Hooking Up On Tinder? Here’s How To Do It In A Safe And Healthy Way

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Mobile applications have made it easier than ever to find single individuals near you, but that does not mean that it would be safer than if you were to go out and look for available people in-person. Hooking up online still requires you to be careful about who you choose to connect with. When you first begin using an online platform such as Tinder, however, no one gives you a guide about being safe with the app or connecting with people who will be the best fit for you.

If you have recently downloaded the Tinder app and are looking to understand it better to engage in casual relationships with others, here is a guide that will aid you in achieving your goal safely and healthily.

What is Tinder, and how do I use it?

Dating apps can come with unique challenges

How to use Tinder

Before you begin trying to meet others, you need first to understand how the app functions and  so that you can get the most out of your experience. When you have the right profile, you are more likely to get those matches that you are looking for first to understand. So, what goes into a profile that people are going to want to swipe right on?

Choosing the perfect photos

Tinder is heavily focused on your image, more so than other aspects of your profile. After all, this is the experience that prompts users to tap your profile to learn more about you. This means that you need to be careful about which photos you choose to show to your potential matches. When it comes to some of the things to avoid when you are building your Tinder profile, be sure not to:

  • Only use one photo, especially if that photo is a group photo or is not a high-quality picture of you
  • Take low-resolution, blurry pictures that do not show matches what you look like
  • Take photos that look forced or fake
  • Use photos that are cropped or poorly sized
  • Create a portfolio of only one type of photo

So, what does a good photo look like? Start with one excellent close-up photo of yourself to show Tinder what you look like. Then, build on top of that with photos showing you doing activities you enjoy. For example, consider adding a photo that shows you hiking or one where you are in the middle of a performance. This way, other users already know what you look like and will not have to search through a crowd to figure out which person they are matching. Once you have a of clear, amazing pictures that tell a story about you, it is time to move onto your bio!

Crafting a brief, telling bio

The issue that many people have with profile bios is that they want to reveal too much. This can cause problems as many people lose attention quickly when there is excessive information. Instead, focus on writing a bio that is a simple and concise explanation of who you are. Tinder gives you the ability to detail your work experience on the side of your profile so that you can eliminate the need to talk about your job or career in the bio. If anything, give users a short description of who you are and what you like to do for fun. Some people like to put a quote up or add a lyric that describes who they are as a person. No matter what you choose to write, keep it short and simple but captivating enough that others want to meet you.

Linking to Instagram and Spotify

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A picture is worth a thousand words. If you are constantly on Instagram, this app can tell a very comprehensive story of your hobbies, friends, work, and achievements. Tinder gives you the ability to link directly to your Instagram so that users can look through your pictures and connect with you outside the app. Along with Instagram, Tinder gives you the ability to connect with Spotify so that you can show some of your favorite songs to other uses. This may not necessarily be something you want to use, but it can tell users more about your interests and personality.

Selecting an age and distance range

Like most dating services, Tinder allows you to search for people that fit into specific age groups and distances. For example, if you are looking for men aged between 30 to 35 who are up to 20 miles away, you can make it so that your app only shows these options. However, the wider you cast your net, the more swipes you are going to get once you start using Tinder. Once you adjust these settings, and you will finally be ready to swipe!

Tinder safety tips

Now that you are properly equipped with the right profile to attract your desired partners, you must be able to use this technology responsibly to avoid any potentially dangerous situations that could arise when you agree to see someone online, especially if you are only looking for casual sex. Here are some of the most important Tinder safety tips to keep in mind while active on the platform.

1. Do not give out contact information until you are ready

Because Tinder is a mobile application, you can easily communicate with your matches and coordinate dates. That said, not all users are approaching the platform with good intentions. Some may be trying to get your contact information so that they can harass you into meeting their demands. Others who are potentially unstable may end up using it to harass you if you reject them. Safety should be a priority – do not put up pictures that showcase your address, place of work, or license plate. Overall, it is best to only message within the platform until you are comfortable enough with the other person to give them your number.

2. Pay attention to interactions that may be scams

Dating apps are easy ways to con others to give out financial information because online profiles are simple to fake. For example, imagine that you come across a profile of someone very attractive. They match with you, begin talking to you, but refuse to talk over video. They may also live far away or make up excuses for why they cannot meet you. Soon enough, they start asking you for money or other things. If you see any or all of the above, you are most likely dealing with a scammer. Pay close attention to your online interactions and never give out your personal and financial information.

3. Always meet in a public place

Dating apps can come with unique challenges

It is never a good idea to let a stranger into your house or enter a stranger's house, regardless of how well your conversation over Tinder may have been. Even if you are using the app with the sole intention of hooking up with others, try organizing a date first to get a better feel for the person. For example, you could try to arrange a dinner or a movie before hooking up. You can then use this time to learn more about the person and whether you feel comfortable having casual sex. If you are not, you can always leave.

4. Use when you hook up with people online

It should go without saying that you should always practice safe sex with people you do not know. It is better to wear a condom than to deal with a sexually transmitted disease or an unwanted pregnancy. If someone refuses, it is better to walk away from the situation than to take your chances. If this person becomes a regular sexual partner, consider getting tested together to ensure you are both safe before having intercourse.

5. Report any strange or offensive behavior to the platform

People are allowed to use the Tinder platform because they agree to the rules. However, you still may come across lewd or offensive behavior while you are matching the others. Report any inappropriate behavior to Tinder that you have witnessed yourself or to others from this individual. From asking for money to sending inappropriate pictures and messages, do not tolerate these types of interactions. Report and block these individuals immediately to enhance your web dating experience.

6. Let close friends know about your interactions

While it is unlikely that you will end up in a potentially dangerous situation, it is important to play it safe and have systems in place that you. One way to maintain your safety is to keep your friends updated about who you are seeing, where you are going, and whether you feel comfortable with this individual. Before you go on your Tinder dates, let your friends know that you are meeting with someone from Tinder. Send them pertinent information and keep in contact so that they are aware of the situation as it unfolds. 

7. Avoid (or limit) alcohol consumption

It is no secret that people can easily slip substances into drinks so that they can make it easier to take you home and coerce you into sex. While this is an uncomfortable fact, it is one that you should keep in mind when you go on a date with someone that you plan to have sex with. If you can, you should do your best to avoid consuming alcohol during the meeting. If you are going out for drinks or if drinking is involved, make sure that you do not become intoxicated and keep an eye on your drink at all times. If you leave your drink and it seems to look or taste different, contact your friends and leave the date immediately.  

8. Consent and communication must be involved

Casual sex can be challenging for some people as you have to get used to another person's desires and needs quickly. It can also be difficult because you may find that you are not as compatible with another person as you initially believed. When it comes to hooking up, you should make sure that consent and communication are involved. Actively speak with the other person during intercourse to ensure that their needs are being met and make sure that everything you do is consensual. If at any point one or both of you feel uncomfortable, stop.

9. Take yourself to and from your dates

Having control over your environment is one of the best ways to remain safe during encounters. While it is not discussed as often as some of the other tips on this list, having your form of transportation is very important. As a general rule, you should avoid having strangers pick you up at your house or drive you to the meeting place as well as to any other locations you decide to go to. If they decide that they do not want you to leave or want to take you somewhere else, you cannot take yourself back home. Only enter a car with someone once you know them and feel comfortable with them.

Finding additional counsel

Safety is key to online dating as it makes hooking up with others a more enjoyable experience. Who knows, you may end up entering a relationship with one of your matches. With that in mind, online dating can present its own set of relationship issues. If you have begun a long-term relationship and are facing challenges or communication issues, you can speak with a licensed couples counselor for guidance. We are living in a technical time where you can not only find dates online but also counseling for dating or relationships. 

If you feel that online therapy is a good fit for you, consider Regain! Regain is an online counseling platform that connects individuals and couples with certified therapists. Through your mobile device or laptop, you can easily jump online and work through some of your dating and relationship issues. All you have to do is click on the link above to get started!

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