Online Counselling or Online Counseling - What’s The Difference?

Updated July 12, 2019

Counselling or Counseling? Are They Different?

Counselling and Counseling are different words that have the same meaning. Counseling with two L's is the UK version of the word while counseling with one L is the American version. Both words refer to therapy or mental health treatment. Depending on which region of the world you hail from, you will use the word with one L or two L's. Whatever spelling you use, online counseling is an excellent place to get help whether you're an individual a part of a couple or a member of the family.

Online couples counseling is becoming increasingly popular for couples that are busy and want to get help managing the relationship. Many couples have busy lives and careers and, online couples counseling is an excellent compromise for people who are on the go but value their romantic relationships enough to work on them in therapy. Whether a couple is living in the UK or the United States, they are entitled to seek help for their relationship.


How Online Couples Counselling Helps People Maintain Healthy Relationships

Since we're using the counseling with two L's, we will use a fictional couple from the UK as an example. Here's a couple who are young professionals and are madly in love. Jane and Ben have been dating for two years. They want to get married, but they're anxious about how they're going to raise a family because they have busy careers. Jane works in finance and Ben works for Parliament.

Each of them works long hours, and they're concerned that they won't be able to devote their time and energy to you having a baby and being there to raise the child. Jane wants to take time off from her finance career, but she is worried that they will not be able to support a child on one income. They live in central London which is quite expensive. Ben suggests that they go to couples counselling. Jane was not expecting this suggestion.

Is There Time To Go?

Jane is hesitant because she doesn't see that they will have enough time do you factor in seeing a couples counselor once a week since they are so busy. Ben says if they want to raise a family they need to talk about this in front of a mental health professional and they can try online couples counseling.

Jane has never heard of online couples counseling, and she is curious to check it out. They meet with their counselor via video chat in their apartment in the evening at a convenient time for both of them. Jane is surprised at how convenient online couples counseling is and then points out that he told her it would be easy.

They end up loving couples counseling, and they're able to develop a plan where they save money throughout two years so that Jane can stay home with the baby for a couple of years and they can live off of one income and savings. It is an example of how online couples counselling can help two people work together and solve a problem.


Online Couples Counseling Helps Couples Forgive Each Other

Now we're using counseling with one L so we're going to focus on an American couple as an example of how online counseling can help relationships heal. Consider the case of Roger and Ophelia. Ophelia cheated on Roger with her boss. Roger discovered the infidelity when Ophelia left her laptop open, and there was an email from her boss. It said that he was excited to take her out to dinner that Friday night.

Ophelia lied to Roger and told him that she was having a girls night. It turns out she was going on a date with her boss. Roger confronted Ophelia, and she was embarrassed naturally he wanted to know how long the affair was going on, and Ophelia said it had only been a month. Roger was ready to call it quits on the relationship. They had been together for three years, and they were talking about getting married until this incident. Ophelia begs Roger to go to couples counseling.

It Might Feel Awkward to Talk About Cheating

Roger was nervous about counseling. He said that he felt awkward sitting in a therapist's office. Ophelia reassured him that they could try online couples counseling and that it would be private and secure. She knew that the issue of cheating was a sensitive one and she wanted to make him feel as comfortable as possible. Roger reluctantly agreed to give Ophelia a second chance and talk about the affair in online couples counseling.

It was an emotional first session. Ophelia apologized to Roger and told her story candidly. She said that she felt like Roger was so preoccupied with his job as a high school debate coach that he wasn't paying attention to Ophelia; she was starving for affection. That's when she started talking to her boss where she worked at a marketing firm. Nothing too scandalous happened. They went out on dates and kissed a few times, but she admitted that she was having an affair.

Still, Ophelia cried while she told the story and Roger teared up as well. They decided that they wanted to work on their relationship and stay together. But it took a lot of forgiveness and understanding on both of their parts to get to a point where they could continue to be together after one violated the trust of the other in the relationship.

After seeing their couples counselor online for almost six months Ophelia and Roger started to see in improvement in their relationship. Roger began to trust Ophelia again. They started talking about getting married. Getting to this point wasn't easy, but they worked hard on discussing the cheating and how they would move forward after what happened between them. Ophelia felt remorseful, and Roger knew that he needed to pay more attention to his partner.

He recognized that affection was meaningful to her, so they worked together and compromised. Their couples therapist online was able to help them figure out how to meet each other halfway and get both of their needs satisfied.


Both Counselling and Counseling Help Couples Grow Strong

Wherever you live in the world as a couple if you're experiencing challenges in your relationship consider trying online couples counseling to bridge the gap and help you to communicate and solve problems. Don't feel ashamed if you have to reach out for help to a mental health professional to address some of the challenges in your relationship. You didn't do anything wrong.

There's nothing to be ashamed of if you feel like you need help trying to navigate your romantic relationship. Sometimes there are difficulties with your partner that you can't seem to solve on your own and that's all right. You can work with a trained counselor who will help you find ways to meet your partner where they're at. You don't have to agree with what your partner says, but you can figure out how to emphasize with them.

When you see something from the other person's point of view, they feel validated, and there are ways that you can work together to compromise. Consider trying online couples counseling whether you live in The UK or The United States. Search the extensive database of counselors at and find one who works for you and your partner.

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