Couples Therapy Cost: Is It Worth It?

Updated September 04, 2018


If you're trying to decide whether your marriage could use help from a trained therapist, you may be wondering whether the cost is reasonable. After all, it can cost several hundred dollars a month for couples therapy, depending on how often you and your partner see your therapist. Here's what to consider when you ask yourself whether counseling is worth the money.

Cost Isn't Just About Money

Before you think about whether couples therapy is worth the cost, ask yourself how much your marriage means to you. How much would you do to save it? When you put the price into perspective, you may find that the money isn't as important as the relationship you regain from paying a professional therapist to provide guidance for you and your spouse.

Yes, counseling costs money, but you are paying for help from someone who is trained in communication and conflict resolution strategies. And think about it this way: you'll probably pay a whole lot more for a lawyer and the divorce process than you would for sessions with a counselor to keep your marriage intact.

Benefits Of Couples Therapy


As you consider whether couples therapy is the right decision for you and your partner (and your finances), take into account these benefits of relationship counseling.

Improve Communication Skills

You've probably heard over and over again that good communication is the key to a happy marriage. But what is good communication? And how do you know if you're doing it right? Couples therapists are professionally trained in communication skills that help to prevent arguments.

Rebuild Your Connection

Sometimes it takes an outside party to help you and your partner remember why you're together. Most people in a long-term relationship have built many connections over the years. You or your partner may just be having trouble seeing them. A counselor will view your relationship with a fresh perspective to help you remember those bonds.

Get Mediation On Goals And Commitments


Long-term relationships, including marriages, are built on shared goals and commitments. But sometimes each partner's goals shift over time. When that happens, you may need someone to mediate as the two of you renegotiate your relationship commitments and where you are headed.

Prevent Resentment Before It Builds

One of the best ways to utilize couples therapy is to talk to a therapist before you and your partner have built up a wall of resentment. The best time to seek help (and get the most benefit from the time and money you put into counseling) is at the first sign of trouble. Just as preventive health care saves you from experiencing serious health problems down the road, preventive couples therapy saves you from experiencing serious relationship problems.

Learn How To Handle Conflict Without Damage

Every relationship involves conflict. It's part of being human. But experiencing conflict does not have to deteriorate your marriage. The best relationship is one where each of you can be honest with each other without disrespecting each other.

Sometimes, a relationship needs outside support. And that's okay. You and your spouse or long-term partner exist as a part of a community, not just an isolated couple. By paying a professional couples therapist to assist you, you are investing in your relationship.

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