How To Identify What Women Find Attractive

By: Angela W. McShan

Updated March 25, 2020

Relationships would be so much easier to start and maintain if men knew what women liked. There should be a book that teaches men how to identify what women find attractive. But until that book is written, there are a few signs that women give off to indicate what they like and what they dislike.

There have been numerous studies conducted by behavioral scientists that help them to identify the traits women find most attractive in a man, as well as what men find attractive. This content should be compiled into a book to help men better understand what women find attractive in a mate. These traits include behavior, as well as physical attractions. Until that book is written, information such as that included in this article will have to suffice. Men, take notes. Here are a few things to help explain what makes a guy attractive to some women.

  1. Height Helps


Reviews and studies of online dating platforms reveal that height is a major influencer in persuading women to click on a man's profile. Research indicates that women are an average of about five inches shorter than men. A couple is rarely seen where the man is shorter than the woman. In many dating profiles, women indicate that their height preference is a taller man. What encouraged the social influence of men being taller than women in relationships? Psychologists report that females are psychologically tuned to finding men that are taller more attractive than men that are shorter than them.

Other studies indicate that the "tall drink" factor is primarily attributed to the idea of women being protected by their male counterpart. It's hard to visualize a shorter man providing the protection a woman needs. Ancient times depict many instances where the man was the provider and protector of his mate and offspring. This led women to naturally gravitate towards men who they can see offering that protection, which is primarily a taller man.

  1. Facial Stub

It's no wonder that George Clooney and Idris Elba are often seen as Hollywood hunks. They have the facial hair that most women find attractive. It's a look that depicts an Alpha male. Women see the beard or stub as a sign of strength, sort of a caveman psyche. This look is one that equates to a gentle-like bad boy and some women gravitate towards it.

Some experts believe that from a traditional standpoint, women see bearded men as masculine, dominant, and naturally aggressive. Out of more than 300 women surveyed, more than half said that a man with facial hair is more attractive to them than one without any. Masculinity is a natural trait that attracts most women.

  1. A Strong Voice is Nice


Question a woman on which man she prefers based on voice alone and most will select the gentleman with the deeper voice. Women are sensually attracted to men with deep or strong voices. The sound is a distinct one that demands attention and women equate this characteristic with physical and emotional strength. A woman gravitates toward a man that she perceives as strong and emotionally captivating.

If it offers any consolation, the voice is something that can be tuned to sign a bit deeper than it is. Most men are pleased with their voice but if you'd rather it sound deeper, a few clears of the throat and a deep inhale of the abdomen may give the big boost in-depth that the voice needs. Be warned, this is only a temporary solution to help the voice sound deeper than it naturally occurs to be.

  1. A Mild Sense of Humor is Major

Most women admire a man that can make them laugh. If she laughs at your corny jokes, she's probably into you. Women are faced with challenges throughout the day and can really use a great laugh on occasion. A man who has a sense of humor is an attractive change to the hectic chaos that most women encounter throughout their life.

Having a sense of humor doesn't mean that a man needs to have a list of jokes in his digital device. It could be something as simple as a hint of sarcasm to cheer her up at the end of a long day or a humorous observation that makes her laugh. Laughter is not only good for the soul; it's great for relationships.

  1. A Lean Build is a Plus

Firstly, women have a variety of physical traits that they find attractive in a man. Tall and handsome is a general description that describes what most women are attracted to in a man. That can be taken a bit further by explaining that women find men with an athletic build to be attractive. If there was a type that most women had, research indicates that men who have a muscular upper-body and a slender but toned waist are who they find most attractive.

In today's world, men who wear their clothes tailored to their size or somewhat fitted are generally described at the contemporary male. This style allows them to show off their muscles and fit physique, which is an attractive feature to have.

  1. Take It Nice and Slow


This one probably means the exact opposite of what you're thinking. Men who display slow movements or speak slowly are often viewed as attractive by women. They find this to be a sign that the man is comfortable and confident, which makes them extremely attractive to some. It paints quite the picture to think of a man speaking slowly to express his point in the presence of a woman, as she clings to his every word. This is the feature that touches women emotionally and intimately.

This isn't to suggest that men should start taking their time in doing everything. Doing so could lead to being less attractive. It does suggest that walking across a room or telling a story should take just a little bit longer than usual. Those slow and precise movements just may get the attention of the woman across the room.

  1. Strong Leaders

Men who are natural leaders are attractive. They take the lead in society, career, and relationships. This is a trait that women navigate towards. They see the strength and confidence that men display and find it appealing. Women seek leaders for their family and in other aspects of life. Men who display social leadership will likely soar high among a crowd of others. In a group of men, women are typically drawn to the leader of the group.

Men should understand that these are only a few of the many traits that women find attractive in men. When put to the test, at least two of the seven are usually found in at least one out of three men. It's natural for men and women to want to be viewed as attractive by the opposite sex. It's more than an ego booster but also a confidence builder. The features above may not be the preference of all women, but they are preferred by most.

Signs That Indicate a Woman Is Attracted To You

It's great that you know how to identify what women find attractive, but how do you know if she's attracted to you? Not every woman is attracted to men with the "common" attractive features. Women may be attracted to tall men, but a man that's 5"7 may not be considered tall but is taller than a woman who's 5"5, which technically makes him tall from her perspective.

What are the obvious signs that a woman is attracted to you? What makes a man attractive to a woman? Does she make it clear or are they vaguely displayed? It depends on the woman. Most often, older women are clear about their intentions and make it known if they're attracted to a man. Younger women may be a bit more subtle. They don't want to appear to be too forthcoming and would rather the man show interest initially. However, there are sometimes signs that indicate a woman is attracted to a man.

  • Body Language. There are certain movements or expressions made by women that can indicate they may be interested in a man. Women that face a man or stand near him during conversation may be interested in him. When a woman seems disconnected may be showing that her mind is elsewhere and she has almost no interest at all. A woman who is interested in a man will display body language that hints at her level of attraction. If she's completely standoffish and not engaged in the conversation or fails to give eye contact, she's probably not that into him.
  • Visual Engagement. This is most commonly referred to as eye contact and it is a key indicator that a woman is interested in. This is a unisex indicator that exists in both sexes. It's all in the pupils. When a woman is truly interested, the pupils become dilated, which is a sight to see close-up. This simple indicator is easily overlooked. If you're speaking to a woman and she's looking directly into your eyes, she's interested in what you're saying. So make sure you're saying something to hold her interest.
  • Storytelling. When women begin to open up and talk about themselves or share stories about their life, they are interested. Attraction motivates men and women to disclose some of their most personal stories. It's an act of vulnerability that indicates she wants you to learn more about her and may be interested in learning more about you.
  • She's Blushing. This is a no brainer. If a woman begins to gush or blush around you, she's interested in you. This is associated with the rise of body temperature that attraction causes or the elevated stress levels that are brought on by the thought of the attraction. It's an autonomic indicator that can't be faked, as it often occurs involuntarily. Women may blush if they find that something about a man is appealing, if he cracks a funny joke, or compliments them about their appearance or other qualities. If a man causes a woman to blush, there's something there.


  • She Avoids You. Some women aren't sure how to express their true feelings. This leads them to avoid situations or circumstances that may put their feelings on display, especially around men that they find attractive. It's often perceived that if a person rarely comes around, she dislikes something or someone. This is not entirely true. A woman may avoid a man until she finds a way to be around him without revealing how attractive she is to him.
  • She Tells You. This is a rare but obvious indicator that a woman is attracted to a man. Some women, especially older ones will be clear about their feelings. They will verbally express their likes and dislikes and let a man know if they're interested in pursuing a relationship. This is one that most men would prefer but it isn't likely to occur too often. However, it is a lot more common these days for women to be verbal and express how they feel about a man. This eliminates much of the curiosity or doubt that interferes with the possibility of a budding romance.

Men often worry or grow concerned about knowing if a woman is attracted to him. They worry that they're missing the signs or perhaps not attracting the right women. It is frustrating for a man to be unable to determine if a woman is attracted to him or not. It can help him to decide if he should pursue her or not. They know what makes a woman attractive but have no idea if the attraction is reciprocated.

Some men are not in-tune or mentally prepared to approach a woman who is attracted to them. In some cases, even when the signs are clear they miss them because they are worried that they aren't mentally prepared or equipped to handle a relationship. The laws of attraction can be confusing and counteract with your emotions. If you find it challenging to approach women or identify signs of attraction, you may be overthinking something that is really simple. A relationship counselor can help you work through the challenges you face in starting or maintaining a relationship.

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