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What Is Online Counseling?

Online counseling is a forum where you can receive therapy or counseling from a licensed therapist or mental health professional. You will learn ways to cope with anxiety, depression, or any other mental health issues you're currently dealing with. You can go to online counseling or online therapy as an individual or with your partner if you're interested in couples counseling.

You can also see an online psychologist or online counselor with your family for family counseling. You can learn to accept family dynamics when working with an individual counselor or with a family counselor.

When You Hate Your Parents

Learn To Accept Your Family With Our Therapists’ Help And Support

When teenagers come of age, they often go into a rebellion. It's not pretty or fun, but they don't like listening to their parents. They tend to yell, "I don't like my family!" If a teen girl is continually talking back to her mother or father, this is an issue that family counseling can address. It's about hearing both sides of the situation. The teen gets to express her feelings, and the parents get to how they feel. Teenage rebellion is difficult for parents to deal with, but it's probably more difficult for the teen to handle.

However, the adolescent usually deals with the rebellion by being angry at their parents, and they don't typically see that their behavior is negatively impacting their parents. They feel that they are being served an injustice, whereas parents try to keep their teenagers safe. They're enforcing curfews, telling them not to text while driving, encouraging them to complete their school work on time, and monitoring what kind of peer group they're in.

Sometimes teenagers rebel because they feel stifled. They want to be around who they want to be around. They don't want their parents interfering with what they're doing. An online family counselor can help in dealing with teenagers. Then counselor will communicate with their parents and be the mediator between the two parties.

When Your Teen Is Out Of Control

From the parents' perspective, they are trying to keep their teens out of trouble. Teenagers are at the stage in life where they want to explore and learn about themselves and the world around them. It can be overwhelming to the parents because they want to them from danger. But they also want to balance that with letting them live their own lives.

There are so many things to mull over as a teenager. You want to make sure that you get good grades in school to get into a good college. Parents want their teens to work hard and socialize with a peer group that will influence them positively. They don't always have control over who their children will be around, but they can do the best they can to make sure that they are around people who will help them grow intellectually and emotionally.

But sometimes, teens don't hang out with the most desirable influences. In an online family counseling session, their teen's behavior may infuriate the parents. Maybe they can't get them to come home at the right curfew time, or perhaps they have been abusing alcohol or even drugs. They want to look out for their child's best interest, but they cannot seem to figure out how to get through to them. It's not because they're not trying.

As A Parent, You Can't Get Through

You can try hard to get through to your teenager, but maybe they don't want to hear from you because they are adamant about ignoring your voice and following the lead of what they want to do. And some teens are out of control. A family counselor can help communicate concerns of the parents to the teen who is rebelling. The teen might be resistant to hearing their parents' problems with their behavior, but the counselor can see both sides and mediate between the teen and their parents.

The online family counselor (who is likely an LMFT - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) is invested in the teen having normal adolescence but also concerned for their safety as their parents are. The online family counselor has both the parents' and teens' interests at heart. They want to see both perspectives and make sure that each party feels heard.

 Understanding Your Family

After the counselor explains the teen's perspective to the parents and vice versa, the family will better understand how each side feels. The family counselor is impartial. They don't take sides; they want to hear all parties, and they must do their job so that there is less discord in the family. The family counselor is on the side of everyone.

They want to see the family grow and have a healthy dynamic rather than resentful of others. Once all family  feel understood, the issues will start to get better between the family unit. Resentment will diminish because each feels understood.

Seeing Mom, Dad, Or The Kids Differently From Before

There may be problems between mom and dad that need to be worked out. Once people understand each other better, there's less room for miscommunication. Teens may believe that their parents are ganging upon them. But once they talk out their problems, they might start to see their parents differently.

For example, they might realize that their mom is more sensitive than they once thought. They were so busy rebelling that they didn't notice their mother's sensitivity. The father might ignore their teen's voice. The teenager is frustrated because they feel like no one listens to them when communicating a specific message. Maybe they want their father to see them as mature and responsible. They're tired of being looked at as a child, and they want to have more responsibilities.

It could be an issue in which they're going to take a job where they have to work late at night, and their father views them as a child, so he doesn't want his teen driving late; he's . The father hears his teen for the first time in counseling. He recognizes that they long for acknowledgment as a grown-up, and it can happen because the counselor mediated the situation between teen and dad. Online family counseling is a great place to understand better who we are.

Online Family Counseling Provides Clarity

Learn To Accept Your Family With Our Therapists’ Help And Support

Lastly, family counseling has two main goals. One is to help mediate conflicts, and the second goal is to help people understand each other better. The family unit can function well if everybody understands who the other people are in the family and can respect everyone's individuality.

Family counseling is an excellent place to work out disagreements that cannot be hashed out at home. No matter how many family meetings you have, sometimes you can't work out substantial disputes in the house. There's nothing wrong with your family if you can't come to a resolution. Sometimes you need a mental health professional's help to get through and figure out how to mediate conflicts.

Whether you have a rebellious teen or an explosive nine-year-old, there are many ways that family counseling can be used to help families come together—search for an online counselor who can help you and your family support being a steadfast unit.

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