The True Premarital Counseling Cost

Updated September 04, 2018


Receiving premarital counseling is not just for people who are religious. Couples who are engaged or planning to become engaged usually do not know what to expect in marriage and incorrectly assume things will be the same as they were prior to marriage. Couples may also think that the financial cost of receiving premarital counseling makes it not worth it in their relationship. The true premarital counseling cost comes when couples do not receive premarital counseling. There are many conversations couples should have before going forward with their relationship into marriage.

Are You And Your Partner Prepared?


You and your partner have likely focused many future conversations around large important topics like if you will have kids or not and where you should settle down. But skirting over other important questions is a mistake. For instance, have you and your partner discussed finances? Will your partner's career mean you will both have to move somewhere new, and are you both okay with this? Although some couples are afraid of having these conversations, it is much better to discuss them now than further down the road. There are many questions that couples have a difficult time answering by themselves. A premarital counselor can assist couples in these conversations as well as creating an environment where open discussion can occur.

Premarital Counseling Cost Down The Road

Couples worried about the cost of premarital counseling should consider the long-term effects of not receiving counseling early on. Couples who receive marital counseling too late in their marriage often stand a smaller chance of staying together. Other couples that receive marital counseling may be dealing with issues they should have brought up before they were married. While it is difficult to foresee issues you and your partner may face in the future, premarital counseling can reduce the financial and emotional costs in the long-term. Premarital counseling can teach you and your partner how to discuss issues in a healthy manner, which may mean you and your partner do not need counseling further down the road.

Online Premarital Counseling


An easy way for couples to receive premarital counseling is with an online counselor. Couples have the flexibility to choose the time of their counseling sessions as well choose from a wider variety of counselors. Receiving counseling from the comfort of your own home means cutting down on travel time and cost. Starting is easy and a certified counselor can begin answering your questions right away. They can help ease any fears you and your partner have entering a new phase in your relationship.

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