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In most real situations, there are no step by step methods that will resolve all problems. However, following some general guidelines will often be of help. Relationship therapists often see the same scenarios play out in nearly the same way, whether this is in the context of a marriage, difficulties with in-laws, friends who are drifting apart or in some other way.

I Don't Want It To Be Over: How To Get My Wife Back When She Wants A Divorce

Few things can catch you off guard as much as hearing that your wife wants a divorce. Whether you knew that your marriage was going through a difficult time or you thought...

How To Be A Good Housewife In The Modern Era

The term housewife has come to have a negative connotation in the 21st century. Whether this is a result of less than accurate reality television, the prominence of feminism in...

How To Get Over Being Cheated On And Start A New Relationship

So, your ex cheated on you, and now you’re ready to start a new relationship, right? Maybe. If you’ve been cheated on, you know how difficult it can be. Sometimes that...

How To Be Less Emotional And More Logical

Emotions are powerful things. There’s nothing wrong with being an emotional person. However, emotions shouldn’t always be the driving factor – or the only factor – in how you...

How To Emotionally Detach: Learning To Let Go

Letting go is necessary to live a healthy, happy life. Letting go might mean letting go of expectations in your relationships, and accepting people for who they are. It might...

How To Build Trust In A Relationship

Trust is one essential brick in the foundation of a happy relationship. Without it, you can’t expect to build a lasting partnership successfully. Past issues that you and your...

How To Get Someone To Open Up Prior To Starting A Committed Relationship

When it comes to dating, a lot of individuals find it difficult to open up to this new person in their life. They feel the need to protect themselves, so they build up a...

How To Reconnect With Your Husband In 8 Steps

There are times in a long-term relationship in which you simply lose touch with your significant other. In a marriage, losing touch and failing to attempt to reconnect can...

How To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special In 12 Ways

It is nice to feel special and wanted when you are in a relationship. Finding new and creative ways to make your girlfriend feel special is a great way to show her how...

How To Be Supportive In Your Relationship

It can be hard to support your partner when you are dealing with things in your own life, but in a relationship, it is important to be supportive of one another. In truth,...

How To Be A Better Partner In A Struggling Relationship

A relationship is only as strong as the two people in it. A relationship can’t flourish if either partner is less than committed and unable to give the best of themselves...

Can't Let Go? How To Be Less Clingy In Your Relationships

Relationships. Everyone seems to want them, and no wonder. A good relationship is a source of joy and fulfilment. But relationships are also a tricky balancing act. One of the...

Very often, resolving the problem requires an approach based on two key principles. The first is the ability to place yourself in the shoes of the other person. This is easier said than done, but a few simple exercises can help you see things from the other party's perspective and locate the common ground between you. The second, equally important and supporting the first, is simply communicating better. Talking openly about both the things that displease you and the qualities you admire in the other person, and making them feel comfortable enough to do the same, is often all that is needed to resolve conflict long before it becomes unmanageable. The following articles aren't and can't be all-encompassing, but the advice they contain has been tested time and again over the years. None of them offer a true “one size fits all” solution, though, so talking about any specific difficulties you may be facing with a counselor will rarely be a bad idea.
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