What Are Signs Of Attraction And How Can I Understand Them?

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Dating can be a stress-inducing and difficult process. You may have great conversations with someone and think you feel a spark, but how do you know if the other person is interested in you too? Knowing the common signs of attraction may give you more confidence as you interact with a potential love interest and help you to identify when someone else might feel the same. It can also help you gauge your own body language when you’re with someone to help ensure you’re giving off the impression you intend. In this article, we’ll explore a few common possible signs of attraction that may be useful to understand.

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Common possible signs of attraction

Below are a few common possible signs of attraction, just keep in mind that none of these are surefire indications of interest or attraction, but they may offer useful information in some cases:

1. Eye contact

If you feel that someone’s eyes are frequently on you, that could be a sign of attraction. That doesn't mean that every person who looks at you is interested in you, but if the eye contact is sustained, that might mean something. It doesn’t have to be continuous eye contact or an unyielding stare, but a healthy amount of eye contact can be a sign that they're interested in what you have to say and possibly more. 

2. Glancing down

This one may be more common with people who are a little bit shy, but some may find eye contact with someone they're attracted to intimidating. If you catch the person you're interested in glance at you and then quickly look away when they catch your eye, it could be a sign of attraction.

3. Touching

If someone likes you back, they may like to find a way to touch you. That doesn't necessarily mean they'll be hanging all over you, but they may find a reason to reach out and touch your arm or a reason to brush close to you. Little touches that are short and fleeting can be a good sign, especially if they seem to be repeated and are accompanied by some of the other signs detailed here. 

4. Laughing

Another way that you might be able to gauge someone’s interest in you is by their laugh. People tend to laugh more when trying to show they are happy, positive, and interested. When you make jokes or comments, and they laugh or giggle, it could be a sign of nervousness and interest. This might be especially true if you notice the laughter along with some of the other signs, such as touching. 

5. Turning toward you

Someone who frequently makes an effort to turn their body toward you during a conversation might be showing interest. This isn't necessarily a decisive one, but it could be a sign if you notice it in conjunction with other things. Turning directly toward you and even leaning toward you slightly could be worth noting. You may also notice their feet pointing toward you.

6. Fidgeting

You may see fidgeting in the way they touch their face, their hair, their clothes, or anything else about themselves. They might be constantly moving, shuffling their feet, moving from one to the other, playing with their hands, or repeating the same gestures or motions again and again. This could be a sign that they don't know what to do around you, and they might be feeling a little bit nervous. 

7. Adjusting their voice

Some people may adjust their voice when talking with the person they’re attracted to. For instance, some men may be more likely to lower their voice when talking with someone they like, and some women may use a softer tone when talking with someone they like. Whatever the change, if you notice that someone seems to be talking slightly differently, it could be a sign of something. 

8. Blushing

Blushing can be embarrassing for the person who has to cope with it, but it can be a sign of attraction for some people. Some people are more prone to blushing than others, and it's not only attraction that causes this phenomenon. For example, some people blush in any situation in which they feel nervous. But it may be a sign to pay attention to.

9. Breathing faster

Studies have shown that when a person is attracted to someone nearby, their heart rate and respiratory rate can increase. This can be a tricky one to spot, but if you're near the person you're attracted to, you may be able to notice that their breathing has sped up by the cadence of their speech or the rise and fall of their chest and shoulders.

10. Mirroring

Mirroring refers to mimicking the other person's movements and body language. For example, if you gesture with your hands, the other person gestures with their hands. Or they may adopt the same posture as you. As with most of these signs of attraction, mirroring is often performed without conscious thought. While engaging with the person that you're interested in, check in with yourself and see if the other person appears to be mirroring your body language. If so, there's a chance that they may be interested in you.

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How online therapy can help

Recognizing these signs of attraction can be helpful when it comes to dating, but it's only one piece of the puzzle. If you're having difficulty expressing attraction, recognizing attraction, or navigating other aspects of dating and relationships, you can connect with a mental health professional for support.

Dating can be fun, exciting, nerve-racking, disappointing, and everything in between, and at times, it can take a toll on your confidence. Research has shown that online therapy is an effective option for a range of concerns, including self-esteem, which may be especially helpful in navigating the confusing world of dating. 

Plus, dating can often take up a lot of time as you try to meet new people, and it may be difficult for some to make time for something like therapy. With online therapy through Regain, you can have therapy sessions wherever you have internet, so there’s no need for a commute, which may make it easier to schedule. 


Some common possible signs of attraction can include fidgeting, blushing, eye contact, breathing faster, mirroring, and touching. Everyone is different and none of these signs are guaranteed indications of interest, but they may be useful as you try to determine how someone else might be feeling. For more support with dating and relationships, you can meet with a licensed therapist online. 

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