Does He Love Me? The Signs Of It

Updated November 22, 2021

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It Can Be Hard To Tell If Someone Loves You - Learn the Signs
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If you have feelings for a man, you may wonder if the feeling is mutual. Some men tend not to show their emotions and for various reasons. They may not want to tell you upright that they like you out of fear of rejection or losing the relationship entirely. They may not realize their true feelings on the issue. They may have other problems bothering them, and they don't want to say what they are.

Whatever the reason, there may be signs that the guy likes you back. Here are some signs.

He Wants To Talk to You

Perhaps the most obvious sign, and yet one that can be overlooked. If a guy wants to text you or talk to you all the time, then this a sign that he likes you. Bonus points if he drops what he does to talk to you. Someone who doesn't love you won't want to talk to you all the time and may see you as an acquaintance.

He Tells You Personal Stories

A man typically doesn't open up to everyone, and if a guy is telling you about his personal life and emotions, it could be a sign that he loves you. A man doesn't open up for a casual date or even for some friends. If he has a deep bond with you, this may signify that he wants to get to know you more and have a deep relationship with you.

He Is Giving You Gifts

One way you can tell if he loves you is if he gives you little surprises. For example, if he gives you some chocolate, another gift, or gives you something extra about what he has. Giving gifts is another obvious sign that he loves you, but sometimes, it can be hard to tell the difference between someone giving a gift to be nice and giving one out of love.

With that said, if he's giving you many gifts and affection, this could be a sign of a love bomber, which is someone you don't want.


He Cares About Your Happiness

We all want everyone to be happy, but we can't make everyone happy with billions of people in the world. That's why this is such a powerful sign. He cares about your happiness and is upset when you're unhappy. There are billions of others he could be spending his time on, but he picked you.

He Talks About The Future

The future is a mystery that is always looming ahead, and someone interested in you may talk about your work goals and where you want to go. This may be a way for him to see if the two of you are compatible. It can be hard to be in a relationship when your goals differ. Of course, you shouldn't call the relationship off because of this. There may be a compromise you can reach that will satisfy the two of you. Plus, with more people working together, the goals seem more realistic.

He Seems Glum When You're With Someone Else

One obvious sign is if his mood becomes more melancholy once you are in a relationship with someone else or are talking to someone. While he loves you and wants you to be happy, it's natural that he feels a bit upset when there's someone more important in your life. If the person you're talking to doesn't work out, date him!

He Inconveniences Himself for You

You sacrifice a lot for the one you love, and one example of doing this is when someone goes out of their way to help you. For example, let's say your car is stuck and you need a ride. The man who loves you may leave the comfort of their own home or another place they're at to help you. We all do nice things for our friends, but someone who truly loves you will go above and beyond.

He Worries About You

Whenever you're taking a risk or seem down, he asks if you're okay, that you should be careful, or asks if you need help. Someone who doesn't love you will not worry too much if you're taking a risk. They may tell you to be careful, but they may not constantly worry.

If you stop talking to him, he may worry about what happened. There is a fine line between worrying and obsessing, but someone who loves you will mention that they were worried about you when you were gone.

He Skips Out On His Friends For You

A man who isn't that interested will prefer the company of his friends. Say his friends are throwing a party, and you're available to hang out. Someone who loves you may pick your company with no hesitation, even if they are a partner. Of course, he doesn't have to drop his friends entirely, but if he's making rain checks for them and cashing his checks on you, this may be a sign.

That Body Language

When communicating with someone, there's more to communication than just the words that come out of their mouth; often, their body language is just as telling, if not more so. When talking to him, look for body language signs. A man who likes you may stare into your eyes, touch his face, fiddle around with his socks, or make other subtle gestures.

Of course, sometimes body language doesn't mean what you think it means, but it can be a good clue to help build your case of whether or not he likes you.

He Doesn't Talk To Other Girls This Way.

If he has other female friends, observe how he communicates with them. If it's not as deep as the conversations the two of you are having, then this is a sign that there may be something more to the two of you when compared to other people. If he treats you like other girls, he may be a player, and he is someone you should avoid at all costs.

You're Wondering If He Does

Let's face it: if you had to search for an article about how to know if he loves you, then he probably does. Usually, your guess if he likes you came from some form of evidence, and you wanted to read this post to be sure of your suspicions. Men are hard to read at times, but they give off clues. In the perfect world, everyone would be able to communicate their feelings, but many can't because of the past, because of how they are, or just fear of what you'll say.

It Can Be Hard To Tell If Someone Loves You - Learn the Signs


If He Likes You, Then What?

If you believe he likes you, you may wonder what the next move should be. You have plenty of options when the feelings are mutual. Here are some things you should do.

  • Flirt back. If he's flirty, flirt back, or show body language that makes it obvious you're interested. When both parties give off hints, there's a good chance that one of you will break the ice. That's all it takes for the conversation to commence.
  • Go closer to him. If the two of you sit down, inch up to him and try to hold his hand. If he accepts, he loves you. If not, he may not love you, or he just may be a little nervous or shy, or he may not be comfortable with that just yet.
  • Just say it to him. It can be hard to admit you like someone, as there's the voice that tells you, "What if?" What if you've got it all wrong? Well, even if you're wrong, there's nothing bad that'll happen. The worst is that he'll say no, and you have some closure on your relationship, at the very least.

Seek Help!

If you're still unsure if he likes you, or don't know how to approach the situation, the best thing you could do is to talk to a relationship counselor for any questions you may have. A relationship counselor knows how dating and relationships work, and you can feed them all the reasons you feel like he likes you, and they can tell you:

  • If he really likes you, or if you have it wrong.
  • What you can do if he likes you.
  • How to overcome your fear of asking him.

If the two of you do get in a relationship, a counselor can help you if you have any relationship issues or want to maintain the relationship.

We all wish that dating was easier, but it's not. It's filled with hint dropping, miscommunications, and anxiety on either side. Sometimes, you have to take the dive and not wait for him to admit that he likes you. It can be difficult but making the first move can tell you the answer right away.

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