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With most romantic couples, there is a more or less implicit agreement that both partners will be sexually and romantically involved only with each other. When this pact is broken, a great deal of trust is lost, which may never be regained and can easily lead to the end of a relationship or marriage.

Infidelity Quotes To Help You Forgive And Move On

Love is the most powerful emotion, an emotion that put you on top of the world. Infidelity is a betrayal that can shake your very essence, and make you question yourself and...

Can A Marriage Survive After Marital Infidelity?

Dealing with marital infidelity is one of the toughest challenges you might face in a marriage. It’s been estimated that 17% of divorces in the U.S. are caused by one or both...

Consenting Adultery: How To Maintain An Open Relationship

As monogamy continues to share the spotlight with other types of relationship dynamics in our society, open relationships are continuing to become the norm for some people...

What Causes People To Engage In Adultery?

Adultery is officially defined as “sexual acts between a married person and someone who is not that person’s spouse.” Acts of infidelity and cheating on one’s spouse...

Is Emotional Infidelity A Real Thing?

People often bring up the term ‘emotional infidelity’ when they feel their partner is neglecting them or getting ready to leave them. To those people, it seems like a very real...

If this should happen, it is certainly a sign that the foundation of the couple's love for one another needs to be re-examined. Cheating on a partner is not always a case of momentarily giving in to temptation, but is actually often an indication of deeper underlying problems between spouses or lovers. Aside from feeling sexually unsatisfied, a cheating husband or wife is often feeling unappreciated by their significant other. Sometimes they feel the need to relate to another person on an emotional level rather than merely wanting sex, or they fear that their personal independence has been reduced to the point where cheating represents a kind of rebellion. Whatever leads up to infidelity, it is essential to address not only the resultant feelings of betrayal and humiliation, but also address the deeper fractures in a relationship that made it seem like a good option. No romance or marriage is benefited by simply forgiving and forgetting, or sweeping infidelity under the rug. Instead, this represents not only a painful stage in the relationship, but also an opportunity to develop a deeper bond and greater mutual understanding for the couple who is willing to acknowledge and address their problems. The following articles explore the causes, ramifications and consequences of infidelity, as well as how professional relationship therapy can help a couple emerge from it stronger than before.
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