Free Online Therapy Options For Couples Seeking Relationship Support

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Is Free Online TherapyRight For Your Relationship?

"Clients and therapists alike have been surprised at the efficacy of virtual counseling. What was once considered a novel approach is now becoming more and more mainstream. Online counseling has already saved countless relationships." - Aaron Horn LMFT

Free Online Therapy Services Can Help Unresolved Relationship Issues Negatively Impacting Mental Health

"I need to talk to someone about my relationship," Is your relationship under stress? It might be time to seek guidance from a free online couple's counselor, free couples counseling, or seek free online therapy individually.

While ReGain doesn't offer free therapy services for couples on the platform, there are other free adjacent or prepaid for services that couples might have the benefit of using. In theory, it’s not, but the free online therapy cost is already paid for. Employers offer Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) designed to help workers cope with stress and anxiety in a number of situations. Your employer won’t even know if you called the EAP. Counseling and therapy sessions are free of charge for you because they’re part of your benefits package.

Another therapy service is the cimhs free online therapy, which offers an 8-week free interactive therapy program for depression.

What is chat therapy? Today's wellness professionals and therapists provide co-counseling and other services online via unlimited messaging, couples message board, video, and phone. Not all of their services may be free, as most professional sites are not without cost, but there are many online, affordable counseling options. If you seek emotional support, some options available include joining support groups or engaging volunteer listeners.

For partners, whether free or not, a couples/marriage/family therapist can help your relationship address issues and possible mental health challenges. If you've tried DIY marriage counseling and it did not work for you, talking to a licensed professional or a licensed clinical social worker in a session can teach you how to communicate more effectively and uncover underlying concerns; there are affordable marriage counseling, relationship counseling, and many more that you can give a try. Talking to a counselor is a wonderful opportunity to be on the safe and winning side, and taking advantage of professional services such as paid or free online therapy can help overcome relationship problems.

Sometimes it might be hard to seek therapy from a professional such as a licensed couple expert. One partner may refuse to seek professional help for themselves or professional therapy for their relationship, even if it's free. Concerns about judgment or shame can be overwhelming, but most people who seek professional therapy from trained professionals will find that most therapistsoffer a non-judgmental perspective. It's understandable if we want to run away from ongoing issues, but running away could only lead to more pent-up feelings.

Free Online Therapy Can Help Improve Your Relationship

Finding mental health support or an online chat alternative through a therapist online can improve the quality of your relationships. You don't have to be hesitant or ashamed - depression and anxiety in relationships are prevalent all over the world and there is nothing wrong in seeking help for it. You may also try an anxiety test online to know your mental health condition.

One of the excuses that many people use for not getting mental health care support is that services like therapy or counseling, online or in-person, cost money. There are options for psychology and therapy that will not ruin your budget. licensed relationship help online is an affordable and results-based mental health service that is helping individuals improve their lives and relationship satisfaction.

If you want some guidance on how to solve relationship problems, seek help from a professional.

Free Online Therapy Can Help You and Your Partner Learn How To Build Communication, Intimacy, and Trust

If one or both partners has unresolved mental health issues, they may inadvertently bring those issues into the relationship. You can go to couseling if you have issues regarding trust, infidelity, and loyalty in relationships.

The good news is there are ways to get the best free relationship counseling or online therapy to get the help you and your partner deserve. With the advent of the best e-therapy sites and the best free online therapy sites that hire trained listeners, you can get free online therapy for your relationship. 

Free Online Therapy Can Help Explain How Lack Of Communication Affects Love

Having constant disagreements is a sign of a communication breakdown in a relationship. Learning how to see your partner's point of view without feeling judged is a skill that an online, licensed professional online can teach you. Therapy sessions can provide couples with the insight needed to repair and sustain their relatiinship.

Free Online Therapy Can Help You and Your Partner Relationship Phases

The chemicals in our brains that increase our pleasure and desire when we fall in love often don't stay at the same elevated levels as they were in the beginning.

This decrease in hormones can feel like depression or other mental health conditions. A licensed therapist online can help you and your partner navigate issues with existing mental health conditions through online counselling or online counseling.

Free Therapy Online Can Help Work Through Common Relationship Issues

Having ongoing emotional support from licensed therapists or licensed mental health professional in free online therapy or online help is a good way to learn how to handle relationship challenges. Professionals  such as licensed therapists in online relationship counseling, couples counseling, or some of the best free online therapy can provide unbiased insight and interactive mental health solutions.

Free Online Therapy with Therapists Can Save Your Relationship

The first step to take toward saving your relationship is to assess your and your partner's mental health in therapy. There could be underlying mental health issues affecting the relationship that can be improved with various forms of professional help, whether that be free marriage counseling, online help for individuals or couple relationships, or other non-free but affordable online therapy options.

Modern Free Online Therapy Benefits

Due to the advancement of technology, today's mental health treatments can be conducted by a licensed online psychologist. These include various formsof interactive therapy support with a combination of psychotherapy treatment, counseling, and partner referrals for community resources. To carry out treatments such as online family therapy and others, licensed professionals and medical health professionals work in tandem with various forms of therapeutic treatment including virtual, online, individual, relationship, group, and family. You can also find a legit free counseling hotline or a relationship advice hotline online.

Finding the right therapist for anxiety, relationships, and more is essential. But it can be hard to look for one near you. Online therapy sessions can help persons diagnosed with eating disorders, those with concerns about anxiety and relationships, extreme mood swings, outbursts or anger, or other ideations that could place you or someone else in a life-threatening situation.

If you are thinking about suicide or if you are thinking about harming yourself, or others, or if you have any medical emergency, you must immediately call the emergency service number (911 in the US and 999 in the UK) and notify the relevant authorities. Seek immediate in-person assistance at the nearest emergency room.

Different Free Options for Professional Help With Therapists

A wide variety of non-psychotherapies and different formsexist including play, music, art, sex, experiential, prolonged exposure, dance movement, and more.

Different forms of free online therapy can all provide positive results like those with family therapists.

Different Support

"I need someone to talk to" - One of the most popular forms is psychotherapy, or talk therapy that includes cognitive behavioral (CBT) and dialectical behavior  (DBT), which can be performed in online therapy work. These forms of professional help from a mental health professional are effective treatment options at helping to improve your quality of life.

Licensed professionals are trained to help individuals identify stressors in their relationships using various forms of therapeutic treatment. Without the intervention of a licensed professional through one of the forms of treatment, many people are unable to complete this process on their own. When individuals truly invest incounseling or therapy, they learn new ways to communicate with their partner, can discover the root of their problems or issues, and this can improve and save the relationship.

Communicate And Improve Understanding In Individual or Couples Sessions

Communication is a key component of any healthy relationship.

Failing to communicate with your partner can lead to resentment, damaging your relationship and perhaps compromising your mental health, which can be avoided by using free counseling services online. Taking care of your and your partner's well-being is essential, and online therapy can show you effective communication strategies.

Free Online Therapy With Therapists Can Help With Everyday Challenges

A therapist not only provides mental health services but also relationship advice on how to deal with everyday challenges through new online treatment.

Getting relationship help from a professional can help you learn important relationship behaviors.

Importance of Setting Proper Boundaries

Learning how to set healthy boundaries is extremely importantfor intimate relationships. Setting boundaries identifies what you expect from your partner and puts both of you on the same page on what you expect from each other.

Being in a relationship where boundaries and expectations are unclear can take a serious toll on your mental well-being. A licensed professional can help you and your partner learn how to set healthy boundaries. 

  • Is Free Online Therapy Or No-Cost In-Person Professional Help Possible?

If you are struggling to overcome challenges as a couple or individual, consider relationship therapy or other individual mental health free services. Though we often associate relationship counseling with marriage counseling licensed professionals who work with individuals in relationships are not off-limits to those in other types of committed relationships;anyone in a relationship can use relationship therapy. Going to online therapy sessions together gives you an unbiased sounding board as the therapist works as a neutral third person to help you work through your issues; therapy helps create a more objective approach. Most importantly, free online therapy can help save your relationship by rediscovering yourself and improving the quality of your overall well-being.

Pursuing professional help to work on individual mental health issues can involve contacting a licensed clinical social work therapist (LCSW) verified by a state board, psychiatrist, marriage and family therapists or other licensed professionals, depending on your needs or differing interests in different therapeutic processes/therapeutic approaches.

Many family therapists and other licensed professionals are sometimes encouraged to work in tandem to help patients by providing a combination of different services.

Affordable & Free Online Therapy with a Therapist

CBT Therapy

There are many different forms of therapy options to consider when seeking online options, including Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT therapists can help guide patients with the analysis of their thought and behavior patterns and then the devising ways to augment their behaviors for better outcomes.

Cognitive behavioral couples therapy can be especially helpful in reshaping negative or distorted thought patterns.

DBT Therapy

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), a sub-type of CBT,  aims to provide professional help and support through re-affirming a client’s strengths and augmenting troublesome thought patterns, just like CBT. This type of cognitive behavior therapy encourages clients to attend group therapy as well as individual sessions.

When looking for a therapist who will work on these forms of therapeutic treatment with you, look for a qualified therapist with experience in DBT.


Regardless of the type of psychotherapy or any other method of professional help you pursue individually, free or not, it can still be helpful to additionally pursue relationship therapy in order to work through unresolved issues in your relationships.

Benefits of Professional Help Online

Could Your Relationship Benefit From Free Online Therapy?

Is Your Relationship Struggling?

Couples Therapy Can Help. Talk To A Licensed Relationship Therapist.

One of the benefits of online professional help is it allows individuals the unique opportunity to look at their relationship from both a clinical and an emotional perspective. ReGain's affordable relationship therapy,  for example, helps individuals improve their relationship by learning how to communicate better by establishing communication goals and boundaries. Sometimes, the everyday struggles of life can make a couple forget who they used to be and what they really want to become. This might make one think "I don't know who I am anymore." Relathionship therapy can help you see clarity in your self and your relationship.

Unfortunately, many individuals wait until much later in the relationship to voice their real concerns. The delay in seeking support and getting to talk to someone online can lead to a deterioration in the quality of their overall well-being. Enlisting the support of a professional therapist to help your relationship can be extremely beneficial.

Online services like ReGain offer solutions that make it easier to find a therapist in new ways, like virtually. and similar services provide therapy

This variability can help individuals in relationships to find therapists or therapeutic options that work for them. Talking to licensed providers about how to resolve critical issues negatively affecting your quality of life is a great first step to take towards healing your relationship.

Getting professional relationship help virtually and new virtual treatment with leading relationship therapy platforms like ReGain is easy. To get started, either you or your partner will need to register for a free virtual account on the virtual platform using your valid email address. 

Once you've registered for your free online therapy account, you will take an online questionnaire. When the online questionnaire is complete, you will get matched to one of the licensed providers to conduct your virtual sessions. You can start virtual sessions with a relationship therapist individually or as a couple. After you select your therapist the final step is to decide how you'll attend your virtual sessions. 

Having long distance couples therapy options like those offered by make it easier for couples to tackle improving their mental well-being without worrying about in-office appointments.

Couples who participate in virtual services like couples therapy online have shown a 70% improvement in relationship satisfaction. This drastic increase in satisfaction is related to the effects of improved mental well-being and boosted confidence that learning new behaviors can provide.


"She always takes time to dig through all issues. Modifies our sessions based on needs at that time while maintaining long term and short term goals. She saved my relationship!!"

"Cris Roman saved my marriage. His approach to therapy taught my husband and I the skills we needed to change the way we communicated and the way we understood each other. He is very non-judgemental and helps each person make sense of the others' feelings and actions without taking sides or placing blame. His ability to make you feel heard while helping you to see and understand why your significant other is acting a certain way is phenomenal."

Could Your Relationship Benefit From Free Online Therapy?

Free Online Therapy Conclusion

Now that you've learned some of the ways that struggling couples can benefit from by getting online professional help - are you going to reach out for professional support and get your relationship and your overall well-being back on track?

Or, are you going to continue to try to go it alone?

Regardless of what you decide, now you know that you have options for getting mental health care and relationship support services with an affordable psychologist online. Professional services can help you learn new methods and strategies to improve the quality of your individual mental health and the health of your personal relationships. Many couples learn relationship coping strategies and mental health coping strategies in relationship therapy when they take advantage of getting these services. No matter what negativity you're experiencing, with the right tools and improved well-being, you can move forward to a truly fulfilling relationship.
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