Five Signs He Has A Crush On You -- And What To Do Next

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Having a crush on a guy can be exciting and fun. You may get “butterflies” when he walks in the room— perhaps even just thinking about him can be thrilling. But these feelings can also become unsettling when you're unsure whether your crush feels the same way. 

In such cases, if you interact regularly, you may feel awkward around him or unsure how to act when he's in your proximity. There are many signs that a guy likes you, but every man is different, so the clues can differ significantly and range from subtle to straightforward. 

Even so, there are some common signs that almost every man uses that can be helpful to recognize:

Issues of romance and dating can be overwhelming

He makes regular eye contact

When a guy has a crush on you, you’ll probably notice him looking your way relatively frequently. This may happen from across the room or even when he's near you. This eye contact is different from the type you get during a conversation. If you're constantly noticing him staring at you even when he has the opportunity not to, or he looks away as if you’ve “caught” him, it may be a sign that he has a crush on you. 

He finds ways to get close to you

If you think a guy may be into you, note how often he finds reasons to interact with you. In many cases, he may try to be near you, ask how your day went, invite you to spend time together, or otherwise find ways to be close to you. Context is important; if a guy needs to work with you for professional reasons or has a different cause that prompts them to be in your vicinity, that's one thing. However, if a guy constantly goes out of his way to be near you, this is something to be cognizant of. 

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His friends know about you

When a guy is interested in someone romantically, there's a good chance that he’ll talk to his friends about it at some point. Depending on your situation, how you know this guy, and the frequency of your interactions, it can be tough to figure out whether he's discussed you with his friends. But if you learn that his friends know about you, he may have a crush and be interested in you. 

He’s active on your social media pages

Social media and technology are prevalent forces in everyday life, and this can help you determine whether a guy has a crush on you. If you're friends on Facebook, he may regularly like your photos or status updates. If you're connected on Twitter or Instagram, a guy with a crush on you may retweet your posts or like your images. Sometimes, people use social media to test the waters and discreetly let someone know that they're interested without fully putting themselves out there. 

Your gut tells you he does

Many people dismiss their intuition and gut feelings, which is often a mistake. Our instincts serve a practical purpose and can be very useful when used in a balanced way. If you're in a situation and genuinely feel as though a guy has a crush on you, there's a real possibility that he does. Pay attention to how you feel physically (it’s called a “gut feeling” for a reason) and emotionally when he’s nearby. All the other signs that he has a crush on you will typically come together to help inform your intuition. 

What to do after learning he has a crush on you

Finding out whether a guy has a crush on you can take off an immense burden. If it turns out that he's not interested in you, you will now know and be able to move on accordingly. However, if he does have a crush on you, you may wonder what to do about it. Here are a few suggestions for starting on the right foot.

Figure out what you want

Learning that a guy has a crush on you can shift dynamics, depending on your situation. At this point, you may want to examine what you actually want from him. Would you like to date this guy? Are you interested in a long-term relationship? Do you want to be friends with him and see how things progress with time? Figuring out whether you're interested in a serious romantic connection with this guy or if it’s just infatuation will help you decide what to do next. You may know his feelings, but only you can determine what you want. 

Convey interest

If you're interested in becoming romantically involved with a guy who has a crush on you, consider reciprocating interest to let him know how you feel. There are ways for you to do this without appearing too aggressive or desperate. For example, you can engage in face-to-face conversation or respond to him on social media. Conveying interest is ultimately a great way to let him know that you have a crush on him and are open to taking things further.

Talk to friends who know him

Depending on your situation, your friends may or may not know the guy with a crush on you. If they do, and if you feel you can trust your friends with the information, ask them about his hobbies, likes and dislikes, etc. Asking questions about your crush will not only allow you to learn more about him, but if you consent, it could be an effective way of conveying to him secondhand how you feel through your friends. 

When speaking to mutual friends, you may want to have these types of conversations at opportune times when other people won’t overhear you or otherwise spread gossip. Getting a new perspective of the guy you like can be eye-opening and informative.

Talk to him

Once you’ve found out for sure that he has a crush on you, it may be time to approach him directly. If you don’t know each other, introduce yourself. If you do, and you have the courage, ask if he’d like to go out. Many people feel more comfortable going out with a group of mutual friends at first, so you can suggest something fun you know everyone will enjoy, like going out to a movie or dinner together. If the chemistry is there (or he doesn’t think you’ll ask), he may ask you out first. 

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Issues of romance and dating can be overwhelming

Online therapy for relationship challenges

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For some, romance, dating, and crushes are their biggest focus, while others would rather avoid the subject entirely. Dating and flirting doesn’t come easily for everyone, and they may struggle with the feelings of anxiety that can come with having a crush on someone—especially if it’s unclear whether the crush is reciprocated.

If you’re insecure about interacting with your crush or have a history of difficulty with past relationships, you might find it helpful to speak to a counselor specializing in issues of dating and relationships. Professionals like these work with clients to develop deeper self-esteem, greater confidence, better communication skills, and more.

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