The Attraction Synonyms And What They Are

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Attraction is hard to explain at times. You find someone who clicks with you, and you end up wanting to be in a relationship with them, or you're able to have that relationship and be productive about it. The word "attraction" has many definitions and many different synonyms that can describe other little nuances. Here are some definitions and synonyms of attractiveness.

Types Of Attraction

There is more than just one type of attraction. You may experience different types of attraction for different kinds of people, including:

Sexual Attraction

Attraction Can Have A Variety of Meanings

This is when you're attracted to someone just because of how sexual they are. Sexual attraction can work in harmony with other types of attraction, or it may be alone. Usually, the sexual attraction will fade in time.

Emotional Attraction

You're attracted to someone because you feel like you can open up your emotions, and they will empathize and engage in conversation with you. Emotional attraction can be involved in other types of attraction as well.

Physical Attraction

This is similar to sexual attraction but may not involve sex. You like how the person looks, and you may want to be closer to them because of it, even if there is no sex involved. You may feel like you want to touch the person or have a relationship with them.

Romantic Attraction

Romantic attraction usually combines all the other kinds of attraction into one pretty bow. With romantic attraction, you feel like you can be intimate with them and express your emotions. You may be physically attracted to their appearance and want to have sex with them. You're attracted to both their mind and their body.

Synonyms for Attraction

There are many types of feelings when being attracted to someone and different situations where you feel attracted. This is why attraction has many synonyms to describe the situation. Here are a few synonyms of attraction.


When something is engaging, this means that it keeps your attention. You feel like you can put down any other distractions and be engaged in what they have to say. Someone who is not attractive may make you feel uninterested. If you talk to someone and pay full attention to them, you are engaged, even if you aren't fully attracted. This can be the first step in a budding attraction, though.


This is an obvious synonym for attraction. Your attraction to someone feels as though you two are magnets that are being pulled towards each other by some force. Magnets have been a classic comparison of attraction for a while because it's easy to visualize and understand. Sometimes, it's like the two of you were attracted to magnets that walked through a sea of repelling magnets before the two of you met.


Sometimes, attraction can feel like the two of you are being pulled towards each other. As if you've been in front of a black hole that's sucking you in, attraction can be the same way. Attraction, in general, can mean that one object is pulling another object to itself, which can be compared to sexual attraction.


Seduction is an interesting synonym of attraction, as it implies that one party had power over the other. Both parties didn't come together with an attraction, but instead, one person almost put a spell on them in some way, making them feel like they had no control. Sometimes, the seducer did this on purpose, sometimes for their gain, but other times, they didn't mean to, and the seduction just came naturally. Other times, someone can say they were seduced because they ended up regretting the relationship.


When it comes to being attracted to someone, charm is an interesting synonym. You're attracted to someone based on some trait that makes you smile or gets you engaged. Charming people may be funny, have a strong personality, or be confident with themselves. By engaging in that charm, you have some form of attractiveness to them.


This word is commonly used in dating sites, and it almost has a mechanical ring to it. But when it comes to attraction, compatibility is important. This is when you have traits in common. They can be personality traits, beliefs, or interests. The more compatible you are with someone, the more attraction you may have, and this helps in the long run in preventing and managing conflict.


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Some people measure their relationship with space. If you consider yourself close, the two of you are attracted to each other and are in good standing. Meanwhile, if you find yourself in conflict or not talking, you may say that you're drifting away. Attraction can feel like this, making it a good synonym all around.


Sometimes, attractiveness can be a concept that can be hard to describe, especially when it comes to feelings of attraction. You may say that you have this thing for the person. This placeholder word is something that many will know what you're talking about without you saying it. Your attraction to someone can be unexplainable and, well, a thing.


Sometimes, attraction to someone can break some taboos. For example, if you're already in a relationship and you end up being attracted to someone else, you may consider their presence to be a temptation, where you feel like you're being tempted to cheat. Temptations can arise in other situations, such as being attracted to your coworker when you know that probably isn't a good idea.


Whenever someone has an attractive trait, you may call it a weakness. You may consider attraction to be something that lets down your barriers mentally, and if someone has an attractive trait, it's your weakness. This can especially apply if that trait is something you know you shouldn't have, like being attracted to a delinquent. Or describing a superficial trait that makes you react stronger than you feel like you should, like having a weakness for high heels or some other clothing item that has nothing to do with the person's character.


Sometimes, we like to compare our relationships to a fairy tale. The word "enchantment" can mean that you feel great pleasure from something, but in the modern world, the word can mean that you were under the spell of it. For example, you were under the spell of their appearance or looks or their personality.

You Click

The compatible emotions you feel with someone sometimes feel like a puzzle piece clicking into place or a lock clicking. That satisfying noise you feel whenever something combines can perfectly describe how you feel. It also describes how mysterious attraction can be. It's sometimes hard to describe it other than two pieces clicking together and fitting well.

Yin And Yang

In Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang describe two forces that appear to be contradictory, but they are quite compatible and complementary. If your attraction appears to be opposites, you may be experiencing the yin and yang phenomenon, and this is an excellent way to describe how sometimes opposites attract.

Same Wavelength

Attraction Can Have A Variety of Meanings

This describes an attraction where the two of you are feeding off each other. You finish each other's sentences, have similar thoughts, and you feel like you're connected through some force. This is the spirit of what being on the same wavelength means, and it can be powerful.

These are just a few terms that describe the feelings you have for someone, and they can be a valuable tool in expression. With that said, what is the opposite of attraction?

The Opposite

We aren't going to go into a list of all the antonyms, but we can tell you that someone is repulsing the opposite of attraction. Something about them, be it physical, mental, or emotional, turns you off from them and makes you want to avoid them at all times. Sometimes, the unattraction is less severe. They may not be a bad person, but they aren't your type. It all depends on the situation.

Seek Help!

Being attracted to someone is confusing, and it can be hard to process all your emotions. If you find yourself attracted to someone and didn't know what to do, one thing you can do is to speak to a relationship counselor. A relationship counselor can explain why you're attracted to someone, what you can do about it, and how to lessen the attraction if the relationship isn't meant to be.

Attraction is a complex process and one that will probably never be fully understood. Sometimes, we don't know why we're attracted to someone. It may be due to our pasts or for some other reason entirely that we're not sure of. Either way, you can be able to handle your attractiveness by talking to someone.

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