Free Online Therapy Could Save Your Relationship

Updated January 15, 2020

Relationships can be challenging. You might feel bogged down by the problems that you're experiencing in your relationship and it's okay to admit that you don't know what to do next. Sometimes we aren't sure how to solve our relationship problems on our own and we need to find support. That's why couples therapy exists. If you and your partner are struggling, it might be time to seek guidance from a couple's counselor.

People make many excuses when it comes to seeking help for their relationship. It might be that they are ashamed to get help from a mental health professional, but the truth is, there's no embarrassment in finding support to make your relationship better. One of the excuses that many people use so that they don't seek help is that therapy or couples counseling costs money. And to be clear this is an excuse. There are ways to get couples therapy that doesn't involve paying money. You can get free online therapy for you and your partner. If you had the chance to work on your relationship problems and you didn't have to pay for it, why wouldn't you try it? It's a legitimate question. Can you think of an answer?

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Is Your Relationship In Trouble?

Contrary to popular belief, falling in love and getting married isn't always the fairy tale that it appears to be on television or social media. Married couples that have been together for decades will tell you that being married takes tons of dedication, commitment, and hard work. This is solid advice. You may wonder how being married or in a committed dating relationship can possibly require work. This is especially true when feelings of euphoria or attachment are acting on the pleasure centers in your brain in the early stages of falling in love.

The truth is that the chemicals in our brains that increase our pleasure and desire when we fall in love, often don't stay at the same elevated levels as they were in the beginning. When the rose-colored glasses come off, you may realize that your partner isn't as perfect as you once thought. Is this new awareness because something suddenly changed with your partner? Or, did something change with you? In most cases, when couples start having issues, it's because they are moving on to a different phase in their relationship that isn't so preoccupied with the concept of new love.

Common relationship issues that come up as couples learn how to share their lives are financial concerns, housekeeping concerns (those pesky dishes left overnight in the sink), and personality concerns.

How to Save Your Relationship

Just because you find yourself facing some struggles in your relationship doesn't mean your relationship is over. In fact, there are things that you can do that can increase your chances of successfully overcoming these challenges to build an even stronger relationship than before. However, in order to see results you must be committed and willing to put in the work needed to save your relationship.


Communication is a key component of any healthy relationship. It helps you stay in touch with your partner. Likewise, it helps you get to know them at a deeper level as you share secrets and desires with each other. However, when life gets busy it is easy to forget to really check in with one another and see how your partner is doing. It can become even more difficult when you are already at odds with each other. Communication is important to keep your relationship moving forward in general, but it is especially important when it comes to working through any challenges or issues. By being able to effectively communicate with your partner you can let them know what is bothering you and how you feel. Failing to communicate with your partner can lead to feelings of resentment. Therefore, it is always important to communicate with each other; just make sure you communicate constructively to have the most effectiveness, especially when discussing a difficult topic.

Set Boundaries

Learning how to set healthy boundaries is one of the most important things that you can do for your intimate relationships. You may think that you and your partner shouldn't share separate hobbies or interests and that taking time apart will damage the relationship. In actuality, taking time apart to enjoy individual activities keeps the relationship alive (as you both have something new and unique to bring to the table after spending time apart). This idea may contradict popular images on television and social media that often depict obsessive or pathological love. No matter how much you love someone -- we're biologically wired to take some alone time to reboot and refresh to keep our minds and bodies healthy.


Setting boundaries also lets your partner know what you expect from them. This can help keep you from getting hurt and can reduce arguments. It also puts both of you on the same page on what you expect from each other. It is important to be fair when it comes to setting boundaries. You should be reasonable in your expectations for your partner and you should be willing to abide by the same boundaries that you want your partner to follow. You'll also need to be open to accepting the boundaries that they want you to follow as well, within reason. Whatever you agree to, be sure to follow it. Staying true to your word in terms of boundaries can go a long way in other areas of your relationship as well, such as continuing to build trust with your partner.

Couples Therapy

If you are struggling to overcome the challenges you are facing as a couple, it may be worthwhile to consider couples therapy. Couples therapy can be used by anyone in a relationship, not just married couples. Going to therapy together gives you a sounding board as the counselor works as a neutral third-party to help you work through your issues. They can also help you see the issue from your partner's perspective (something that can be difficult to do on your own). Most importantly, however, is that free online therapy can save your relationship by giving both of you the needed tools to successfully navigate your disagreements and improve your communication with each other.

Benefits of Couples Therapy

When a couple enters into therapy they have a unique opportunity to look at their relationship from both a clinical and emotional perspective. Couples therapy helps them learn how to communicate better by establishing communication goals and boundaries. We often forget to set these important boundaries during the new love phase of our relationships. This is especially the case when we're putting our best foot forward and don't want to be seen as a bad mate.

When you're not able to figure it out on your own, it's time to enlist the support of a professional third-party to help you and your partner to sort things out. However, not everyone has access to reputable counselors nearby, and not everyone has the time to sit in traffic on their way to appointments. This is where online counseling services like ReGain offer solutions.

Getting couples therapy online with leading couples therapy platforms like ReGain is easy. To get started, either you or your partner will need to register for a free account on the platform using your valid email address. This email address will be used for communication with your therapists, exchanging files and therapy notes, and appointments. Couples do have the option to remain anonymous on the platform for privacy.

Does Your Relationship Need Saving?
Talk To A Relationship Expert With A Free One-Week Trial Today.


Once you've registered for your free therapy account, the next steps are to choose a licensed therapy provider to conduct your sessions. You can start therapy sessions with a relationship counselor individually or as a couple. The choice is yours. After you select your therapist the next step is to decide how you'll attend your online sessions. Clients on the ReGain platform have the option to get online therapy via private chat room, face-to-face video chat, SMS messaging, and audio chat.

Sessions with your therapists are conducted in a question-and-answer format where you, your partner, and the therapist participate. During the question-and-answer sessions, you'll begin to learn more about communication strategies for voicing your concerns with your partner. Your therapist will help the two of you learn better communication skills and to determine if communication or something else has been at the root of your issues. Your therapist acts as a neutral third-party to help you iron out your differences so that you can both move forward.

When you start therapy on the ReGain platform, you immediately gain access to a one-week free trial that provides you with unlimited access to the therapist of your choosing. We're offering this free trial to give couples a free preview of the benefits of online therapy. To maximize the benefits of your free therapy trial -- schedule your first therapy appointment as soon as possible, to take full advantage of the free week. During the trial, you may communicate with your counselor as often as you'd like. Below are some reviews of ReGain counselors from other couples experiencing different relationship issues.

Counselor Reviews

"She always takes time to dig through all issues. Modifies our sessions based on needs at that time while maintaining long term and short term goals. She saved my relationship!!"

"Cris Roman saved my marriage. His approach to therapy taught my husband and I the skills we needed to change the way we communicated and the way we understood each other. He is very non-judgemental and helps each person make sense of the others' feelings and actions without taking sides or placing blame. His ability to make you feel heard while helping you to see and understand why your significant other is acting a certain way is phenomenal."

Final Thoughts

Now that you've learned some of the ways that struggling couples can benefit from by getting couples therapy online -- what are your plans? Are you going to reach out for professional help and get your relationship back on track? Or, are you going to continue to try to go it alone? Regardless of what you decide, now you know that you have options that can help you learn new methods and strategies to improve the quality of your intimate relationships.

Underlying mental health issues are often the cause of many disagreements that seem to have come from nowhere. Many couples learn relationship coping strategies and mental health coping strategies when taking part in couples therapy. No matter what you're experiencing, with the right tools, you can move forward to a truly fulfilling relationship.

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