The Importance Of Being Happy While Being Single

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Every person strives towards happiness in their daily lives. Human beings are only given so many days on earth and therefore have a duty to make the most of their allotted time. Far too often, people tend to attach their happiness to external things, such as geographical locations or other people, especially significant others. Although there is nothing inherently wrong with finding happiness in a romantic relationship, an individual’s happiness should not be determined by whether or not they are single or in a relationship.

Many people struggle with feeling happy while being simultaneously single. Unfortunately, society plays a role in the aforementioned internal battle that many people are plighted with. Every day, individuals are bombarded with movies, TV shows, and other forms of advertisement which depict people in relationships as ecstatic and fulfilled. At the same time, their single counterparts are portrayed as lonely and miserable. Granted, there are many happy, taken people and unhappy, single people, but the reverse applies also. A lot of men and women love being single and are reaping the benefits of singleness.

Regardless of one’s relationship status, each person needs to know that they can be both single and happy if they so choose. However, before one can learn that being happy before dating, one must first know and understand what it truly means to be happy.

What Is Happiness?

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Happiness is officially defined as “a state of well-being and contentment,” yet many people still have various notions of what engenders feelings of happiness. While some individuals view luck and circumstances as important factors that determine happiness, others believe that associates, friends, and family can either cause or contribute to happiness.

Psychology Today provides a closer and more in-depth look at happiness, what it entails, and how it can be attained. First and foremost, money is an important factor. Many people have opined that money doesn’t buy happiness, although this is not 100% true. Money buys shelter, food, clothing, transportation, and other bare necessities. While money alone is unlikely to buy true and complete happiness, it matters to honest individuals and others.

Next comes individual health, personal relationships, and environment. Each of the preceding factors is important because they determine what people can do and see the world. For instance, a person with a strong network of supportive colleagues, relatives, and friends is likely to be happier than someone else isolated and not in contact with others.

Similarly, a healthy individual who lives in a safe neighborhood and city will probably be happier than a regularly ill person and residing in a dangerous part of town. Not everyone feels comfortable admitting that money, health, relationships, and environment have notable impacts on happiness levels, but these elements greatly matter.

Thankfully, in the majority of situations, people do have control over how happy they are. An individual who is low on funds can work more hours or pursue opportunities in the gig economy to increase their earnings. Assuming that one is not gravely ill, one can improve their health by exercising and consuming more nutritious foods.

Finally, someone who wishes to improve their quality of relationships or environment can be more outgoing or relocate to a better area. Ultimately, happiness is a choice, and each person’s decisions will determine their quality of life.

Being Happy While Single

Contrary to assertions from Hollywood and other forms of media, the single life does not have to be synonymous with misery, loneliness, or unhappiness. Being single quotes tells us that sometimes, finding happiness while being single takes a healthy change of perspective.

Realizing the Benefits of Being Single

Like being in a romantic relationship, singlehood comes with many perks and upsides, although they may be less apparent. Lifehack notes the ability to travel on a whim as one of the “surprising benefits” of being single. Granted, many people do travel with their significant others. However, spontaneous travel across the country (or world!) is considerably less common for people in relationships than for their single counterparts. The benefits of traveling are well documented, and sometimes hopping on a plane at a moment’s notice and deciding to spend a few weeks out of town can be an amazing experience.

wikiHow furthermore affirms that statistically speaking, single individuals experience a better quality of health than people in relationships. This may surprise some observers, especially since the media tends to glamourize romantic relationships and stigmatize singlehood. Nevertheless, single individuals are, on average, thinner and more prone to getting a better quality of sleep than people in relationships.

Single women also tend to experience a better quality of mental health than women in relationships, particularly mothers. Entering a relationship does not guarantee the end of one’s physical, mental, or emotional health; however, single people, on average, experience less stress, work out, and eat healthier than their taken counterparts.

Taking Time to Better Oneself

Sometimes, happiness can be sound in the simplest of things, starting with individuals taking time to better themselves. Far too many people believe that entering into a romantic relationship will solve all their problems. In reality, romance does have its upsides, but people who use their single days to become better than they were yesterday constantly will reap the benefits.

Countless people fail to realize that the romantic partners they end up with are at least somewhat of a reflection of themselves. For instance, a person who does not truly value themselves may attract an abusive or neglectful partner. Conversely, a successful individual with high self-esteem is more likely to attract a significant other who is also doing well in life.

Like attracts like, especially in relations. Being single can be an excellent time to self-reflect, self-improve, and set new goals. Individuals who are constantly striving to better themselves are inevitably preparing themselves for healthy and successful romantic relationships.

Understanding the Foundation of True Happiness

Although the earlier information from Psychology Today explained the true definition and happiness factors, many people still fail to understand that happiness is a choice or their choice. Each creates their happiness by the decisions they make. The true desire and willingness to strive towards happiness is something that many people have yet to accomplish.

Pursuing a new line of work can bring about happiness, as can traveling, making new friends, taking a class that teaches a trade or sport. Pursuing new hobbies and interests and experiencing various cultures can also bring about happiness. Achieving happiness is an interesting journey that each person has to discover for themselves. Each is unique, and ultimately, there is no one singular answer to true happiness, including being in a relationship.

Individuals who struggle with being happy and single must also remember that merely being in a relationship will not guarantee or contribute to happiness. Entering into the right relationship at the proper time with the right individual is what makes all the difference. Poor romantic matches and unsuccessful relationships can engender more unhappiness than one might imagine.

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Single individuals should ultimately employ their time as a means of bettering themselves, pursuing new ventures, and discovering more about who they are. Sometimes, the best relationships occur when people least expect them to. Each person should live fully, have faith, and trust that what is truly meant for them will always find its way.

A Final Word

Anyone who has lived for even a few amounts of years knows that life can be tough sometimes. Facing challenges, tough times, and obstacles are inevitable parts of living. Nearly everyone would like to avoid them, if possible, but ultimately, some things are inevitable.

Sometimes people desire romantic relationships for the sake of companionship or to ease feelings of loneliness. Feelings lonely is an issue that countless individuals are battling, and there is no shame in seeking out help from outside sources. Grabbing coffee with a friend, having lunch with mom or dad, or simply spending time with other loved ones can sometimes serve as a helpful remedy to feeling lonely or alone.

Romantic relationships can also combat loneliness, but there are many other avenues for single people, and it is important for them to be aware of this.

Here at Regain, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of therapy and counseling to people who need or want it. The benefits of seeking professional help are well documented, yet many people are often hesitant to do so. Sometimes, they view therapy or counseling as a sign that something is wrong with them, but this belief could not be less accurate in reality.

A true sign of strength manifests in the ability to ask for help when one needs it. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but you need to know that Regain will always be here for you, no matter what. If you ever feel inclined to contact us for any reason whatsoever, you can do so by clicking here.

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