who can help families work out their disagreements. One member of the family might be furious at another one.

Maybe a mother is angry with her son because of his defiant behavior. She's at a loss as to how to get her child to listen to her, and she's tried many ways to accomplish her goals. No matter what she does or says he won't hear. Here is an instance wherein online family counselor can help. The goal in online family counseling is for the mental health professional to be unbiased.

They should not take sides, and they should make sure that they're hearing all sides of how the members of the family feel. Sometimes there are members of the family that don't feel like their voices heard and that's frustrating. Online family counseling is an opportunity for those individuals to have their voices heard.

Talking About Trauma

There may be trauma in the family that you are afraid to discuss. When you enter into a family counseling environment, it is a safe and secure a place where you can discuss things that may have hurt you. You can confront the member of the family who impacted you emotionally and if you need you to ask the family counselor to guide you in remedying or healing the relationship.

Traumatic memories are never easy to dig up, but you're in a safe space when you're in online family counseling with a mental health professional who knows about trauma. It's inevitable that you will experience Traumatic events in your life. And when those events happen with your family, it can be devastating.

An online family counselor is there to help you and support you through working through those memories so that you can heal. And that counselor can help you rectify the relationship that you have with your family member.

It's Your Turn

Are you the member of the family that everybody seems to ignore? It's your opportunity to speak your truth. Family counseling online is a place for you to be able to say how you feel and share those emotions with all members of your family. The family counselor who wants your opinion to be validated will support you. You don't have to worry about people blaming you or thinking that you're doing something wrong.

Just because you differ in your opinion from your family doesn't mean that your feelings aren't valid. Everyone's emotions matter and they're real. The family counselor is there to advocate for you. They want you to voice out your viewpoints and your emotions to be validated, and it's your turn for that to happen. Online family counseling can be an excellent place for everybody's opinion to be heard and respected and the mediator is the online family counselor.

If that person weren't present, it would be probably chaotic because everybody would be fighting to have their opinion heard and it would be unlikely that the dialogue would result in anything productive.


Find Online Counseling for Your Family Here

When it comes to family problems, many of us want relief. We want to feel like there's hope and that our family can heal. Online counseling is where you'll find that hope for your family concerns. It may be overwhelming, but you will be able to talk out even the most complicated of family issues here at The counselors at Regain are passionate about helping clients get to a place of healing. Search through the database of online counselors and find one that will work for you and your family.

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