Getting Affordable Marriage Counseling: What It Could Mean For You

Updated September 04, 2018


If you're currently in a relationship and having difficulties, you want to make sure you are getting help right away. You and your partner obviously have a history, and you have a connection that you don't want to lose, but it can sometimes be difficult to work through your problems alone. That's why getting affordable marriage counseling may be something you're considering. After all, therapy is one way to get an outsiders opinion on what you're going through and start improving your relationship more quickly.

Do You Need Couples Therapy?

Do you and your partner need couples therapy? There are some different ways that you can find out or at least, that you can take a closer look at your current situation and decide whether or not therapy could be beneficial. The first thing you need to do is sit back and try to look at your situation as calmly as possible. Acting or reacting in the heat of the moment doesn't help anyone, but by looking at everything over a period, you can get a better understanding of your relationship.

How Long Has It Been Going On?

The first thing to look at is just how long this type of behavior has been happening. If it's been happening only once a year or once a month or even if it just started a week ago, you may want to do a little more digging or you may be able to try a different method of 'treatment' rather than therapy. If the behavior or the fighting or anything else negative has been going on for longer than that you may want to start thinking about therapy as a possibility for your relationship.


Have You Talked To Your Partner?

Have you and your partner talked about whatever you're having troubles with? If it's something that they are doing (or not doing), you should try talking to them about it first. It may be that they don't even realize it's bothering you and they may be willing to fix the problem immediately if they just know it exists. If it's fighting or arguing, have you tried to talk out whatever you fight about at a time when you are not feeling so emotional? If you've tried these things and they don't seem to be helping you may want to consider therapy as an alternative.

Are You Willing To Change?

If you are noticing something about your relationship that doesn't make you happy, then it's going to be important to you that your partner make some changes. Chances are, however, that they also have some things that they aren't 100% happy about, even if they've never said. That means you're going to need to be willing to make some changes or at least some compromises as well. Are you willing to do that or are you determined to keep your side of things exactly as they are? If you're not willing to change therapy may not be able to help you.

How Can Couples Therapy Help You?


So, if you've decided that you're a good candidate for therapy you probably want to know just what it could be doing for you, right? Well, the number one thing that it's going to do is help you and your partner to communicate with each other more effectively. After all, no matter what your problems are they are going to stem from one thing, an inability to communicate with each other in a way that promotes growth in the relationship.

Think about this situation. You hate that your partner works late which causes you to fight constantly. You think they don't care enough about you to spend time with you or don't respect you enough to come home on time at least once in a while, but have you told them that you don't like them working late? If you haven't then you've found a communication problem. You may think the problem is just about them working late, but it comes down to the two of you not communicating about something in the relationship. With therapy, you can learn to communicate more.

Another aspect of communication that you'll learn is how to communicate in a way that your partner can understand. That may sound strange, but in reality, it's extremely important. How often do you tell your partner something that you think is clear but they don't react the way you think they should? It probably happens relatively often, right? One of you gets upset about something the other person said even though there was 'no reason for it,' right?' With therapy, you can learn how to say things, so your partner hears what you meant to say, and you can learn to hear what your partner meant to say.

Getting Affordable Marriage Counseling

The important thing is finding the help that you're going to need. With so many different therapists out there it can seem difficult to figure out just what you should be doing or who you should be talking to. Once you start visiting offices, you might have an even harder time because you don't feel comfortable with the people you meet, but you're tied to them because of the physical proximity. But what if you didn't have to be tied to any physical proximity? That would be pretty great, right?


Regain is one way that you can communicate with a therapist that's located anywhere in the world without having to go to their location. It's a completely online service where you can have a therapist appointment without ever even leaving the sanctuary of your own home. You just log on and just like that you can talk with a professional. Regain connects you with someone that you feel comfortable with because there's a huge array of different options. You'll also never miss a meeting because you're connected from anywhere with internet access. In the end, you're going to be much better off than you might have thought.

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