Is Couple's Therapy Right For Your Relationship?

Updated September 04, 2018


Relationships are a thing of companionship and happiness for many. However, many couples find that sharing a life together can have its difficult times. For couples experiencing hardships, deciding when to seek outside help may be unclear. The main rule of a successful relationship is to seek counseling or outside help as soon as a problem arises. In fact, most couples who wait too long to seek help often end up failing to reconcile their relationship. But when is the right time, and how does a couple know when it might be too late? Certain indicators in a relationship may clue you and your partner in to when couple's therapy should be sought out.

Perpetual Negativity

Couples who do not fight or disagree on something are a rarity (and may not actually be as healthy as you think). But when fights happen constantly or one partner treats the other negatively, there is likely something else going on in the relationship. Couple's therapy can help to resolve underlying issues, and build healthy communication practices. It is likely obvious if you and your partner are experiencing this, as couples who constantly fight are likely not gaining much benefit from the relationship.

Lingering Hurt


If one partner in the relationship has somehow hurt their partner, whether physically or emotionally, it can be difficult to regain trust. For instance, imagine that one partner has previously been unfaithful, but it happened just once. Their partner forgives them, but there are lingering doubts that are impacting communication and trust. While the couple wants to move forward with their relationship, the lack of trust can be a serious detriment in the future. A counselor will be able to create an open discussion that can allow both partners to communicate freely about their past and present feelings and their plans for the future.


Avoidance is a common defense mechanism that many people use to avoid trouble or negativity. If one partner is avoiding the other, it may be because they do not wish to fight or be harshly judged by their partner. Avoidance may be a last ditch effort to save a relationship that is undergoing difficulties without actually addressing the problems head on. It is difficult to maintain a relationship when partners skirt around issues or are not physically present for one another. Engaging in couple's therapy forces the partners to address each other directly.

Think You Need Couple's Therapy?


If any of the previously mentioned indicators sound familiar, you and your partner may likely need to seek out a counselor. It's important to not delay, because there is a time when a relationship may be too far-gone to repair. However, there is hope. A large number of licensed counselors who specifically work with couples can be found online. Online counseling gives couples the freedom to choose the right therapist for them and to seek someone that is not necessarily in their area. If you are still unsure whether you and your partner should seek counseling, speaking with a counselor online is easy and can help address any confusion.

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