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Domestic violence is a severe issue that impacts people of all genders, races, and cultures. People who experience domestic violence within the home may be significantly injured or could lose their lives. There are many kinds of abuse, and they all negatively impact human beings. Sometimes the scars fade, while other times they leave permanent mental and emotional damage on domestic violence survivors.

Here you will find articles that help you learn about what domestic violence is, how to recognize the signs, and the ways to seek help. You’ll learn how to help friends and loved ones who are enduring abuse. Domestic violence is a taboo topic, but the more we openly discuss it, the better likelihood that people will get the help they need.

The Different Types Of Domestic Abuse And How To Get Help

Domestic abuse, or more commonly known as spousal abuse or domestic violence is a serious issue that can happen to anyone no matter your gender, race, age, or culture. Unfor-...

How To Identify Spouse Abuse

Spouse abuse, which is better known as domestic violence or spousal abuse, is more common than we would like to think. In fact, in the United States, 20 people are physically...

Domestic Violence Quotes To Give You Strength

Domestic violence is one of the hardest things a person can go through. You love your other half so much that you tend to excuse his or her behavior when you shouldn’t. No one...

History And Importance Of The Domestic Violence Hotline

The history and importance of the Domestic Violence Hotline is something that should never be understated. Many people may not understand this importance because they have never...

What Are Some Of The Signs Of Domestic Violence

Are you in a domestic violence situation? Would you know if you were? There are some different signs that you should look out for if you think that you or someone else that you...

22 Reasons You Need To Take Domestic Violence Classes

Victims of domestic violence can gain safety and independence by learning about this form of abuse within a relationship. Violent or potentially violent partners may not believe...

Domestic Violence Prevention: Methods And Resources

Fifteen percent of all violent crime happens between intimate partners. Using domestic violence prevention techniques and resources, you can stay safe in your relationship or...

23 Benefits Of Domestic Violence Counseling & Why It Matters

Domestic violence counseling isn’t a luxury for people who have been in an abusive and dangerous relationship. Whether you’re in an abusive relationship, leaving it, or...

How To Identify The Causes Of Domestic Violence

Some of the world’s best minds have addressed domestic violence, yet somehow it continues. One in three women in the U.S. are victims of intimate partner violence at some point...

The Effects Of Domestic Violence On Survivors, Partners, And Children

If you have ever been a victim of domestic violence or you have ever been a child in a household with domestic violence, it could be affecting you more than even you know...

Types Of Domestic Violence Help Out There

If you’re currently experiencing domestic violence, it’s important to know that help is out there. There are people, companies, organizations and a whole lot more that want to...

Domestic Violence Statistics You Need To Know

Do you know everything you should know about domestic violence? If you’ve never been a victim, then chances are there are plenty of things that you don’t know. Of course,...

If you’re currently experiencing domestic violence, or you are a survivor of abuse, it’s essential that you seek help. it’s essential that you seek help. A trained mental health professional can guide you through that trauma. You may be afraid to open up about your pain, but you deserve a safe place to share your feelings and heal. Search our extensive list of online therapists and find someone who fits your needs.
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