What Can A Relationships Worksheet Do To Improve My Relationship?

Updated September 04, 2018

Maybe you're in a relationship that feels great. You and your partner are both happy, things seem to be progressing well, and you just can't imagine anything coming between you. Maybe your relationship is perfect, but maybe there are a few dark spots that linger around. Maybe there are a few things that you don't love about your partner, but you just let it go. No matter which of these sounds like you, a relationships worksheet can help to improve your relationship even more.

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The Relationships Worksheet For Great Relationships

Okay, so why would you want to do one of these worksheets if you already have a great relationship? Because you and your partner need to get to know each other as much as possible. These types of worksheets look at more than just the basics of compatibility. The longer you and your partner are together the more you're going to learn about each other, but relationship worksheets can help to jump-start some of those things and even for relationships that have been going for a while they can help.

In a great relationship, the thing that keeps everything running smoothly is communication. If you and your partner do these types of worksheets, you're continuing to improve your communication. As a result, your relationship continues to be happy and healthy.

These worksheets also let you explore situations that you may not have experienced yet, so you know more about the options, about what your partner wants or doesn't want and even what you want or don't want. Some may be things that you've never thought of before, but by talking about them when you aren't in an emergency situation you'll get a head start, and you can be calmer about the issue.

Think about this, what would happen if your partner started spending a lot of time with their friends and not as much time with you. How would you feel about it? You probably wouldn't be too happy if it happened all the time, but once in a while you could probably handle, right? But isn't it easier to explain that to your partner before they start spending all their time with friends rather than after? It lets them know how you feel, but they don't have to feel defensive about behavior they've already engaged in. You can discuss it more rationally instead.

The Relationships Worksheet For Not-So-Great Relationships

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Okay, so your relationship isn't going exactly the way that you want it to. You aren't entirely sure what went wrong or maybe you are sure what your partner is doing wrong but not what you are. A relationship worksheet could be a great answer for you as well, and it could help to save your relationship. These worksheets help you and your partner to discuss some different issues that you're already experiencing and even some that you might not be experiencing in a safe environment.

With these worksheets, you'll be able to more easily talk to your partner about what you're thinking or feeling about something. Let's say there's a question about respect and what it means to you. By talking to your partner about what you think and listening to what they think you may both come to realize that there are things you're doing that show disrespect to your partner. This could help you to make some changes to your ways and start treating your partner better.

If you and your partner haven't been communicating effectively, you could find that these worksheets improve your relationship quite a bit. After all, just sitting down to talk to one another is a step in the right direction.

Starting out with questions that bring you closer together can be a great way to lead into some of the issues that you've been having. Also, make sure that the time you spend working together on these sheets is a safe space, one where you can share anything without the other person feeling offended or defensive. It sets you up better for success if you're comfortable sharing anything.

Finding Worksheets

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If you and your partner are thinking about trying some worksheets but aren't sure where to find them you're actually in luck. There are some different worksheets available online so that you can get started right away. All you have to do is a quick search, and several different possible sheets with all different types of questions will pop up. You may want to work on a single worksheet in a night, or maybe you want to focus on one question each night until you get all the way through the worksheet. However you choose to do it, these worksheets will help strengthen and heal your relationship.

Another place that you can get worksheets is directly from a therapist. Most professionals will have at least a few different worksheets or even just questions that they think to work best when it comes to working with couples. There might even be different ones based on how healthy your relationship is right now. Either way, talking with a professional is going to help you the most when it comes to finding worksheets that are going to work for you. They have the best insight into different options, after all.

Getting Help

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If you're looking for a professional that can help you and your partner then it's time to start looking in one unconventional place, ReGain. You want to start looking at online therapists and professionals. These therapists are available entirely online, so you're not limited by physical proximity. Instead, you can talk with anyone that you can find online, creating a much larger pool of people that you can feel comfortable with. Even more, you get to talk to them from anywhere you want, like your favorite coffee shop or the couch at home, even on vacation or that work trip. No matter what, you and your partner will be getting help.

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