Plans For A First Date: Movie And Dinner, Or Something Else?

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Getting ready for your first date with someone new is exciting. You're looking forward to getting to know this person, and you might even have a good feeling about how things will turn out. That is why you're putting a bit of thought into what your plans for the first date are. Are you going to take them to the movies, or a romantic walk then dinner? Or are you hoping to plan something a little bit different? Take a look at the information below to learn some fresh ideas for what you can do on your first date.

Important Tips For A First Date

Feeling Nervous About The First Date?

Before going further with ideas, you're going to want to know some important first date rules. Your initial get together is going to be about making a good impression. You want to get to know your date while also showing them your personality. For this reason, you want to avoid dates that will keep you from talking directly to each other. For example, if you are planning on watching a movie, think of another activity before or after where you can learn about each other. Many people decide to try to pair a movie date with a dinner date. This works especially when you pick a place that is not too loud and with delicious food.

The next thing to consider when you’re planning your date is how important this time is to get to know each other, and not to expect physical affection. Don’t worry about kissing or whether you're going to be taking this person back to your place afterward. Instead of trying to make moves that may turn your date away, try to be as natural as possible and focus on compatibility. Your goal should be to learn whether there is a connection or spark with the person you're taking out. If there is, then a first kiss might be a natural way to end the evening. Keeping your expectations reasonable while also being open to love is one of the best first date tips to remember.

While it may seem obvious, what you wear is another important consideration before your date. If you're going to be going to a fancier restaurant, then dressing up might be appropriate. However, wear something comfortable and casual if you're going to get some burgers and drinks. Wear something that helps you feel attractive and confident.  

Keep reading to learn more ideas to ease the stress of your first date and remind you that you are going out with them to have fun and learn more about someone you like. 

Dinner Date Ideas

Going out to dinner is a favorite first date for many new couples. If you are the one that is picking where you are going, do your research. You can start by asking your date about what their favorite type of cuisine is and then choose a restaurant accordingly.  Beyond this, you most likely are hoping to pick a place that will impress your date. There are a few different ways you could go with this. What you should choose depends on the person you're dating and what they will enjoy doing.

Some people may not feel comfortable dressing up in fancy attire to go to a restaurant that requires reservations. Others are going to be thrilled to dress elegantly and be taken somewhere upscale. Try to get a sense of what your date would like by exchanging messages before the big day. This will give you time to plan things out, and it's smart to get to know your date at least a bit before you go out.

If you have a little bit of familiarity with your date ahead of time, it's going to make it easier to have a fantastic first date. Ask your date what types of foods they like and try to pick a restaurant that caters to their taste. Some people will be interested in a more low-key and casual date at a pub, but others will love being seated at a fancy French restaurant. It's up to you to gauge which option will be a big hit with them. 

First Date Movie Ideas

If you want to see a movie, familiarize yourself with the best movie date tips. It is certainly a good idea to consider pairing it with a dinner date. If you're going to do so, then it might make more sense to go to a casual restaurant instead of somewhere fancy. You probably won't feel comfortable at the movie theater if you're dressed to the nines. No one wants to ruin a nice pair of dress shoes on a sticky movie theater floor either. 

Movie dates can be a lot of fun if your date is a bit of a film buff. When you're looking for first date movie ideas, it's smart to consider your date's taste. You might be interested in going to see the new Rambo movie, but that doesn't mean that it's necessarily going to be a big hit with your date. Think about what the person you're with is interested in. Would your date be more interested in a drama or something romantic? Consider their personality and what you know about them to finalize your decision.

Horror movies are popular first date movies as well. Some people like to get close during a horror movie, and having someone's hand to hold during the tense moments on the screen will certainly be fun. Just keep in mind that not everyone is into this genre. The fear that you feel from a good horror movie can be fun, but . It can be a great first date movie option, but it could also be a big flop. A lot of these choices will involve analyzing your date to figure out what they might have fun seeing.

Remember not to be cheap at the movie theater either. If you're paying for the date, be sure to grab drinks and some popcorn. It might not seem like much, but it shows them that you're a nice person and that you're not a miser. Stock up on some overpriced snacks and settle in to have fun watching the movie with your date.

Drinks And Conversation

Again, it’s very important to get to know your date when you're out on a first date. This is why going out for drinks and having a nice conversation might be a good option. If you like to drink, then having a few cocktails or beers with your date could be fun. Not everyone will like this type of date, but this might be very appealing if your date is a social drinker. If your date does not drink alcohol, consider going out for coffee or tea, which is a great alternative for not social drinkers.

Just remember that a date like this is not about getting intoxicated. You want to sip one or two drinks while you're talking to your date to help you both relax and feel more open up each other. Some people refer to alcohol as liquid courage, but you should remember not to drink too much of it, or you might wind up being bolder than you'd like to be.  The main reason to consider this date option is that it gives you a good chance to talk to your date, and the bar setting might provide a fun atmosphere for a simple first date. It is best also if you think ahead of time of what to talk about on a first date. Prepare some questions that will help you get to know your date.

Physical Dates

If you are tired of dinner and a movie date, physical dates could also be a lot of fun. Some people are more active and might enjoy doing something that involves moving around while getting to know you. You could choose from plenty of different activities that would fall under this category. For example, you might want to invite someone on a hike as a first date.

Nature can be incredibly romantic and allow you both the space (and fresh air) to feel free to talk or simply enjoy the beauty of your surroundings quietly. Other examples of physical dates that might be worth considering include kayaking, skiing, and swimming. If doing something a bit sportier interests you, then consider some of these options.

Online Counselors Are There If You Need Help

Feeling Nervous About The First Date?

Seeking Advice?

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Many people are unable to find a therapist due to living in a remote location or are simply unable to find the time to commute to and from appointments. Online therapy is a cost-effective and convenient option that is shown in recent studies to reduce feelings of loneliness while improving social anxiety symptoms. If you feel that online therapy is something that will help, do not hesitate to reach out to a mental health therapist. They can help you build your self-confidence and self-esteem while guiding you in feeling confident to ask a potential love interest on a first date.

They also work with couples to help them deepen their relationships while solving problems that might be holding them back. When you start dating someone new, you might find that online couples counseling will be a good resource to rely on. If you ever encounter issues in your relationship, it will be possible to get help by simply making a call to these dedicated experts. They care about your well-being, and they understand how to help couples to thrive. Don't hesitate to call on these online counselors if you need help because it is always convenient to receive counseling whenever you're in need.


Going on your first date does not have to be stressful for you to plan. In fact, you can have fun thinking of different ways to entertain your date and how to get to know them. Whether you choose a movie, dinner, or a romantic hike on beautiful summer day, focus on being your natural self while giving the appropriate amount of attention to your date. If the idea of dating is causing you so much anxiety that you are unable to find the calm or courage to ask someone out, know therapists are available at any time you need. 

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