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Updated September 04, 2018


If you and your partner have been struggling in your relationship, you may want to seek out marital counseling. According to one study, the most difficult part of starting martial counseling is convincing your partner to agree to counseling. There are many questions to ask yourself and your partner that can help gauge whether or not counseling is right for you. Sitting down and talking through any issues will probably give both of you a hint of what your relationship looks like from your point of view as well as your partner's. If any of the answers to these questions seem negative, it may be time to seek help from a certified marital counselor.

What does trust look like in your relationship?

Trust comes in many forms and is difficult for some people to give up. It can also be broken very easily. For instance, if one partner has been unfaithful in the past, trust may have assumed to be gained back but in reality it was not. Knowing if and when your partner trusts you (and vice versa) or finding that trust has been broken, can be the enlightening for couples. A marital therapist can help couples to find ways to forgive and regain trust.


What does communication look like in your relationship?

Many couples find that communication gets pushed aside as other life events come into play like having children, focusing on a job, or needing to take care of a family member. Many couples do not even realize that they have lost their ability to communicate with their spouse. Other couples may have resorted to yelling or have engaged in negative communication. If you and your partner are finding it difficult to communicate, a counselor may be able to help give you both tools as well as give suggestions on how to regain healthy communication.

What are the major issues in the relationship?

Although you may find that trust is the biggest issue, your partner may find that not having enough free time to spend with you is deteriorating the relationship. There may be more than one issue, or many issues that are related. While talking about these issues may be helpful, you may find that speaking to a counselor would be best to help figure out how to resolve these issues.

Working Through Issues


Answering these questions with your spouse will no doubt give some clarity as to the necessity of receiving marital counseling. If you and your spouse struggle to answer these questions, a counselor can provide a comfortable setting where both partners can feel safe. If your partner is hesitant to engage in counseling, suggest that they meet one on one with the counselor before they engage in partners counseling. There are several helpful resources for couples, including online counseling. Partners can choose from a wide variety of counselors and can choose to engage in counseling when it best fits their schedules. Don't hesitate to seek help if you feel that your relationship could benefit from counseling.

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