Is She Interested In You? Female Body Language Signs Of Attraction

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If you’re interested in a woman, sometimes you may want to have an idea of her interest in you before you put yourself out there and ask her out. But how can you tell if she’s interested? While everyone is different and the only surefire way to confirm someone’s interest is for them to tell you, recognizing certain body language signs of attraction may be helpful. Continue reading for a few possible signs to keep an eye out for. 

Not sure if she likes you?

Signs a woman may be interested

Reading someone’s body language can be a challenge, as some clues may be complicated and indirect, while others may be upfront and easy to read. It’s also worth noting that none of these indicate that she is absolutely interested, but they may help offer some useful insight if you’re trying to understand how she feels without asking directly.  

Consider the following signs:

She points her feet toward you

Try to notice the position in which she’s keeping her feet while you two are talking. This can be a notable sign because people aren’t always conscious or aware of what position their feet are in. If a woman’s feet are pointing in your direction during the conversation, it may be a sign of some interest. In contrast, if a woman is sitting with tightly crossed legs and arms, that might indicate that she is nervous or not comfortable in your presence. 

She reacts to your touches

When reading body language, the reaction she gives to your touch can be an indicator of how she feels about you. If a woman is into you, she may blush, giggle, or flash a quick smile at the slightest touch, like a brush of her arm. If she’s not interested, she may pull away or not even notice your touch. That said, make sure you’re careful not to make inappropriate advances or touches. Pay careful attention when reading body language; understand if your actions are making her uncomfortable and respect her boundary. 

She’s become comfortable enough with you to touch you

Women may place their hands on someone if they are interested in them. She may graze their arm in agreement with something they said or rub their hand as a show of affection. This type of body language may show that she feels comfortable around the person and may be trying to build closeness. When reading body language, note that this isn’t an invitation to start a relationship or engage in a sexual encounter. Also, some women may be touchy with almost everyone, and so a slight touch may not be any indication that she’s interested in you. 

She mimics your gestures and motions

If she begins to mirror or mimic your levels of energy by talking similarly to you, using some of the same expressions as you, and suddenly making some of the same movements as you, that may be a sign of interest. Another one to notice is that she begins using some of the same terminologies as you do, especially certain phrases. These gestures may not indicate anything, but it is something to look out for regardless.

She constantly fixes herself up around you

If a woman is constantly fixing or fidgeting with herself to try to improve her appearance, it could be a sign of interest. This may include applying lip gloss, fixing her bangs or hair, or straightening her blouse. In reading female body language, these may be a sign of her nerves or wanting to look great for the person she’s interested in. 

Her body language is relaxed when around you

If she’s relaxed in your presence, she’s seemingly comfortable around you. This isn’t necessarily an indicator that she’s attracted to you, as it may just be how she is around those she’s comfortable with. You’ll have to put a little thought into this sign. If the two of you haven’t known each other long, but she uses a relaxed style of body language, it could mean that she’s interested. By using a relaxed style of body language, such as constantly touching you or being close to you, she may be showing many signs that she can be herself when around you. 

She tilts her head towards yours during the conversation

If you’re talking and she’s leaning inward, it can mean that she’s engaged with you and what you’re saying. This may be especially true if she does this while the two of you are with a group of other people. It could mean that your conversation is what she’s most interested in, and it could also be a sign that she wants to feel closer and connect with you more intimately. 

She blushes uncontrollably when you come around

For some women, blushing can be a common sign of interest in someone. She may feel slightly nervous and excited around you, and perhaps especially when you do something like make deep eye contact, graze her hand, or move closer. She may blush when the person she likes offers her a compliment or says something nice to her. 

Not sure if she likes you?

A note on reading body language

While keeping an eye out for some of the body language signs detailed above may be helpful, you can’t assume that a woman is interested based on those instances of body language alone. The only way to know for sure is to ask her. 

Getting help through therapy

If you face challenges recognizing signs of interest or are not comfortable expressing your interest in someone you’re attracted to, you may consider speaking with a therapist for support. They can assist you in addressing issues of communication that may be hindering you from engaging in healthy and fulfilling relationships, or with other relationship concerns. 

If you are trying to determine if someone is interested in you, you may notice possible signs at random moments that you want help interpreting. In these instances, it may be useful to be able to reach out to your therapist directly as these things come up. With online therapy through Regain, you can do exactly that: using in-app messaging, you can reach out to your therapist at any time, and they will respond as soon as they can. 

Plus, research has found online therapy to be an effective option for concerns including self-esteem, which may be helpful as you are trying to navigate these tricky situations of interest and attraction. 


If you’re trying to assess whether a woman is interested in you, you can look out for some possible signs of attraction based on her body language, such as if she mimics your gestures, fixes her appearance around you, and blushes when you’re around. That said, every person is different, and these signs do not guarantee her interest. The only way to know for sure is for her to tell you. If you’d like help with these and other relationship concerns, you can connect with a licensed therapist for support. 

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