What Are The Different Types Of Body Language Attraction?

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Body language includes the non-verbal cues that a person gives when they’re attracted to someone. Some people may find it difficult to verbally admit that they like someone, so they may communicate through body language, hoping that the person picks up on the signs of attraction. In this article, we’ll outline body language signs that may indicate that someone is attracted to you.

Eye contact

Eye contact is one of the best ways to tell if someone is interested in you, because eye contact and attraction are related to each other. If someone is looking at you often or trying to maintain eye contact, there is likely some interest going on.

Eye contact is tricky. You should look at someone in the eyes, but looking too long can signify aggression. There's a difference between gaze and a stare. If they're always shifting their eyes, there may be no interest, or they're nervous. Also, some people don't like eye contact, even if they like you. So, eye contact should be combined with other body language signals.



Some people will give you a slight smile to be friendly, while those interested in you may be smiling longer. The smile should come naturally and not look like they're smiling just because. A good smile will combine the perfect balance of not looking fake and prolonged but not being creepy.

Hair touching

Whenever the person touches their hair, it can be a sign of attraction. However, hair touching may also be a sign that of nervousness. It's another gesture that should be looked at with the combination of other body language gestures.

Squirming and other nervous signs

Being nervous is normal on a date but be mindful of how often you're squirming in your seat or how much you're playing with something such as your hair or a utensil. Some people will find the nervousness endearing, while others may be slightly turned off by it. It just depends on the situation, honestly.

Leaning forward

Have you ever had a date lean forward while they were talking to you, almost like they were trying to touch your face? Leaning forward may be a sign of attraction. They're getting close because they may feel comfortable with you and may be looking for a kiss. Lean forward with them and see what happens.

The language of the purse

If you're trying to date a woman, and she has a purse, she may use the purse as a way to non-verbally communicate with you. An interested woman will hold her purse loosely so you can get closer to her. If a woman is nervous or repulsed by you, she may clutch the purse in front of you. The purse is more than just a bag used to store items.

The crossing of the arms

This is a difficult body language sign to interpret. Someone crossing their arms can be a sign of defensiveness or feeling threatened. However, many people cross their arms to relax. It's one of those body language signs that need more context before guessing its meaning.

The feet

When watching for body language, you are probably looking at the face and hands. Don't forget the feet. The feet can be a subtle way of indicating interest. If their feet are pointing at you, it could be a sign of interest.

This may mean that they are comfortable around you and are interested in what you have to say. Of course, you shouldn't be staring at their feet for too long, as this can be a bit odd.

Tone of voice

Besides body language, one way you can read someone is by the tone of their voice. For example, someone who has a higher tone of voice when speaking to you may be interested in you. The tone of one's voice can mean many things, so pay attention to how it changes when you're talking to someone.

The direction of the body

Look at where the body is pointing. If it's pointing away from you, they may be showing that they are not interested or feel threatened. They're ready to leave when needed. However, if the body is turned towards you, they may be interested and want to hear what you have to say.

Subtle licking of the lips

This is more of a woman's body language. If a woman is looking at you and gives a subtle lick of the lips, there may be a chance that she's interested.

The phone

We are always on our phones. No matter what the situation is, we are bringing out our phones and looking at them. However, someone who is interested in you won't be looking at their phone all the time. If you're trying to talk to them and they’re looking at the screen instead, they may be nervous or just not interested in you.

The speed of the body language

Another thing you should look at is speed. If someone is moving their limbs fast and jerky, this may be a sign that they are nervous about something or not confident in what they are doing. However, if the person is making controlled, smooth movements, it may be a sign that they are confident and interested. Confident body language is a combination of many things. It is not just one thing, but rather a mixture of signals that can be read by anyone who is looking for them.

They touch you

Touching your date, even if it's slight and almost innocent, is a surefire sign that they have an interest. Touching someone else you don't know is quite the move, as many do not like to be touched. Even if it's something that is so-called innocent, like them saying they're touching you to get some food off your clothes.

Want to learn more about body language and attraction?

If you want to touch your date, you should make sure they're interested. Look at their body language and touch them when there is a time in the conversation to do so. Don't just do it for no reason. Make sure they are comfortable, and back away if they don't feel it.


When you and your date lean in to kiss, this is an obvious sign you two have a connection. However, how the kiss is executed can say a lot. Someone who kisses you on the cheek may be testing the waters. Going for the lips is a sure sign they have some interest in you.

Everyone is different 

Taking a look at female and male body language is a good way to tell how someone's feeling about you, but you have to remember that everyone is a little different. Some people will exhibit all these signs but may not be interested in you. Others may seem standoffish with their body language, even if it ends up that they do like you.

These articles are good guesses for what the person may be feeling, but sometimes, you have to figure out the individual's way of communicating nonverbally. There may be certain areas that are different or the same.

Also, you have to remember that some people are struggle at reading and giving body language. Certain disorders can affect that too. Be patient with those who are not good at nonverbal communication.

Seek help

If you have trouble recognizing body language signs of attraction or giving off your own, you can fix this. One way is to do your research and try to improve it yourself. Another way is to talk to a professional about your concerns. A counselor can figure out why you have a hard time with body language and make steps towards being able to communicate in a much more natural way.

A relationship counselor can also help with any miscommunications you may be experiencing. Miscommunication happens a lot when it comes to body language, which can cause some upsets in your relationship. A counselor can help make sure that you two are on the same wavelength. Online therapy, such as sessions offered through Regain, have been proven to be as effective as in-person therapy—all while combining the added benefits of convenience, affordability, and more.

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Body language of attraction is hard to understand at times, and sometimes the language can be contradictory. Someone may look like they're interested, but then do something such as look at their phone a lot or not look you in the eye. Figuring out what they mean is difficult, and a counselor can also help deal with cases such as these. If you have any problems, consider working with a counselor.

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