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Domestic violence is a severe issue that impacts people of all genders, races, and cultures. People who experience domestic violence within the home may be significantly injured or could lose their lives. There are many kinds of abuse, and they all negatively impact human beings. Sometimes the scars fade, while other times they leave permanent mental and emotional damage on domestic violence survivors.

Here you will find articles that help you learn about what domestic violence is, how to recognize the signs, and the ways to seek help. You’ll learn how to help friends and loved ones who are enduring abuse. Domestic violence is a taboo topic, but the more we openly discuss it, the better likelihood that people will get the help they need.

"I Married An Abusive Girl:" Men Are Victims Of Domestic Violence Too

When society hears about domestic violence or a relationship with abuse, they instantly assume that it was a female being abused by a man. However, that’s not always the...

Five Signs You Have A Controlling Boyfriend And What To Do About Him

Controlling Relationships If you’re reading this article, and you’re thinking, “Am I in a controlling relationship?” you are in right place to find out the truth. First, we...

A Short Emotional Abuse “Checklist”: 20 Red Flags In Your Relationship What You Can Do

Emotional abuse in relationships occurs through behavioral patterns meant to break down a person’s self-esteem. The behaviors may be controlling and manipulative while having...

Am I Being Manipulated In My Relationship? 17 Signs To Recognize And What To Do About It

Spotting signs of manipulation in relationships may be difficult in the beginning. It often happens with many thinking it won’t happen to them. Many don’t realize they are...

Is My Partner Too Possessive? 8 Signs Of Controlling Behavior

Nobody’s perfect, as the saying goes, and all of us have had moments of jealousy, emotional immaturity, or possessiveness somewhere in our dating history. But some people never...

Dealing With Controlling Men: What Should You Do When It’s Hard To Leave Him?

You want to leave him but feel it is impossible, but why? People assume if you’re in an unhealthy relationship with a controlling person, you should leave. While this is true,...

Does My Partner Have A Controlling Personality?

There’s no denying the significant impact which your relationship will have on your life. Relationships come with the potential to contribute great positivity or immense...

13 Signs Of A Controlling Girlfriend And How To Address It

Do you often feel as though your girlfriend is controlling your life? Even if it might seem subtle at first, a controlling girlfriend can be a very suffocating thing. If...

Do You Have A Verbally Abusive Wife? How To Tell - And What To Do

Verbal abuse is a pervasive problem in many intimate relationships. You may not be sure if your partner or loved one is being abusive. First, let’s define what it is, and...

The Different Types Of Domestic Abuse And How To Get Help

Domestic abuse, or more commonly known as spousal abuse or domestic violence is a serious issue that can happen to anyone no matter your gender, race, age, or culture. Unfor-...

How To Identify Spouse Abuse

Spouse abuse, which is better known as domestic violence or spousal abuse, is more common than we would like to think. In fact, in the United States, 20 people are physically...

Domestic Violence Quotes To Give You Strength

Domestic violence is one of the hardest things a person can go through. You love your other half so much that you tend to excuse his or her behavior when you shouldn’t. No one...

If you’re currently experiencing domestic violence, or you are a survivor of abuse, it’s essential that you seek help. it’s essential that you seek help. A trained mental health professional can guide you through that trauma. You may be afraid to open up about your pain, but you deserve a safe place to share your feelings and heal. Search our extensive list of online therapists and find someone who fits your needs.
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