Ways To Forgive Someone Who Cheated On You: Pros & Cons | Cheating & Infidelity

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How To Forgive Someone For Cheating

In today’s world, continuing a relationship with someone who cheated can be quite controversial. But many individuals believe that a partner's infidelity should not automatically mean the end of a relationship, and it actually shines a light on what needs to be worked through.

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Conflicted About Your Partner Who Cheated?
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Then, others believe it shows such disrespect in a relationship that it should mean the end. In many cases, people on both sides of the aisle feel very strongly about their positions. Objectively, whether a person should forgive a cheater depends upon themselves, what type of relationship they want to have, and what they would like to experience in the future. Learning how to forgive someone for cheating and rebuilding trust is possible with time, hard work, and effort, and online therapy is a great resource to support you through this.

"We always have to weigh out the pros and cons of staying in a relationship. If the pros outweigh the cons, repair needs to occur in order to continue. If you decide the relationship was already broken and you choose to move on, taking time for personal introspection can facilitate growth and healing." - Aaron Horn LMFT

Before covering the pros and cons of forgiving a cheater, it is imperative to note just how harmful and hurtful cheating can be to a relationship. Learning how to give yourself time to grieve, and feel all the emotions that may come up for you before making a decision about staying or leaving.

Notes On Infidelity

Cheating is often very devastating for many relationships. More often than not, when people enter a monogamous partnership, they do so with the understanding that there will be love, mutual respect, and commitment to each other. In a marriage particularly, cheating and being unfaithful can lead to an unraveling of issues or lack of communication that may have been building up in the relationship over time.

Forgive Your Partner: Why People Are Unfaithful

There are numerous reasons why specific individuals engage in cheating. Occasionally, they are bored in the relationship. Rather than communicating this feeling with their partner or leaving, they engage in cheating.

In other scenarios, cheating can happen as a result of seduction-- they desire someone new, personal insecurities about desirability (or lack thereof), or they are not sexually satisfied in their relationship so they go outside of it to satisfy their needs.

Ultimately, cheating is a choice; this is something everyone must remember if they ever find themselves in a situation where they are deciding how to forgive someone for cheating.

How To Forgive Someone: The Pros

No two relationships are the same. As such, some people will inevitably wish for a way to forgive someone for cheating. Regardless of the ultimate decision of whether to forgive or not, knowing the upsides of forgiving someone for cheating is just as important as being aware of the downsides.

Whether or not you decide the pros outweigh the cons (or vice versa) for deciding to forgive someone for cheating is entirely your call; however, everyone deserves to make an informed decision about their relationship and how to move forward.

Healing After Cheating, Letting Go Of Anger For Being Cheated On, & How To Forgive

The ability to let go of anger and resentment is certainly a benefit that comes along with forgiving someone. Feeling hurt, angry, or even resentful after being cheated on is perfectly normal; however, when these feelings are not processed or released constructively, this is when problems arise.

Forgiving a cheater allows for the person who was wronged to heal. The healing process is messy because it will take can take more than a few months to rebuild the relationship's foundation. Ultimately, holding onto negative emotions does not benefit anyone, and it certainly doesn't hurt the cheater more than the someone who was cheated on. Your partner's heart does hurt even though they were unfaithful in the relationship. Learning how to let go, to forgive, and move forward in life is a valuable life skill; the merits are not mutually exclusive to a relationship.

Fixing Problems To Heal Relationship

In many cases, when infidelity happens in a relationship, this is a symptom of other underlying issues in the relationship. Of course, there is nothing that merits unfaithfulness, although forgiving a cheater does allow for more deep-rooted problems in a relationship to be dealt with.

Solving the cause of relationship struggles can often result in a partnership that is better and healthier. Of course, when fixing issues that exist in a relationship, both parties must be willing to. Remember, a relationship only works if both individuals are on board and willing to put in the necessary work.

How To See If You Have A Future With Someone Who Cheated

Despite the opinions of others, not everyone is ready to call it quits on a relationship after infidelity immediately. Many people are still interested in seeing whether or not a relationship has a future, or might have invested many years as well as time and attention into this relationship.

It's impossible to know what lies ahead and ultimately, only time will tell what will come of a relationship, but people who are interested in seeing if their relationship has a future deserve to do so.

This will ultimately require them to forgive the one who cheated and attempt to move forward in the relationship.

Forgive Someone: The Cons

The drawbacks of forgiving a cheater are regularly discussed in society. Despite what many people view as upsides to the forgiveness of cheating, others maintain that cheating ought to be a deal breaker. There are a series of downsides to forgiving a cheater, and each person deserves to be aware of them as they decide what to do next.

Infidelity Sometimes Happens Again 

One of the most obvious drawbacks of forgiving a cheater is that they could cheat again. Some cheaters happen to be serial cheaters, meaning they will cheat multiple times. Affairs do happen, and you don't want to be stuck in this position again. This doesn't happen in all situations; however, it is not particularly uncommon in first-time cheaters to later become serial or habitual cheaters.

It's also important to know whether or know your significant other was cheating during the entire relationship. It's important to know information about your own relationship that could help you figure out how to proceed. In addition, if the cheating happened with an ex, it might be crucial to ask your partner about their contact and connection. 

Forgiving a cheater can easily be interpreted as acceptance of infidelity, of which many cheaters can tend to take advantage of. 

Ongoing Hurtful Reminders

Forgiving a cheater and remaining in a relationship with a cheater can be incredibly hurtful. To always be reminded of the fact that the one who promised to be committed to you broke that promise is not a good feeling. It can be hard to feel comfortable and secure around a partner who has cheated. 

No matter how much a cheater apologizes, promises not to do it again, or tries to atone, they will never be able to take back their actions. To at least some capacity, the acts of cheating will add a new dynamic to the relationship.

You Deserve Better

Remaining in a relationship with a cheater robs you of the opportunity of a relationship with a partner who won't cheat. Being in a romantic relationship is important, so make sure you get the love you deserve. The reality is that there are many people in this world; the potential to be in a healthy relationship that is free of cheating exists. That doesn't mean you cannot rebuild your current relationship, but if it continues being unhealthy, you might be stunting your own growth.

Decide What Is Best For You

If you find yourself in a situation where you are cheated on, knowing what to do is not always easy. Weighing the pros and cons is still helpful, but ultimately, you must make the decision that is best for you. It's also important to note that forgiving a cheater does not always mean that they will want to remain in the relationship.

Occasionally, people cheat because they are looking for an out. Obviously, this doesn't make cheating right or acceptable by any means, but it's still a thing to be aware of. Paying attention to signs might be helpful to avoid these situations, but ultimately there is nothing that you did wrong to cause this. 

As you decide whether or not to forgive a cheater, it's also important to understand that you are not at fault.

Occasionally, individual cheaters will attempt to blame their partner or to claim that if their partner had or hadn't done a particular thing, they wouldn't have cheated. 

This is not a reason that you should internalize. Each individual is accountable for their actions. Attempting to pass the buck, as opposed to taking responsibility for one's own choices, is very disappointing.

How partners conduct themselves after cheating speaks volumes about character.

This should be taken into consideration when a person is deciding whether or not to forgive a cheater. Are they remorseful? Do their actions match their words? Are they showing they can change, and putting in the work to do so? In many cases, a great sign of them working on themselves is through individual or couples counseling.

You Don't Have Go Through It On Your Own

Wondering how to forgive your partner for cheating? Relationship drama is complicated enough; adding cheating into the mix often makes matters ten times more complex. Some people can work through these issues on their own and forgive; others may require help, and there's nothing wrong with that.

The ability to seek advice when necessary is an advantageous skill that will undoubtedly have both short term and long term merits.

If you are dealing with issues regarding relationships, cheating, struggling to forgive or another matter entirely, signing up for online therapy with ReGain will undoubtedly prove to be beneficial. A relationship therapist or family therapist can be really effective in healing from this experience. 

Working with an online therapist allows you to get the help you need regardless of who you are, where you live, or what your lifestyle looks like. Having a person to talk to is often mentally and emotionally beneficial, as is getting advice that is directly relevant to your situation and what you are dealing with.

Working with an online therapist will not automatically make your troubles disappear. It also won't guarantee that you never face challenges in the future. However, what online therapy can do is successfully ensure that you are equipped to deal with present issues and any future situations which may arise.

Reaching out to a trusted family member can also be effective if you don't know where to start. 

FAQs: Forgive For Infidelity, Those Who Cheated, & Mending a Relationship

Can a relationship really go back to normal after cheating?

Cheating shatters relationships on occassion. It's up to that someone who was cheated on, however it's important to remember that forgiveness is a strength. It takes a lot of work to rebuild trust in a relationship, and occasionally a partner may feel they don't want to forgive. If they don't want to forgive, it can be difficult to move forward. The relationship won't go "back to normal" because this is a traumatic experience. Ultimately, it's up to both people to decide how to move forward. Forgiving your partner won't necessarily be easy, but it may be worth it to salvage the relationship. 

Ways to fix a relationship for good after infidelity happens?

You don't have to forgive your partner and move on after being cheated on, even if your partner pressures you to do so. You have the right to feel your emotions. Some people believe that unfaithful behavior isn't something that stops and that once you cheat, it becomes a pattern.

It could bring up further questions about relationships, such as do people change? These individuals may say you shouldn't because they'll hurt you again. There are no right answers. Many people believe that a relationship is fixable if you work on the problems and forgive. And that may be true for some couples, however, other individuals may consider cheating to be a deal-breaker. It depends on the situation and the people involved. You have to ask yourself if it's worth it. 

Should you forgive the person and take them back?

There's no definitive answer as to whether you should forgive a cheater. It's up to you to make that decision to forgive and it's important to remember that forgiveness is a strength. You need to think long and hard about what you want out of a relationship. Ask yourself if you want to take a risk on this someone once the trust has been broken. It's not wrong to do. You might sense that this was a one-time thing and be able to forgive them. Forgiving a cheater is undoubtedly taking a leap of faith and trusting someone who burned you, but it could be worthwhile. If you let go of this and forgive, you could cultivate a wonderful long-lasting relationship. 

Can a cheating partner really change for the better?

Do people change? Some individuals want to work on themselves and do better, while others are stuck in toxic or dysfunctional patterns. Some people have substance abuse issues and struggle with addiction. They can get better if they're dedicated to treatment. Forgiving a cheater is trusting that someone wants to change. Only time will tell if that individual is serious about modifying their behavior. You don't have to forgive a cheater if you're uncomfortable with the idea. You may have an intuitive sense that they'll hurt you again. You don't want to take the risk on them, knowing that they could hurt your heart. Your wellbeing is what matters the most. If you feel like your partner isn't going to change, or doesn't have the desire to make these behavioral shifts, you have the right to move on.

Do you love someone if they cheated?

You may love your partner dearly, and still cheat on them. It could be that the relationship became mundane, and you feel unfulfilled. Maybe you're not happy with your emotional connection, or the physical intimacy isn't satisfying. Part of being loved is also feeling understood. Some people engage in emotional cheating. That sort of cheating can be more painful than a physical affair. If you choose to be unfaithful by forming an intimate romantic bond with someone besides your partner, that is considered emotional cheating. That could make your partner feel extremely devalued because they don't feel like you love them.

Should you stay with someone who cheated after being cheated on?

If you forgive a cheater, it shows that you have faith in that someone. You may believe it was a one-time thing. Perhaps your partner explained the reason behind the cheating. You get why they did it, and so do they. They've promised that they will work on themselves in therapy and make an effort in the relationship with you. You can forgive a cheater, and stop labeling them that. That's another aspect of moving forward. If you're always calling them out for being unfaithful or throwing it in their face, you can forgive a cheater, that makes them feel like they have no choice. You need to humanize your partner. Remember that people make mistakes. Your partner may not have wanted to hurt you. Perhaps, with time, they'll see why they were unfaithful and can explain it to you. It's up to you whether you chose to move on or not. It may be worth it, and you could live a long, happy, faithful life together.

How to stop hurting and forgive your cheating partner?

If you're hurt after your partner cheated on you, that's normal. Don't try to force yourself to get over the cheating. No matter the amount of much pressure others put on you to do so remember:

This is your life

These are your emotions

The way you feel is valid

It could take a long time getting over it

You may need to take space. It's okay to take a break from a relationship after cheating. You can tell your partner that you're hurt from the cheating, and you want to take a break. This could be a sign that it's time to move on from the relationship. It's crucial to rely on your support system, which includes your friends and family. You can also seek the help of a licensed mental health professional who can help you through the challenges of having someone cheat on you. Whether you see a therapist online, or in your local area, therapy can be crucial to recovering from cheating. 

Can you forgive someone for infidelity?

It's possible to forgive your partner for cheating. It makes sense if you don't trust them at first and can't forgive. You may be tempted to check their private social media messages. A cheating partner will keep engaging in the behavior if they want to stray from the relationship.

You can't control their behavior. It isn't fair that your partner engaged in cheating. If you can't move past the cheating and forgive, it's time to think about letting the relationship go.

It's crucial to be with someone who you love and trust. If your partner has cheated, chances are you don't know how to trust your partner anymore or even forgive them. You have good reasons to be distrustful, because in healthy, non-open relationships, the people are loyal to each other. 

To forgive a person for being unfaithful can be incredibly difficult. Forgiving is a complicated emotion and know that you are not alone in feeling that forgiving is hard.
There is no one right answer or “right and wrong” decision at all.
It all comes down to the unique relationship you have with your partner and whether or not you feel it is possible to forgive that someone for cheating. If you decide it is not possible, that’s okay. And if you decide it is possible, that’s okay too. Some say that cheaters never change, however, this is not always true. Everyone is different and every relationship is unique. There is no one-size-fits-all decision on how moving forward after infidelity is done - whether you stay together or decide leaving the relationship is best or take a break from each other. Cheating in a relationship does not immediately signify the end of the relationship after cheating.
Cheating in a relationship can definitely change the dynamic in a relationship or the relationship entirely but choosing to forgive someone for cheating and moving forward with the relationship after cheating, rebuilding a stronger foundation together, is a possibility. If you decide remaining together is best, you may employ the help of a licensed couples therapist.
If you do decide that leaving the relationship is best, know that you have a support system around you during this time. Whether that be friends and family, or possibly a licensed therapist, know that you are not alone. Take some processing and healing time, surrounding yourself with things and people that support you. Regardless of what you decide, know that choosing to forgive someone for cheating is your choice and your choice alone. There is no right and wrong decision here! Whether or not you choose to forgive that someone for cheating or decide leaving the relationship because of cheating is best, ultimately do what is best for you.
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