9 Reasons Why Some People Do Not Date Single Moms

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Single mothers make up a significant portion of the dating pool; in fact, households with single moms rank second in commonality among family types in the United States. Dating a single mother can be a rewarding and unique experience, providing an individual with the opportunity to get to know a strong woman and connect with her little ones. Along with these positives, however, dating a single parent can also present complications that some people aren’t prepared to take on. Whether it’s because of a potential lack of time or a choice to never have children, there are several concerns that may cause someone to avoid dating a single parent. Below, we’re going to discuss nine such reasons people do not date single mothers.

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Relationships With A Single Parent Can Be Complicated

9 Reasons Why Some People Do Not Date Single Moms

A person’s decision not to date a single mom may not have anything to do with her. Instead, it often has to do with the challenges that can arise while raising a child. It’s important to note that these are often also the reasons someone chooses to date a single mother. In addition to being organized and able to compartmentalize their lives, they’re often strong, independent, responsible, and fun to be around. For some people, though, this can also mean that their time will be restricted, their responsibilities greater, and their ability to be spontaneous limited. The following are nine possible reasons people choose not to date single moms.

1. Involvement Of The Ex-Partner 

Single parents have varying levels of involvement with the person they had children with. In some cases, there will be no contact. In other cases, the mother and kids might see the other parent almost daily. A potential romantic interest might worry about uncomfortable encounters with the ex-partner. This can be a complicated dynamic to navigate—which could include conflict with the ex and tension surrounding interactions with the children—so it is one that not everyone is willing to incorporate into their lives. 

2. Concerns About Time Constraints 

While not always the case, the obligations of a single mother can mean that she’ll have less time than someone who does not have children. Between caring for the little ones, helping with school and other activities, and focusing on her own career, health, etc., she may not have extra time to spend going on a lot of dates or simply hanging out with a partner. This can present problems for someone who prefers to date someone whom they can see frequently.

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3. Potential Lack Of Spontaneity 

Some people desire a less structured life and are aware that a single parent might not be quite as flexible with their time. Scheduling dates with romantic partners may require additional planning for single mothers. For example, if you’re someone who likes to extend dates when they’re going well, this might not be a possibility for a single mother, who may have time constraints she has to adhere to. If you are someone who likes to change plans at the last minute or prefers not to plan at all, you and a single parent may not be as compatible.   

4. Apprehension About Bonding With The Kids 

Some people might worry about getting attached to a child, but then not being in their life if the relationship with their mother ends. This situation can be hard for both the partner and the children, who may have already experienced several changes regarding parent figure. If you tend to get attached to children, you might not want to enter into a relationship with a single mother unless you know it is going to be long term. 

5. Wanting A Less Serious Relationship

Some single moms—though by no means all single moms—may be hesitant to enter into a partnership that isn’t committed or exclusive. They may want to avoid spending time on a casual relationship, or they might want to find someone who will act as a parent figure for their children. So, someone who is looking for a less serious type of relationship may want to avoid wasting a single mother’s time. If you aren’t looking for a serious relationship, but a single mother is, it likely isn’t a compatible match, and that’s okay.

6. Having Kids Of One’s Own

It may seem counterintuitive, but some single parents are hesitant to date other single parents. They may be worried that the parenting styles won’t match or apprehensive regarding the compatibility of the children. Some people may be concerned that, between their obligations and their partner’s, they won’t be able to spend enough time with a single mother. While many single parents start successful relationships, this it can be a challenging situation for some.

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Relationships With A Single Parent Can Be Complicated

7. Not Ready To Help Raise Children

Some people feel that they aren’t in a place in life to be a figure in a child’s life. They may wish to have children of their own first, or there might be things they want to do in life before they feel that they can be a part of a person's family. If a single parent is indeed looking for someone to join the family, it makes sense that a potential partner may not feel that they’re compatible.

8. Feeling Intimidated

It’s common for some people to be nervous around single moms. It takes a lot of drive, energy, love, and dedication to run a household, after all. People might see all that the single mother gets done in a day, admire their strength and power, and feel intimidated. Most single parents have grown accustomed to getting things done on their own. It doesn’t mean they don’t want help, only that they’ve gotten used to being independent. 

9. Choosing A Life Without Children

This is similar to the above point about not being ready to be a parent, but this point refers to people who belong to a growing cohort in the United States: people who have chosen to never have children. Dating a single parent doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be involved with the children, but the chances are much higher that you’ll be expected to interact with them and form some type of relationship. While some people love kids, many others know that they don’t want to be a significant adult or parental figure of any kind in the life of a child. It’s important to understand what you want, and this doesn’t say anything about you or the single parent. It primarily signals a lack of compatibility with that lifestyle.

If you’re a single parent yourself, know that the right person will respect your time, your boundaries, and your needs related to raising your children. Being a single parent is a highly attractive quality, and there are far more reasons for people to want to date single parents than not. It’s all a matter of compatibility and finding a match who can be there in the way you want them to be there.

How Online Therapy Can Help

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It can be fun and fulfilling to be in a relationship with a single parent; but it can also be challenging at times. Because of concerns related to bonding with children, a lack of spontaneity, and other complications, some people choose not to date single mothers. If you’re curious about how parenthood changes romantic relationships or want to discuss similar concerns, help is available. With the support of a professional, you can learn more about what a thriving relationship means to you. 

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