Going Through These Premarital Questionnaires Could Stop Problems Before They Start

Updated September 04, 2018

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Are you looking to get married? If you are then you're not alone (but you knew that). If you're having some pre-wedding jitters or wondering about potential problems in your future, however, you're also not alone. Everyone has at least a moment where they wonder if they're making the right choice, even if they love their partner and can't imagine having them in their life. Being concerned about your future is completely normal, which is why these premarital questionnaires could be a great start for you and your partner.

Premarital Questionnaires And Things You Need To Know

What About Kids?

One of the big questions that you and your partner need to talk about are whether or not you want to have kids. If one of you is absolutely against having children and the other wants them, it's something you want to know long before you walk down the aisle and start getting to that point. After all, what would you do if you found out five years down the road how your partner feels? Talking it over beforehand can help you understand what you want to do.

What About Jobs?

Talk about who's job is going to be more important if it comes down to it. This isn't always an issue, but if one of you were going to be forced to relocate would you do it or would you stay because of the other person's job? Knowing how things would go in this type of situation can be an important step because you never know when the possibility could arise. There are a lot of jobs that are moving to different states,and you want to be prepared for everything.

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What About Family?

How involved are your families going to be in your normal daily lives? Will you invite them over every week for dinner? Will you talk to them about everything that's happening in your lives? Are you going to keep a little more distance and keep your relationship more private? Understanding what your partner expects you to do and expects to do themselves is going to be important to one of you doesn't wind up feeling betrayed by the other. You don't want to talk to your parents about every little detail and find out that your partner doesn't like that.

What About Disagreements?

This is a difficult one because no one knows what they're going to do until it all comes down to it. You can make a plan for how you're going to handle a disagreement,but in the end, you end up reacting on impulse. The important thing here is talking to your partner and trying to come up with a plan for what you're going to do when you do disagree (and it will happen). When it comes to that time one of you should try to remember what your plan was and enforce it.

What About Money?

How are you going to handle your finances? Will you put them all together? Will you keep them separate? Who is going to be responsible for paying bills? If you keep your accounts separate this is going to be even more important than if you decide to put them all together. What will you do with the extra money that's left over each month? Will you have a budget or will you be able to spend whatever you want? How will you save for things that are important for your future?

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What About The Future?

What does each of you want for your future? Do you have specific goals regarding travel or your job? Do you want to accomplish something specific? Maybe you have some short-term goals and some long-term goals. Understanding what your goals are and what your partners' are is going to help you plan for your future. If your goals aren't the same that's fine, but you should know what they are at least before you get into a relationship that's even more serious than it already is.

What About You?

What about the expectations that you have for your partner and the expectations that they have for you? What do you each want for each other? What do you expect each other to do for you? Understanding where you're each coming from is crucial so you both can go into the relationship feeling more comfortable and knowing that your partner is going to meet your needs. If you don't tell your partner what you expect from them, it's only going to set you up for problems in the future when one or the other of you doesn't mean those expectations.

Finding Help For Your Future

When you're working on these types of questions and situations with your partner, you may want to have someone from the outside to help you out. After all, you want to make sure that you and your partner are on the right track and that you stay focused on the important situations that you're discussing, right? That can be difficult if you're responsible only for yourselves. If you find a professional, however, you'll have someone else that is going to help you stay focused on the important things and will make sure that you're discussing effectively.

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ReGain is one place that you can find a professional to help you with your relationship questions. With this service, you're getting an online system that will connect you with different therapists who are located all around the country. That way, you're going to have more freedom to find someone that you feel comfortable with and that you're going to be more open with. There's no reason that you need to leave your home to get the therapy and help that you need again. You'll be able to just sit in your favorite, comfy chair, and talk to your therapist at the same time, what could be better than that?

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