How To Read The Body Language Of Men To Tell If They’re Interested In You

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Male body language is easy for some people to read if they know what to look for when watching them. Men usually stand, sit, gesture, or move a certain way. Their eyes also have a lot to share, as they are often the key to determining one’s mood or emotion.

The Majority Of Our Communication Is Nonverbal

Body language is best described as non-impulsive or impulsive movements of one or multiple areas of the body. These movements are used to communicate or subconsciously express thoughts or emotions. Men often use body language to send signals to people they're around, whereas women's body language when attracted to a man might differ.

The Basics Of Body Language

Men utilize various areas of their brains to decipher body language. They are typically not as adept as women in determining what a person is communicating with their body language. On the other hand, women are generally better at reading male body language. If you have difficulty expressing yourself verbally, it may be due to a lack of self-esteem. Talking with a professional therapist may help you overcome the communication challenges you face.

Most people tend to focus on reading female vs male body language. You may be more attentive to what they say and rarely watch what they do. Actions do speak louder than words in terms of body language. It can be challenging to understand male body language.

Why It's Important To Understand Body Language

Body language transmits non-verbal messages to those around you and can completely change the message's intent when misinterpreted. Misunderstanding the body language of a person can mean the difference between destroying or improving a relationship or friendship. Body language varies among cultures, and if you're traveling and have no idea of what's common for a specific culture, it may be challenging to communicate. You can build quality relationships when body language is interpreted correctly.

How To Read Men's Body Language

A man may express his interest in you but do very little to show that he's interested. In other words, his actions aren't aligned with his statement. You're not interested in being fed crazy lines because a guy feels that you're easy. You want to know what he feels, and honesty is important at this point. You want to be shown that he likes you. 

One way to determine this is to learn how to read the male body language that shows romantic interest. Understand the difference between excited or nervous body language. Some men or shy or don't have much dating experience, but men's body language can still speak volumes about their feelings. 

The majority of our communication efforts are via body language. If you watch closely, you can tell a lot about a man and his innermost thoughts. Confident body language can help you attract the right people into your life. If you are a woman attracted to a man, you likely look for body language similar to your own, but you shouldn't. While some signals are similar, men typically think a bit differently than women. They can miss hints that women drop, and their body language is much more distinct than that of women. Men generally won't be so refined with their language. Just take note of a few important signs a man is attracted to you when watching them.

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  • They glance at your feet. It may come as a surprise, but if a man is interested in you, he usually stands with his feet directed towards you. Research indicates that our feet are generally pointed towards the direction we wish to go. This is applicable in almost any setting.
  • They graze their faces. If a man consistently touches or grazes his face during the conversation, he's possibly interested in you. Pay close attention to his hands to see if he's grazing his face in an upward and downward motion. Is he grazing his chin, rubbing it softly? These are indicators of nervousness. If you're in the presence of someone you like, your skin may be sensitive or feel tingly when touched.
  • They flare their nostrils. Have you ever been engaged in conversation with a man and noticed that his nostrils are flared? This is one subtle way a man can show interest or attract your attention. Sometimes, flared nostrils are a subconscious male body language indicator but are generally indicative of attraction.
  • They flash their brows. One of the first reactions a man makes when he encounters or notices something he likes is to raise his brows. It's about a three or four-second raise and can be easily missed if you're not paying close attention. If the interest is mutual, quickly return a raised brow to show it.
  • They part their lips. Men part their lips for a few seconds when they see something or someone they like. It's a partial opening of the lips and not a fully opened mouth.
  • They straighten or caress their clothing. When men begin to fiddle with their tie, collar, or other articles of clothing, it's an indication that he wants to look his best for someone. It's common for women to primp their clothing because they're always conscious of their appearance, but there's generally more to it when a man does it.
  • They fiddle with or run their fingers through their hair. Of course, this only applies to men with hair, but it's an involuntary movement that indicates he wants to be sure every hair is in place in hopes that you'll notice him.
  • They stand with a stiff posture. A man may be wanting to show off his physique and allow you to see the best parts of him.
  • They purposely allow you to catch them scoping you out. He takes a visual tour of your body to show how he appreciates your appearance, and he does it just long enough for you to catch him doing it.

Nervous Body Language Signs

Many people show nervousness in uncomfortable or stressful situations, which may cause them to appear weak. Once you notice the signs are being expressed, they can easily be changed or corrected. 

There are many signs of insecurity that people display daily. It may be fiddling with your clothes, avoiding making eye contact with others, or standing off from others in a crowd. These are all body language signs that appear when a person is nervous. If you want to know how to read body language, here are a few of the most common nervous body language signs and ways to correct them.

Avoiding Eye Contact

When you're nervous, you usually look away from people or fail to make eye contact with them. There is a sense of intimacy in eye engagement, and during periods of nervousness, the body strives to avoid all intimacy.

Correct this by looking into the eyes of the person with whom you're speaking, even when it's uncomfortable. Don't stare deeply, as it may come off as forced and a bit odd. Believing in what you're saying and looking a person in the eyes during conversation can be a great esteem booster.

Consistent Licking Or Biting Of The Lips

Nervousness can quickly lead to dry mouth, which may unknowingly prompt you to bite or lick your lips over and over. Facial tension is what leads to biting and usually happens without warning.

To correct this, hydrate before a conversation that you're anxious about having. If possible, have a bottle of water nearby to sip from during the engagement. This moistens the mouth, which can help prevent you from licking your lips.

Pulling Their Chin Inward

If a person tucks their chin in, it's a sign that they're attempting to escape the situation by not being noticed. In their minds, pulling their chin in makes them appear smaller and feel guarded.

To correct this, breathe slow deep breaths while engaging with people. Deep breaths cause the body to expand and force the chin in an upward position.

Slouching Their Shoulders

If a man stands or sits with shoulders slouched, it may signify stress or anxiety.

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The Majority Of Our Communication Is Nonverbal

To correct this issue, remember to breathe deeply when talking. Deep breaths cause the torso area to straighten and the shoulders to broaden or open up.

Holding Their Hands Between Their Legs Or Inside The Pockets

It's natural for a man to want to shield his hands during moments of insecurity or nervousness.

To correct this issue, consider using hand movements when you talk. Please don't overdo it, but know that hand gestures can make you appear confident in yourself and what you're saying. If you don't want to gesture while speaking, try to place your hands near your side without sticking them inside your pockets.

Online Therapy For Building Confidence

Even if you are an expert on body language, you may still feel nervous about making a move based on the perception that someone is clearly attracted to you. It is normal to feel this way, and there is nothing wrong with you. Have you considered speaking with an online therapist? Online couples’ therapists, in particular, may be particularly knowledgeable about body language and how to develop self-esteem in relationships.

Through online counseling platforms like Regain, you can meet with a licensed therapist from your own home or office – anywhere with a secure internet connection! You can also schedule sessions when they are compatible with your schedule. If you find yourself in a moment where it’s important to discern body language, or you have an opportunity to progress a relationship, you can even text your therapist directly for reminders or advice.

Often, we may feel stressed or anxious when we’re trying to figure out how to make our feelings known to someone. Many people have sought counsel for this issue via online therapy, and studies have affirmed no significant statistical differences between online therapy and face-to-face counseling when it comes to effectiveness in resolving relationship satisfaction. Additionally, members of one study who received an online counseling intervention reported additional reductions in symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety.


Understanding male body language is something that most people wish to do. Because men aren't always good at expressing themselves, knowing what they're saying with their bodies can help us understand them better.

If you're a guy, use the male body language signs above to identify the three signs you display the most. If you're not sure, ask a friend or relative if there are any signs you consistently display with your body.

Afterward, practice the steps to correcting those signs, especially if they're the nervous signs. Taking the initiative to practice correcting the signs of nervousness makes it easier for you to accomplish it during the actual engagements. Most importantly, it will appear to be natural because you've mastered the process of overcoming the issue of nervousness. If you’d like help role-playing certain scenarios or uncovering the roots of insecure body language, you can reach out to a trustworthy licensed therapist at Regain for support.

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