Displays Of Attraction: How Female Body Language Differs From Male Body Language

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It can be important to read someone’s body language to tell whether or not they are attracted to you when they meet you in person. This can be especially true when you are not in a dating situation and are meeting someone for the first time. Physical displays of affection can sometimes vary between men and women, so it can help to understand the body language of both sexes before you decide to move things forward on a romantic level.

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Potential Differences In Male And Female Body Language When Attracted To Someone

  • When talking to someone they’re attracted to, women may experience a pitch change that can make their voices sound softer and higher.
  • Women may smile and laugh more often when they’re with someone they’re attracted to.
  • A woman with long hair may play with her hair nervously.
  • Both men and women are likely to engage in nervous ticks if they are with someone they like.
  • A woman may move around her top, skirt, or pants self-consciously or fix her makeup more often, potentially indicating that she is hyper-aware of her appearance around someone
  • Both men and women may maintain eye contact when talking to someone they are interested in 
  • A man might work on his posture and attempt to appear taller
  • Both men and women may lean forward or find excuses to touch the other person
  • A man might try to make his date laugh and look at the person he is interested in to see if they laughed at his jokes
  • Someone might lick their lips or bite their lips while looking at you

What To Do Next

If someone is sending you signals that they like you, then it may be time to send some signals back to them. You can consciously do so nonverbally, or you can verbally start to get to know them better. Ask them questions about their life and their interests, and see if you two could be a compatible pair. Try to build up a connection with this person.

Try To Figure Out What They Want And What They’re Looking For

While you are speaking with them, try to determine what their intentions may be. You can guide the conversation towards that area to see what they want from you and what goals they may have in their relationships in general. Then, you can come to a more clear conclusion about what you are willing to do and whether that aligns with the other person’s interests or not.

Decide How You Want To Move Forward From Here

If you believe that someone is showing that they are attracted to you, the next step could be making a move. If this is a new person, you may want to ask them out on a date first to better gauge their interest. This way, you can determine whether or not this will be someone you are interested in getting to know better. If you are on a date with someone, you may want to make a small move, such as trying to hold their hand or kiss them. Of course, it is always important to make sure that you receive consent from them before you do anything physical. There are some instances in which you may misread certain signs, so take it slow and let the other person know that there’s no pressure.

How To Deal With Mistakes In Reading Non-Verbal Cues

Do You Have More Questions About Attraction And Romance?

There may be some moments where you may misread a social situation for a flirty one. If you do misread a situation, don’t feel embarrassed. Apologize to the other person for the mistake and move on. 


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