Where To Find Free Therapy For Families That Can’t Afford It

Updated October 31, 2022 by ReGain Editorial Team
"Counseling shouldn’t be available to only those that can afford it or have health insurance. Counseling should be available to all that could benefit from it. If your family is looking for counseling services, there are options available to you. Family counseling is an important tool to help keep relationships growing smoothly through learning communication, giving and receiving love, and learning healthy boundaries. If you think your family could benefit from counseling, but you don’t have insurance or large savings, please don’t give up hope; there are free services available." - Dr. Wendy Boring-Bray, DBH, LPCC.

Is Affordable Online Counseling Right For You And Your Family?

There’s no doubt about it: therapy can be expensive. Many mental health professionals don’t take certain types of insurance and it can be even harder to find a counsellor if you don’t have insurance at all. And when you consider the fact that the cost of an average therapy session ranges from $65 to $250 an hour, therapy can feel even more out of reach.

Whether you’re a starving college student, an unemployed adult, or a parent seeking mental health help for your family, these gatekeeping prices can make you feel like therapy is impossible to afford. Fortunately, however, that doesn’t have to be the case! It can be tricky to find the right provider but free online therapy does exist and it can be a vital resource for you and your family.

In this article, we’ll explore the free therapy options that are available for individuals and for families. We’ll also discuss why family counseling can be beneficial for your family.

Affordable Family Counseling Is Within Reach

Family is an essential part of your development as a human being. Your early  interactions with your family lay the groundwork for your understanding of social norms, your beliefs about yourself, and the way you interact with the world around you. This is true for better or for worse— and sadly, for some people, family relationships can be the most traumatic of all.

That doesn’t always mean that a family was physically abusive. Trauma can take many different forms, including neglect, emotional abuse, and a lack of resources.

When children go through life undiagnosed, it doesn’t always mean that their parents are abusive or unloving. Many parents may be unfamiliar with the array of mental health resources that are available. If those parents are overwhelmed, overworked, and struggling to make ends meet, they may find it even more difficult to help their child connect with a therapist.

Similarly, many parents are doing their best and have conducted extensive research to learn about the options that could help their child. But if the cost of therapy is prohibitive, a parent may feel helpless because they are unable to afford the care their child needs.

Why Family Counseling is Important

But children aren’t the only ones who can benefit from counseling! Although specialised therapy can be uniquely helpful for children who experience a specific mental health condition, everybody can benefit from counseling, no matter what they’re experiencing or how old they are. And that’s where affordable online counseling comes in.

Counseling can help with a variety of topics including your family dynamic, personalised coping strategies for each member of your family, tips for helping with your family’s emotional regulation, and advice on how to support each other as you navigate life together. Likewise, if any member of your family is experiencing symptoms of an undiagnosed mental health condition, a counsellor can help all of you by providing insight and support for the family, and individualised therapy for any condition.

That's why the availability of free online counseling and free online therapy is essential: the benefits of online family counseling need to be available to as many people as possible.

Lack of Resources; Lack of Results

If a family doesn't have the financial resources to afford family counseling, their family dynamic could suffer. That's why free online counseling and free mental health care for families are so important. When you search for "child counselors near me," you will get more results, which will assist you in finding the greatest and most suitable counselors.

If your family has challenging emotional times and can't navigate those difficulties, free mental health service is just what the family needs. Free online therapy can be a great option to meet everyone’s schedule. The mental health professional undergoes training as an LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist). The Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist's role is to make sure that individuals are heard by amplifying their voices to the community of the family.

For a family to function well, they need to respect every other member's views. An excellent family counselor will reiterate that as part of the counseling process. Every family member can speak their mind because they're in a safe online family counseling session. They feel supported by the family unit and the counselor via free online therapy.

Hearing Each Other Out

In families, there are often disagreements, and that's natural. Family counseling aims to have a mediator mitigate those arguments so that you don't have to do it on your own, which is generally accomplished through free counseling services. When you can't resolve disputes between the family members, an impartial person, such as a counselor, can help families work out their disagreements.

When family members disagree, free counseling with the best online family counselor can help. The goal of online family counseling is for the mental health professional to be unbiased and to hear all sides. Through online family counseling, free mental health care is an opportunity for each family member to have their voices heard.

Talking About Trauma

There may be trauma in the family that you are afraid to discuss. You can confront the member of the family who impacted you emotionally. If you need to, you can ask the family counselor to guide you in remedying or healing the relationship.

Traumatic memories are never easy to dig up, but you're in a safe space when you're in the best online family counseling with a mental health professional who knows about trauma. Talking about these trauma events during free online therapy helps the family address these issues.

The best online family counselor is there to help you and support you through working through those memories so that you can heal. Licensed professional counselors can help you rectify the relationship that you have with your family members through therapy and free treatment options.

Affordable Family Counseling Is Within Reach

It's Your Turn

Are you the member of the family that everybody seems to ignore? Free online therapy through ReGain is your opportunity to speak your truth. The family counselor who wants your opinion to be validated will support you.

Just because you differ in your opinion from your family doesn't mean that your feelings aren't valid. The family counselor is there to advocate for you. Online family counseling can be an excellent place for everybody's opinion to be heard and respected, and the mediator is the online family counselor.

To start online therapy, click the button under the images above. You will be guided through a sign-up process,  and matching you to a licensed professional based on your answers in the initial questionnaire will begin after you've completed sign-up. Lastly, it is worth noting that you should start the sessions as soon as possible after you sign up to take full advantage of the best online therapy. Below are two ReGain counselor reviews from people experiencing family issues.

Therapist and Counselor Reviews

"Jessica has really helped us to work through some very difficult times after living through two category 5 hurricanes last year with two small children in our household. She has done an excellent job of helping us to identify our own attachment fears and giving us guidance on how to navigate some incredibly trying situations."

"Danny has been a source of calmness in my chaotic life. For the past two years, I have dealt with one life-changing complication after another. Every session with Danny is my emotional/mental regroup hour. He has such an understanding and peaceful demeanor that it makes me think logically about my emotional struggles. Overall, Danny has been very helpful to me during this stressful time in mine and my family's lives."

Put Your Family on the Right Path With Mental Health Treatment

When it comes to family problems, we want to feel like there's hope and that our family can heal. Free online therapy offers hope for family issues. Nobody said that family therapy is easy, but you will be able to talk out even the most complicated family issues with ReGain. The counselors at ReGain are passionate about helping clients get to a place of healing.

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