How To Find A Useful Premarital Counseling Book

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Information is overflowing everywhere in this day and age and if you're looking for a premarital counseling book to help start your marriage out on the right path, you may have noticed that there are hundreds of options available, making it much harder to pick out a book that will provide you with true value needed in your premarital counseling journey. When there are so many resources out there, how are you supposed to know which marriage counseling book is best for you? If you're currently looking for a book or for several that will guide you through the process, here are some helpful tips that will teach you how to find a useful premarital counseling book.

How To Look For A Premarital Counseling Book

Before you set out on the quest for the perfect book and get your hopes up as you prepare to succeed in your mission, remember that there isn't one single book on premarital counseling that has all the answers. There is no perfect choice. Therefore, it is necessary to gather what information you can in a reasonable amount of time and make the best choice you can give the resources available. Many of these books will repeat information, and if you're not happy with the first book, you can always select a different one. Don't settle on one book and expect it to teach you everything. Look for the best books and pull from those.

For those who are now ready to begin this journey, the tips listed below will help when you start scouring the web for a great premarital counseling book.

First, Determine What It Is That You Are Trying To Accomplish With Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling is a type of counseling that is designed to prepare a couple for marriage, which often results in higher success rates down the road as the relationship continues to develop. What one forgets, however, is that premarital counseling is designed for a specific group of people but is a therapy that covers a broad range of topics. For example, premarital counseling will help couples better understand and work through their finances, their communication, any values or beliefs that they may, their sex lives, and how to deal with conflicts that may arise, just to name a few. As you can see from the above categories, the counseling that a couple may need to undergo to be better prepared can be quite extensive.

With that in mind, it is important to ask yourself while searching for a book, are there any specific topics that I am looking for? Are there any topics that you will need additional counseling for a while before and after marriage? Are you a couple that has trouble handling finances? Perhaps you are a couple that has issues resolving conflicts. Whatever the issue may be, you should keep this in the back of your mind as you are shopping for your book. It can be more helpful to have a book that focuses on your major problems rather than having a book that broadly covers all premarital issues and provides you with no valuable information.

Look For One With Helpful Tools

Some books provide information while other books will provide you with the information you need and tools that can help you make use of the knowledge contained within the book. That's not to say that books without tools aren't helpful, but those that do can reinforce the need to act on what you have learned and will tell how you can go about making sure that you follow through. Great premarital counseling books will contain relationship and self-help worksheets, occasional tests and quizzes, and sections where you can write down situations and notes. All these tools will serve to keep you more engaged and involved throughout the entirety of the text.

Check Online Reviews

In the digital age, there are review sites for almost any product on the market, and those dedicated websites will have links to where you can find and purchase the products being reviewed. Fortunately enough, this includes premarital counseling books as they are products that quite a few people will be searching for at any given time. If you wish only to try out high-quality premarital counseling books, try out one of the books recommended on a review site. These sites will break down the pros and cons of each of the books they've reviewed, helping you to make a quick decision based on what you are looking for in a premarital counseling book.

Ask People You Know

Given the fact that you are on the hunt for premarital counseling books, you probably know friends or co-workers who have been married recently or who are in the same stage of the process as you are. As such, they were most likely seeking out similar premarital advice as they were preparing for marriage. Regardless of who this may be, ask around to see if any of these individuals were able to find a premarital counseling book that proved useful. They can tell you whether the book provided good advice based on personal experience. If you are extremely lucky, they may even have a copy available that you can use!

Take The Question To Social Media

If no one you know has read a book on premarital counseling lately, don't get discouraged. You can easily reach out to the millions of people on various social media platforms for advice. These days, it is common and acceptable to use a variety of social mediums to ask for advice or guidance, and you can accomplish this on almost any platform. (You can also use websites geared towards helping users receive answers to their questions from others.) Simply create a post that features your question and posts it online. Make sure that you use plenty of hashtags to attract more attention. Hopefully, someone will see your post and provide you with a useful answer or book suggestion. (Keep in mind that this will only work for individuals who know how to reach a broader audience or have a large volume of friends and followers who are married.)

Seek Out Certain Authors With The Proper Credentials

The biggest issue with books that are published in the self-development/self-help are or in a related area such as the mental health or therapy sections is that they don't always have to have a great author behind them. Because of simple to online publishing platforms and other new developments, almost anyone can have a book published, and they don't have to be someone with multiple degrees or extensive experience in an industry to do so. This can be a major concern when you are seeking out advice for a topic as sensitive and as important as premarital counseling. To avoid picking out a book that is written by someone who may not have the abilities necessary to pen such a text, you should seek out certain authors who have the right credential so that you can ensure you are receiving a high-quality book from a  high-quality source.

A Tip For Those Who Can't Seem To Decide… Just Go With One!

Figuring out which book to go with can seem like a major decision since it will help guide you before marriage as well as doing the course of it. The good news is that this is certainly not true, and you can look at multiple books without contributing negatively to your marriage or relationship, despite how seemingly terrible one book's advice might seem.

Still confused about how to find a useful premarital counseling book. The best way to get moving on finding a book is just to pick one based on some random criteria and follow through on reading it. Does it fit your budget? Is it available at the library? Is it on audiobook so that you can listen to it during your commute? The most important thing is that you check the credentials of the author. If they seem to be knowledgeable about marriage, go ahead and try out the book. You're not obligated to follow the advice if you don't agree with it, but you may just pick up some new ideas that will be helpful as you start your marriage. After all, a book that doesn't teach you anything won't cause any harm in the future. It will just serve to teach you what you aren't looking for in a book as you seek out your next read!

Other Tips

There are plenty of other tips out there that can help you to select a great premarital counseling book that may be beneficial for you. If the above tips helped you to get started, but you need a few more quick pointers to better help you along your journey, here are a few brief tips that we found to be valuable additions to this guide.

  • The book you choose should ultimately focus on what you can do rather than focus on what your partner should be doing. Remember, the only one you can change within your relationship is yourself. If you are attempting to change your partner, you are going to fail down the road.
  • Advice should be specific rather than focus on vague ideas. If the book can't give you ideas on what you can do with the knowledge it has given you or explain things clearly, the author is not well-versed in the topics given.
  • Choose a book you will read, not something that looks boring. Your success depends entirely on your desire to learn and to implement what you have learned. If you are not interested in the book, you are not going to gain anything from it.
  • Don't pick a book that is too complicated for you. Some people believe that more complicated books are good indications that the information is more valuable. While this may be true in some cases, a book that is too complex will serve no purpose for you. If you can't understand and digest the information, you can't use it.

Books about premarital counseling are a great place to start when you want to ensure a great marriage in the future. It proves that your relationship and your partner are important to you and that you are dedicated to them. However, premarital counseling books are not the be-all end-all of relationship resources. If you need a little extra help building a healthy foundation, online premarital counseling is also available and is a great way to start you on the path to a successful marriage. Also, it connects you with a real individual, is always available, and can help you better understand some of the information you have learned in your books. Once you find the right books, consider online premarital counseling as the next step into your successful marriage!


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