How Can I Find A Marriage Therapist Near Me?

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Before creating and developing the internet, going through the process of finding a marriage counselor was a matter of physically looking around in your area. To put it simply, it was a massive task to find the right therapist for relationship to help you and your spouse.

Can’t find a qualified marriage therapist near you?

Now, it is easier than ever to find a family therapist in your area and to compare the qualifications of each therapist to find one who will connect with you and provide you with the type of care that your marriage needs.

Here is a comprehensive overview of the methods you can use to find a marriage therapist near you.

How to find a marriage therapist near you

By searching "family therapist near me," you can find a list of therapists in your city or town and even get directions and estimated travel time to their offices. Since many marriage therapists now have a website, you can also even learn about them before committing yourself. 

A good option may be to use the official American Association for Marriage, and Family Therapy website, which lists qualified therapists and MFT certified therapists. This means they’re trained in “systemic, or relational, family therapy.”

In addition, you may try perusing sites like Psychology Today, TherapistLocator, or Thumbtack

Ask for references

Not everyone is comfortable with seeking out a counselor and going for a visit. Many people would prefer to ask their friends or families for references to counselors they may have had success with in the past. 

However, your friends and family are not the only people you can turn to for advice. If you feel like getting a more detailed overview, you could visit therapy forums or question sites where you can post what you’re looking for and ask for suggestions. 

When looking into your therapist options, consider any reviews they have available on their website or those left on public review forums like Google, Yelp, or the Better Business Bureau. These messages from former or current clients can give you better insight into how that particular therapist operates.


Use the Google Maps feature at the top of the webpage

While you could comb through the many search results that come from looking for therapists near you, a much faster way includes using the map that appears at the top of Google when you seek out location-based results. 

After typing in “marriage counseling near me” or "couples therapist near me" in the search bar, Google maps will show you a bird’s eye view of your area and surrounding areas. This includes drop points that can be clicked on to reveal more information such as the business website, any reviews of the therapist, and more information such as the hours of operation and contact information. 

Check your insurance

Although you may have quite a few counselors near you, it will be important to find the best therapy that meets your personal and financial needs.

When searching for a therapist near you, you want to make sure that they are the right fit long before adding them to the list of potential candidates. One important factor in your decision may be your insurance policy. If you are looking to avoid paying out of pocket for each session, you will need to make sure that your insurance covers you for a certain therapist. Read up on your current policy to see what kind of coverage you have in this area. If you are covered for therapy, then your insurance provider will usually have a list of local therapists you can refer to.

If financial issues are holding you back, you can also research therapists based on their payment methods. Some therapists set very high rates, while others will offer you a sliding scale payment rate to make sessions more affordable based upon your income. To find more affordable rates, search "sliding scale therapy near me."

See if there are non-traditional options in your area

You can see if your local community mental health clinic has any therapists who would be willing to treat you. Additionally, some psychology departments at local universities will have affordable or even free couple’s therapy that allows graduate students to gain experience while working with instructors. 

Look through online directories

Through online directories, you can learn more about a therapist’s qualifications and what they have to offer when it comes to your treatment. These resources can come in handy if you can’t learn as much from local search results. 

Remember that it is best to look at multiple web directories, as some therapists may not show up on all directories. This can give you a better chance of finding the right therapist for you in your area or in the surrounding area.

Set a distance limit and research areas near you

Therapy options may not be as abundant for those living in more rural areas, and localized search results on where and how to find a couples counselor may yield only one or, in most cases, just a handful in your area. 

If you are okay with traveling and would be able to fit it into your current schedule, determine how far you would be willing and able to travel. Search for therapists in this distance to find the best marriage counselor

Can’t find a qualified marriage therapist near you?

Finding a marriage therapist near me vs. online marriage therapy

If you can’t find an appropriate marriage and family therapist in your area to treat you, you may consider seeking online therapy. 

There are many misconceptions that may prevent people from trying online counseling. The reality is that online counselors and family therapists usually have the same qualifications and experience as in-person counselors. The quality of the care you receive is largely the same as well; online counseling has been clinically shown to be just as effective as in-person counseling for a wide range of conditions and concerns. The most major difference between counseling at a physical location and counseling from home is the screen between you and your counselor.

Online marriage counselors at Regain are qualified and offer professional-level counseling to families. All therapists are licensed and experienced with at least a Master’s Degree or a Doctoral Degree in their field. The convenience of a virtual therapist can also offer a more flexible schedule might be more suited to your needs. 


Finding an effective marriage therapist in your area can be complicated, but there are resources available to do so. Search engines, online databases, and recommendations can all factor into your decision. You may also choose to go for online therapy if there are limited options available to you locally.

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